• Address

    Lot 9-105.00 Pavilion Elite Shopping Mall
    165, Jalan Bukit Bintang
    55100 Kuala Lumpur
  • Opening hour

    10:00AM - 10:00PM
  • Contact number

    +603-2110 5557
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  • Price / Fee

    [1 year ago]
    Australian Wagyu Beef /100g (RM63.80) ‧ Century Egg with Japanese Young Ginger (RM17.60) ‧ Chicken Soup with Chinese Wine (RM41.80) ‧ Chilled Cherry Tomato with Sea Salt (RM14.80) ‧ Deep Fried Crispy Beancurd Skin Roll (RM11) ‧ Double-boiled Herbal Teas (RM5.90) ‧ Drunken Kampung Chicken /half chicken (RM41.80) ‧ Fried Ice Cream wrapped with Sponge Cake (RM13.80) ‧ Grand Imperial Hot & Spicy Pot (RM38.50) ‧ HK-style Beancurd Skin Rolls (RM11) ‧ Hokkaido Fresh Scallops (RM17.60) ‧ Hot & Sour Tomyam Soup (RM19.80) ‧ Lala Soup with Basil Leaf (RM38.50) ‧ Lamb slices (RM24.20) ‧ Sponge Cake (RM13.80) ‧ Superior Soup with Bird Nest, Pumpkin & Bamboo Pith (RM184.80) ‧ Superior Soup with Chinese Cabbage & Beancurd (RM13.20) ‧ Thick Chicken Soup with Fish Maw & Kampung Chicken (RM162.80) ‧ Winter Melon Soup (RM38.50) ‧ Winter Melon Soup with Dried Scallop & Chinese Cabbage (RM38.50)
  • Signature Dishes

    Chicken Soup with Chinese Wine ‧ 麻辣口水鸡锅湯底
  • Dishes

    安格斯牛肉 ‧ 日本A5和牛 ‧ 核桃露 ‧ 桃胶 ‧ 波士顿龍蝦 ‧ 流沙箭猪包 ‧ 港式烤鴨 ‧ 澳洲肥羊塔 ‧ 炸雪糕 ‧ 绿茶布丁 ‧ 美国肥牛 ‧ 芋香天鹅酥 ‧ 芝麻枣 ‧ 麻辣口水鸡锅湯底

    [1 year ago]
    Alaska King Crab ‧ Austalia M6 Wagyu Beef ‧ Canada geoduck ‧ Canadian Geoduck ‧ Chuanbei Chicken Grass Herbal Tea ‧ Double Boiled Chuanbei Chicken Grass Herbal Tea ‧ Double Boiled Red Dates with Black Fungus ‧ Figs Sour Plum ‧ Fresh Oysters ‧ Handmade Cuttle Fish Paste with Black Truffle ‧ Handmade Sea Prawn Wanton with Minced Chicken ‧ Japan Hokkaido fresh scallop ‧ Japanese A3 Wagyu Beef ‧ Red Dates with Black Fungus ‧ Seafood Platter ‧ Tiger Prawns ‧ 倫敦櫻桃鴨湯麵(拉麵、全蛋生麵) ‧ 南香醬鴨撈麵(拉麵、菠菜麵) ‧ 四川擔擔麵(拉麵、菠菜麵) ‧ 炸蔥油撈麵(拉麵、全蛋生麵) ‧ 牛筋腩湯麵(拉麵、菠菜麵) ‧ 耀武威龍開運鍋 ‧ 銀魚冬菇肉碎撈麵(拉麵、全蛋生麵) ‧ 風味炸醬撈麵(拉麵、菠菜麵) ‧ 香脆炸雞扒湯麵(拉麵、全蛋生麵)
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Our highly skillful and experienced chefs are very particular with details. From the selection of ingredients, preparation and cooking, they’re committed in providing customers with the highest quality of food.

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  • 7 months ago

Grand Imperial Seafood Hotpot & BBQ @ Pavilion Elite

  • 7 months ago

《喜粵海鮮火鍋與燒烤店 》

  • 10 months ago

Grand Imperial Seafood Hotpot & BBQ 喜粤海鲜火锅烧烤店

Pavilion Elite 喜粤環境寬闊又舒適,最讚的地方就是可讓食客一邊吃火鍋一邊吃燒烤😍一次過滿足你兩種食慾!
  • 11 months ago

时尚食客 Trendy Gourmet 帖子中的照片

Pavilion Elite 喜粤環境寬闊又舒適,最讚的地方就是可讓食客一邊吃火鍋一邊吃燒烤😍一次過滿足你兩種食慾!
  • 1 year ago

Steamboat @ Grand Imperial Group 喜粤飲食集團 (Pavilion Elite Shopping Mall)

  • 1 year ago

首家以「海鮮火鍋和燒烤」為主題的 @ Grand Imperial Seafood Hotpot & BBQ

  • 1 year ago


The latest outlet to join the Grand Imperial Group is located on the 9th Floor of Pavilion Elite. While it does serve the usual Chinese fares like dim sum, roast meats and oriental dishes, what’s very appealing to me is their Seafood Hotpot Hong Kong-style. Most of the seafood offered are live ones swimming in tanks in the restaurant.

Grand Imperial Seafood Hotpot & BBQ, Pavilion Elite KL 9th Floor

Grand Imperial Seafood Hotpot & BBQ Restaurant 喜粤 (Pork Free), the latest addition in Pavilion Elite KL, Level 9. Enjoy excellent steamboat experience, BBQ, China Dao Xiao Mian, La Mian, Roast Duck and Dim Sum in this well-known establishment – 喜粤飲食集團.

Pavilion Elite

There are many new restaurants in Pavilion Elite and when my friend got a 10% off opening promotion voucher that is valid until 31 October, she asked us along for lunch.
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