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Village BBQ Steamboat
Village BBQ Steamboat
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  1. Malaysia
  2. Selangor
  3. Puchong
  4. Bandar Puteri Puchong
  1. where-2-makan.blogspot.com
  2. 5 years ago

集火鍋、炭烤和燒烤於一身的Village BBQ Steamboat,可以同時滿足大多數喜歡火鍋和燒烤的客人。Village BBQ Steamboat的湯底僅有泰式Tom Yam及雞湯兩種風味。雖然選擇很少,但勝在火鍋的食材豐富多樣,而且新鮮美味,讓湯底在加入海鮮或其他食材後增加湯頭的味道;帶酸辣味的Tom Yam搭配新鮮的海鮮更加對味,同時也更刺激味蕾。湯鍋底部套著一個特製的圓形烤盤,供客人在烤盤上燒烤各類肉類和海鮮,比起炭烤更加容易控制火候,令更多肉汁保持肉質鮮嫩可口。喜歡燒烤的客人則可以守在火爐旁,利用炭火將海鮮、肉串等美食燒出焦香味。

Village BBQ Steamboat
  1. aromasian.com
  2. 6 years ago

Village BBQ Steamboat at Bandar Puteri, Puchong offers a varied range of meat, seafood, vegetables and noodles for hungry diners to enjoy. As the name perceives, the restaurant introduced three ways of the simple cooking method to enjoy the buffet which is BBQ, Grill and Steamboat.

Village BBQ Steamboat
  1. foodeverywhere.wordpress.com
  2. 6 years ago

Designed to provide both hot pot and BBQ simultaneously, Village Steamboat in Puchong is one place not to be overlooked when scouting for a joyful dinner experience. The thing about hot pot and BBQ is also the togetherness and conversations over the cooking time. What makes this halal (pork-free) restaurant stand out is the BBQ Pitt next to your hot pot table, their lively swimming prawns, and their excellent assortment of vegetables, meatballs of many kinds, mushrooms, meats and of course the fresh seafood- a favourite with the neighbourhood patrons, as well as fellow foodies.