• Address

    B-G-7 Block B Happy Mansion
    Jalan 17/13
    Seksyen 17
    46400 Petaling Jaya
  • Opening hour

    10:00AM - 10:00PM
  • Contact number

    019-912 0934
  • Email

  • Price / Fee

    Almond Milli Crepe (RM15.75) ‧ Cappuccino with soy milk (RM8.40) ‧ Chocolate Ice Blended (RM14) ‧ Cookies Skillet with Ice Cream (RM12) ‧ Crab Cake (RM26) ‧ Har Jiong (Shrimp sauce) Chicken wings (RM14.70) ‧ Har Jiong Chicken Chop (RM19) ‧ Har Jiong Kai Burger (RM20) ‧ Iced Americano (RM9.45) ‧ Ikan Asam Pedas rice (RM24.15) ‧ Latte (RM10) ‧ Muse Nasi Lemak (RM21) ‧ Muse Shrimp Aglio Olio (RM20) ‧ Pesto Almond Pasta (RM16.80) ‧ Sigmature Nasi Lemak with a whole Chicken Leg (RM22.05) ‧ White Rabbit Bubble Tea (RM13.90)
  • Signature Dishes

    Har Jiong Kai Burger
  • Dishes

    White Rabbit milk cha
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  • 5 months ago

Muse Eatery PJ, Seksyen 17: Har Jiong Chicken Rocks!

Coffee here is pretty decent. RM10 for our latte, with beautiful bear shape latte art
  • 10 months ago

Muse Eatery - About | Facebook

See contact information and details about Muse Eatery.
  • 5 months ago

Muse @ Happy Mansion, Section 17 – Revisited.

White Rabbit Bubble Tea, 13.90 ringgit
Okay, if you want White Rabbit – that is exactly what you’d get here. It was potent. The bubble teas we usually come across are a tad or somewhere watery, right? Not this one though. Imagine peeling off them wrappers and taking tonnes of those white rabbit sweets, putting it onto a heating pan and heating it till it melt. Whatever liquid that comes from that is what is served to you. So yea, imagine that, it sure was potent. Thick, milky, sweet.

WG Muse

Har Jiong (Shrimp sauce) Chicken wings (3 per portion) at MYR 14+ (MYR 14.7 nett). I thought the chicken wings were marinated in Har Go which is Penang Shrimp Paste but after tasting the wings, it is not Har Go but Har Jiong because the taste is not as strong as the Penang Shrimp Paste. The wings were crispy amd juicy. I was pleasantly surprise to see some salad leaves and baby tomatoes accompanying the wings. The mayo dip provided is sourish sweet and a bit spicy.
  • 10 months ago

Muse @ Happy Mansion, Section 17 – Har Jiong Kai Burger? Yumm (Pork Free)

Har Jiong Kai Burger, 20 ringgit. This dish looked pretty much like a regular burger you’d find at many cafes here but here – the major difference is in the burger patty itself. The burger patty here consisted of a fried chicken thigh marinated in shrimp paste. The shrimp paste sure did make a difference, I liked it. Crunchy, juicy chicken thigh with a shrimp-ish layer. It somehow worked well and provided the chicken with a rather unusual but pleasant flavor, tasted delicious.
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