• Address

    L3-13, Jaya Shopping Centre
    Jalan Semangat
    Seksyen 14
    46100 Petaling Jaya
    Selangor Darul Ehsan
  • Contact number

    03 7931 3013
  • Price / Fee

    [1 year ago]
    (M6) Butter Curry Chicken with Rice (RM15) ‧ ABC with ice cream (MYR8) ‧ Baba Plate (RM23.30) ‧ Beef Rendang Nasi Lemak (RM16.30) ‧ Chicken Curry Kapitan Rice (RM15.15) ‧ Fruits Rojak (MYR10) ‧ Hot cham (RM5.85) ‧ Hot coffee (RM4.70) ‧ Hot honey lemon (RM5.85) ‧ Hot white coffee (RM5.85) ‧ Lor Bak Platter (RM12.80) ‧ Mango Pomelo Ice Cream on Ice (RM10.50) ‧ Mango with Tohua (MYR7) ‧ Nasi Ayam Betutu (RM16.30) ‧ Nasi Lemak Ayam Inche Kabin (RM14) ‧ Nasi Lemak Beef Rendang (RM15.20) ‧ Nyonya Curry Noodle (RM14) ‧ Otak-otak (RM9.35) ‧ Peanut Paste (MYR5) ‧ Peanut Paste and Sesame Paste (RM5.85) ‧ Peanut Paste and Sweet Potatoes (RM7) ‧ Red Bean Soup & Glutinous Balls (RM7) ‧ Red Bean Soup with Lotus Seed (RM5.85) ‧ Red Bean Soup with Sweet Potatoes and Lotus Seeds (MYR6)
  • Signature Dishes

    Peanut Paste ‧ Baba Plate
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Farmers Street is a cafe that serves freshly farmed fruits, desserts & local cuisine. It was founded by a farmer named Pak Tu from Sekinchan. Sekinchan is a small agricultural town located in the north part of the state of Selangor, Malaysia.

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  • 1 year ago

Farmers Street Food & Desserts @ Jaya Shopping Centre, PJ – Second visit. Still as good.

(M6) Butter Curry Chicken with Rice, 15 Ringgit. I dont know how they did it but the butter and curry mix complimented each other well. As soon as the dish arrived, the first thing that would hit you is the smell – the sweet buttery aroma and this would certainly get your mouth all watered up and ready for what you are about to taste. The first thing I decided to taste is the gravy. Man, it was good. First, the creamy, sweetish butter sauce hits you and the the subtle curry Having the flavorsome gravy with crispy,tender chicken thigh. Ooooo yum. I would totally order this dish again… and again… and again.

  • 2 years ago
  • 25 reviews

Farmers Street - L3 - 13 & 13AL , Jaya Shopping Centre,

See 32 photos from 398 visitors about authentic, milk, and lunch. "enjoy their char kuay teow and milk tea.and their desserts mostly all delicious"
  • 2 years ago
  • 4 reviews

Farmers Street - Petaling Jaya, Malaysia - Halal Restaurant, Shopping Mall | Facebook

Farmers Street, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. 11 likes. Halal Restaurant
  • 1 year ago

Farmers Street Food & Desserts @ Jaya Shopping Centre – Affordable $$$ tasty desserts … slurp slurppp

Red Bean Soup & Glutinous Balls, 7 ringgit. It was thick and filled with plenty of red beans. It had just the right amount of sweetness and there was 2 large glutinous balls filled with black sesame. I dislike glutinous balls that has very little filling but loads of flour – what exactly is the point of stating that there is a filling when it isnt even going to be filled to half of its capacity, right? Well, I am happy to say that it isnt the case here. here, you would literally get a generous portion of black sesame filling. It was soft, buttery and worked well with the glutenous balls and red bean soup. Loved it.

Dessert Dinner 2

Dessert Dinner again at Farmer Street, Jaya Shopping Centre

Dessert Dinner

Red Bean Soup with Sweet Potatoes and Lotus Seeds - MYR6++ (MYR7 nett). I like this because everything in it is soft and tasty, not too sweet.

FOC Hot Water

Chicken Curry Kapitan Rice - MYR13++ (MYR15.15 nett). The curry gravy is thick and flavourful. As there was a lot of curry gravy, I took the balance home and ate them with mee hoon for lunch the next day.

Only taste matters

Weekly dinner at Jaya - Beef Rendang Nasi Lemak - MYR14++ (MYR16.30 nett) with a cup of hot coffee - MYR4++ (MYR4.70 nett) making it a total of MYR21 nett for 2 pax at Farmers Street, Jaya. It may not look appetising but it is quite tasty.

Betutu Chicken Rice

Nasi Ayam Betutu - MYR14++ (MYR16.30 nett). I don't know what Betutu means so I did an online search for that word and found that Betutu is a Balinese dish of steamed or roasted chicken. I don't remember the taste of the chicken as I only ate a bit of it since this dish is shared by 2 pax.

Otak Otak

We ordered the Baba Plate again (MYR20++ or MYR23.30 nett) because we wanted to eat fish but unlike the previous order, this time the fish was a bit burnt so it did not taste as good as before.

Baba Plate

The name of this eatery at the Jaya Mall used to be Heritage Village in 2015. Then in Aug 2016, we noticed that the name has been changed to Farmers Street but the decor still looks about the same as before.
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