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    • Faded…
      1. Apr 3, 2019
      3. Review

        Their braised beef short ribs (RM26.00)…which was very nice, very tasty with the delightful mushroom gravy but though it wasn’t tough, quite tender, in fact, it was not fall-off-the-bone. I certainly would love it a lot more if it had been so. Probably it was because we were early, soon after they opened for the day, and I had to wait a VERY long time for the dish to be served. It probably would have been nicer if they had cooked it a little bit longer.

      1. By the side of the road…
        By the side of the road…
        1. Feb 19, 2019
        3. Review

          She had the fish and chips with tartar sauce…and got two huge slabs and we had to tapao one as she could only manage one. No, it was not because it wasn’t nice – as a matter of fact, we thought the crusty tasty batter was so very good that it made up for the kind of bland taste of the fish, dory! They did it pretty well here and the texture was like fish, not jelly like at some places and that will put me off instantly.

        1. What a difference a day makes…
          What a difference a day makes…
          1. Jan 4, 2019
          3. Review

            This…stole the show. We could not figure out what it was – it looked like sausage cut into bite-size bits, pierced through with a skewer and grilled. I did ask one of the waiting staff members but she said she did not know and I did not bother to pursue the matter after that. It tasted something like ham or bacon and we all loved it!

          1. It’s late…
            It’s late…
            1. Oct 27, 2018
            3. Review

              So my missus asked for their so-called signature grilled chicken chop (RM15.00)…and of course, she could only manage one of the two slabs of the meat…no prize for guessing who had to finish off the other slab. I thought it was all right, very nice with the mushroom sauce that came with it.

            1. Take another little piece of my heart…
              Take another little piece of my heart…
              1. Sep 20, 2018
              3. Review

                My girl wanted the grilled New Zealand lamb shoulder (RM26.00)…and it was very nicely done and yes, she loved it!

              1. How the west was won…
                How the west was won…
                1. May 8, 2018
                3. Review

                  As for the chicken, yes, it was nice – my missus had the grilled chicken chop (RM15.00)