• Address

    Lot 8.101.00, Level 8, Pavillion Kuala Lumpur
  • Opening hour

    10:00AM - 10:00PM
  • Contact number

    +603-2110 0102, +603-32110 0106
  • Price / Fee

    [3 years ago]
    Assorted Seafood Pot with Classic Sauce (RM130) ‧ Chef Special Cuttlefish Paste (RM15) ‧ Chef Special Mushroom Ball (RM12) ‧ Fried Beancurd Crust (RM6) ‧ Frozen Tofu (RM6) ‧ Ganoderma Herbal Jelly (RM10) ‧ Lo Han Guo per jug (RM18) ‧ Mango Feast (RM15) ‧ Mushroom Bites (RM15) ‧ Pork & Fungus pot with Spicy Sauce (RM110) ‧ Potato Vermicelli (RM8) ‧ Signature Vinegar Peanut (RM8) ‧ Simmer Huang Octopus (RM20) ‧ 凍豆腐 (RM6) ‧ 四鮮燜鍋 配 招牌鹹鮮汁 (RM130) ‧ 四鲜焖锅 配 招牌咸鲜汁 (RM130) ‧ 招牌八爪魚 (RM20) ‧ 炸響鈴 (RM8) ‧ 爽口杏鮑菇 (RM15) ‧ 特制墨鱼滑 (RM15) ‧ 特制罗汉果 (RM18) ‧ 特製冬菇丸 (RM12) ‧ 特製墨魚滑 (RM15) ‧ 特製羅漢果- 大壺 (RM18) ‧ 猪菌焖锅 配 微麻辣汁 (RM110) ‧ 紅薯粉 (RM8) ‧ 红薯粉 (RM8) ‧ 老醋花生 (RM8) ‧ 芒果盛宴 (RM15) ‧ 豬菌燜鍋 配 微麻辣汁 (RM110) ‧ 龜苓膏 (RM10)
  • Signature Dishes

    Signature Vinegar Peanut ‧ Mushroom Bites ‧ 凍豆腐 ‧ Simmer Huang Octopus ‧ 招牌八爪魚 ‧ 老醋花生 ‧ 炸響鈴
  • Dishes

    [3 years ago]
    Assorted Seafood Pot ‧ Mushroom Bites ‧ Pork and Fungus Pot ‧ Signature Vinegar Peanut ‧ Simmer Huang Octopus ‧ Three Sauce Simmer Pot 黄记皇三汁焖锅
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Borrowing imperial recipes from the Qing Dynasty and those passed down from generations, Simmer Huang specializes in a unique simmer cooking process, using medical herbs to come up with nutritionally balanced Chinese dishes.

The restaurant chain was established in Beijing in 2004 and has more than 600 restaurants worldwide. It aims to reach the 1,000 mark across the globe by 2018.

Consumers get a taste of popular dishes served at royal feasts as Simmer Huang its first restaurant now in Malaysia at Pavilion Elite.

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  • 4 years ago

Simmer Huang Malaysia 黃記煌 | Facebook

Simmer Huang Malaysia 黃記煌, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 1.6K likes....

Simmer Huang 黃記煌 @ Bukit Bintang - Malaysia Food & Restaurant Reviews

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Bukit Bintang, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur; Cuisine: Chinese
  • 4 years ago
  • 11 reviews

Simmer Huang 黃記煌 - Bukit Bintang - Lot 8.101.00, Level 8, Pavillion Kuala Lumpur

See 10 photos and 2 tips from 96 visitors to Simmer Huang 黃記煌. "Unique cooking style using simmering at this Beijing import"
  • 4 years ago


Situated at the heart of the trendy Bukit Bintang district lies the perfect reason to indulge not only in finest fashion, urban leisure but also gourmet indulgence such as Simmer Huang- the very first imperial Chinese culinary, nutritiously prepared and enjoy with your favourite spread of meat and seafood, stacked up in few layers before steamed in signature sauce. No complex cooking is involved but only traditional steaming, as that would lock in the moisture and essence of these ingredients.
  • 4 years ago

Simmer Huang 黃記煌三汁焖锅, Pavilion Elite KL: 2-in-1 Simmer Hot Pot

Hui Lau Shan Dessert 许式甜品

Desserts in Simmer Huang is much better than expected, as they carry sweet treats from Hui Lan Shan, the famous mango dessert chain from Hong Kong. We went straight to Mango Feast, a platter that put together 3 types of mango dessert. Ice cream with mango is the best!
  • 4 years ago

清朝御膳 三汁焖锅 Simmer Huang 黄记煌 | Pavillion Elite KL

  • 4 years ago

Pavilion Elite - Simmer Huang Malaysia 黄记煌三汁焖锅 - 一锅两种吃法!

这家餐厅绝对是我会再光顾的餐厅,也想趁着新年期间带家人来一次,因为黄记煌三汁焖锅配合农历新年推出了两款适合 2-4 人共享的新春围炉套餐,包含鲜果捞生、多款凉菜、焖锅、甜点及饮料,价格从 RM208 开始,个人觉得很超值呢!

御膳名肴 - 黄记煌Simmer Huang宫廷御膳焖锅 @ Pavillion Elite, Kuala Lumpur

Chef Special Cuttlefish Paste 特制墨鱼滑
  • 4 years ago

Simmer Huang @ Pavilion Elite

In a nutshell, Simmer Huang offers a unique dining experience. From hotpot to steamboat plus the unique appetizer, it was just amazing. Not to mention, the delicious and healthy method of cooking.
  • 4 years ago

「黃記煌」三汁焖锅,清朝御膳名肴正式进驻Pavilion Elite!

  • 4 years ago

清朝宫廷御膳古方入菜:黃記煌 Simmer Huang @ Pavilion KL

四鲜焖锅配招牌咸鲜汁 ^^
热腾腾的食材淋上浓浓的招牌酱汁立即香气四溢 b^^d
个人觉得酱汁是焖锅的灵魂啊,搭配海鲜更添风味搭配基底的蔬菜尤其番薯出奇的般配好吃啊 b^^d

百年歷史的御膳名餚【黃記煌.三汁燜鍋】1月23日登陸大馬,進駐吉隆坡Pavilion Elite!

四鮮燜鍋 配 招牌鹹鮮汁 (RM130)
每鍋可供2 - 4人共享,收費算合理。

Simmer Huang 黄记皇 , Pavilion Elite Kuala Lumpur

Signature Vinegar Peanut
These tiny treat Peanuts soaked in vinegar , perfect for any party dining , their amazing taste will not disappoint .
  • 4 years ago

Simmer Huang 黄记皇 is Here in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur!

Ambiance wise, the classy design and image of the restaurant infused with a modern twist allows the space to exude a grand, sophisticated feel while keeping diners comfortable amidst the luxurious ambiance.
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