Jalan Tun Sambanthan

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      • Lean & Rush @ Nu Sentral Kuala Lumpur
        Lean & Rush @ Nu Sentral Kuala Lumpur
        1. Jun 18, 2020
        2. www.malaysianfoodie.com
        3. Review

        The Smoked Salmon Bowl is something worth to go for where one can enjoy the awesomely prepared smoked salmon that is served with the chunky salmon slices and toppings. I really enjoyed the dish so much where they are packed with all the goodness in one bowl where I can have the healthy bites of freshly prepared vegetables on top that give me a crunchy and nutritious bites. It is then being served with the awesome creamy wasabi sauce and roasted sesame dressing.

      • Cộng Cà Phê @ Nu Sentral
        Cộng Cà Phê @ Nu Sentral
        1. Dec 8, 2019
        2. www.chasingfooddreams.com
        3. Review

        Whether you are opting for the Chicken Ham Bánh Mì (RM13.90) or Beef Ham Bánh Mì (RM15.90), both are generously filled with slow cooked meat slices along with some pate, pickled vegetables, mayo sauce and cilantro. Solid flavours with good balance of savory and sweet with a subtle tang and heat. The sandwich is sufficiently moist with lots of textural components that the classic sandwich is famous for.

      • Dolly Dim Sum @ Nu Sentral: Halal Dim Sum at anytime!
        Dolly Dim Sum @ Nu Sentral: Halal Dim Sum at anytime!
        1. Nov 27, 2019
        2. www.malaysianfoodie.com
        3. Review

        Siew Mai (RM 9.50) Being in a Dim Sum restaurant, nothing is better than enjoying a basket of the siew mai. The siew mai with mushroom is served upon order and they are served hot! Their siew mai comes simply juicy and each bites is perfect to our tastebuds.

      • 台式小清新 KoHi @ Nu Sentral
        台式小清新 KoHi @ Nu Sentral
        1. Oct 16, 2019
        2. zap-pa-lang.blogspot.com
        3. Review


        1. Aug 16, 2019
        2. followmetoeatla.blogspot.com
        3. Review

        At SaladStop!, you will be delighted to find a wide range of fresh salads, wraps, warm grain bowls and healthy beverages to tickle your tastebuds healthy. At the launch, we were treated to a wide array of low-fat, nutritious, healthy and yet tasty plus appetizing meals to fill our hungry tummy that day.

      • Review: Wingstop @ Nu Sentral Kuala Lumpur
        Review: Wingstop @ Nu Sentral Kuala Lumpur
        1. Jul 23, 2019
        2. erisgoesto.com
        3. Review

        Verdict: Slightly less disappointing this time around, but still not the best American-style wings I’ve had (that goes to Frankie’s). I know buffalo wings are supposed to be sour because of their vinegar base, but the sourness was a little overwhelming. The parmesan cheese on the other hand was underwhelming, with a thick, hard batter. Not to mention the chicken was greasy. It wasn’t terrible but again, I guess I had high expectations for it and it just didn’t hit the mark. Chicken was greasy as well, couldn’t finish eight pieces. The only thing they did well (again!) was the onion rings, which were tasty and crisp.

      • Aroii Thai @ NU Sentral Mall
        Aroii Thai @ NU Sentral Mall
        1. Mar 16, 2019
        2. sakthi-life.blogspot.com
        3. Review

        Thai Basil Chicken with Rice tastes delicious, but a bit spicy in my opinion. Thai Basil Chicken with Rice @ RM 2.09

      • Parmesan Truffle Crunch
        Parmesan Truffle Crunch
        1. Jan 18, 2019
        2. muntalksfood.blogspot.com
        3. Review

        MYR 21.50 nett for 3-pc combo set. I ate one drumstick - very crispy with strong truffle taste but on the oily side. If you like the smell of truffles, this is worth a try.

      • Ojju @ Nu Sentral : Muslim Friendly Korean Delights
        Ojju @ Nu Sentral : Muslim Friendly Korean Delights
        1. Dec 13, 2018
        2. www.malaysianfoodie.com
        3. Review

        Rolling Cheese Fried Chicken Wings (RM 43.90/ Chicken Wings | RM 49.90 / Chicken Drumstick) The Chicken Rolling Cheese is one of their signature here. The Chicken Rolling Chicken is served witheir signature Ojju Special BBQ Sauce together with the creamy cheese and sides with fries. In here, we can choose the spiciness where you can choose having the drumstick or chicken wings. The chicken meat comes simply tender and juicy and it is well paired with the delicious creamy cheese. And whats make it thoughtful is where they provide gloves too to ease your dining experience.

      • WG Cendol Nu Sentral
        WG Cendol Nu Sentral
        1. Dec 7, 2018
        2. muntalksfood.blogspot.com
        3. Review

        Surprisingly, this branch at Nu Sentral Mall does not charge 6% SST so the price is MYR 6.10 nett instead of MYR 6.50 nett. Unfortunately this mall is not in my usual shopping circuit so I seldom get to eat here.

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