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  1. 太平

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Fireworks Char Kuey Teow
Fireworks Char Kuey Teow
  1. 新板华顺烟花炒粿条
  2. Hua Soon Yen Hua
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  2. 7 years ago

One can choose the dish with either chicken or duck eggs. I went for the duck eggs as they have a stronger unique smell and taste. Ah Soon's famous fireworks char koay teow is a favourite among locals, so do be prepared for a wait of up to half an hour during peak hours.

Fireworks Char Kuey Teow
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  2. 12 years ago

The stall opens daily (except Sunday), 7pm - 11pm/12am. Queue is always long. My record of waiting was 1 hour! The uncle don't cook his CKT in big batches which explains the long wait. Through my observation, he cooks maximum 2 plates at one go. The best time to go to wait for a shorter time is either when the stall just open or after 10.30pm. Forget about going there for dinner, 8pm or so. Or if you must, make sure you bring a companion, a book or whatever gadgets you have to keep you occupied or else, you will go bananas waiting!