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    • Rojak & Cendol Mustaffa, PJ - Thokohmakan
      Rojak & Cendol Mustaffa, PJ - Thokohmakan
      1. Aug 11, 2022
      2. thokohmakan.com
      3. Review

        HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! This is Max’s favourite for years, and it remained consistently good.

      1. 【雪兰莪PJ美食】Cendol & Rojak @ PJ Section 17
        【雪兰莪PJ美食】Cendol & Rojak @ PJ Section 17
        1. Dec 7, 2020
        2. www.youtube.com
        3. Video

          #八打灵再也 #Cendol #RojakPJ Section 17有名的路边 #Cendol & #Rojak,Cendol还在用人工搅冰器来搅冰,料给很足,最近还多了 #D24榴莲Cendol,Rojak也很不错,据说已经有差不多40年历史,驾车路过可以试试🍨!【PJ Section 17 Cendol &...

          1. Feb 1, 2016
          2. tree4pokok.blogspot.com
          3. Review

            The location wasn't very desirable but I would consider it as hygienic enough for rotating vans. Since the weather was pretty sunny and hot, some of the customers opt. to eat in their own cars, with the air conditioning as a hideout from the scorching sun. The portion was somewhat large as you can see below. We ended up with the basic Rojak Telur with the price of RM 4.50. I would say that the best part of the rojak was its lightly spicy sauce and the ever-amazing tauhu.

          1. Rojak Mustaffa Cendol & Rojak @ Section 17 , Petaling Jaya
            Rojak Mustaffa Cendol & Rojak @ Section 17 , Petaling Jaya
            1. Jul 8, 2015
            2. sakthi-life.blogspot.com
            3. Review

              Rojak was yummy. The Rojak was served with egg, crackers, tofu, cucumber and topped with generous amount of sauce. I really loved it. Rojak Telur @ RM 4.50

            1. Rojak & Cendol
              Rojak & Cendol
              1. Oct 31, 2014
              2. malaysianfooddiary.wordpress.com
              3. Review

                Price of the cendol. Customers having their meal on the ‘mock’ table of the truck

              1. Rojak Mustaffa @ Seksyen 17
                Rojak Mustaffa @ Seksyen 17
                1. Jul 30, 2013
                2. www.taufulou.com
                3. Review

                  Serve along with ingredients such as floury cake, sliced cucumber, hard boiled egg, fried tofu, bean sprout and fried crackers. I prefer mine without the noodle as I find the noodle spoil the taste of the gravy. This stall still not the best as the peanut sauce here is quite sweet for me, I prefer another stall which is in Seapark nearby Maybank.

                1. PJ美食:Cendol & Rojak Mustaffa @Section 17
                  PJ美食:Cendol & Rojak Mustaffa @Section 17
                  1. Oct 19, 2012
                  2. frogwhisper.blogspot.com
                  3. Review

                    食后感:嗯,吃过的煎蕊不少,味道感觉都分不了胜负。因为,除了食物背后的故事,那天气和氛围也太重要了。槟城那出名地 TeoChew Cendol 就是赢了这点吧?我家乡的Ibrahim Cendol 俗称 Air Putih cendol 也不输阵哦。哈。

                  1. Rojak Mustaffa Cendol & Rojak @Seksyen 17
                    Rojak Mustaffa Cendol & Rojak @Seksyen 17
                    1. Jan 5, 2012
                    2. chillout-soulout-freakout.blogspot.com
                    3. Review

                      Overall: 4/5 - One of the best at Klang Valley which you should not miss! I like their milky coconut milk in it. Mostly what I drank the cendol at Klang Valley so far, their cendol are frozen and it is so hard to chew on it. However, as for this...it is not frozen of course! That's why it is extra delicious! Oh btw, they are not using original gula Melaka which we used to taste at Malacca but for me it is equally good enough.

                    1. cendol/rojak di seksyen 17 PJ
                      cendol/rojak di seksyen 17 PJ
                      1. Sep 12, 2011
                      2. zalifanafisa.blogspot.com
                      3. Review

                        Rojak dia simple je, cuma guna sengkuang dan timun yang diparut nipis2, tambah taugeh, cucur udang, cucur kelapa dan tauhu goreng yang dipotong dadu serta setengah telur rebus yang sudah digoreng. Yang menambahkan keenakan rojak itu ialah kuahnya. Kuahnya tidak cair dan tidak pekat... just nice lah katakan. Lembut dan laju je menerobos ke tekak Eee... sambil makan rojak, hirup pula cendol... serup serap serup serap... memang puas hati lah... rasanya mahu minggu depan pegi makan lagi kut.... hahahaha.

                      1. Cendol & Rojak Van @ Section 17 Petaling Jaya - Malaysia Food & Travel Blog
                        Cendol & Rojak Van @ Section 17 Petaling Jaya - Malaysia Food & Travel Blog
                        1. Jul 23, 2011
                        2. www.vkeong.com
                        3. Review

                          Tastiness aside, there are a few more reasons why I like this particular cendol more. Firstly, they provide proper bowls instead of those polystyrene ones – environmental friendlier. Secondly the blades they use are sharper hence able to produce finer shaved ice – I just hate biting on those coarse ice bits. Thirdly, although the price is cheap (RM1.20 small, RM1.50 big) they don’t really stinge on the ingredients so much that you feel like you are just drinking diluted coconut milk.

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