• Address

    3A, Jalan Ceylon
    Bukit Ceylon
    50200 Kuala Lumpur
  • Contact number

    03-2022 3575
  • Price / Fee

    Ah Ran Sini (RM25) ‧ Blur Like Sotomg (RM42) ‧ Duck Curry Bun (RM29) ‧ Hit The Road Jack (RM35) ‧ Kampung Girl (RM35) ‧ Lamb Dumplings (RM16) ‧ Or Chien San (RM22) ‧ Seabass & Acar Noodles (RM43) ‧ Spring Chicken Diavola (RM32) ‧ Stinkini (RM35)

    [1 year ago]
    Ah Ran Sini (RM25) ‧ Angus Oyster Blade (RM68) ‧ Bananas Over Bananas (RM18) ‧ Bluepea Tonic (RM17) ‧ Duck Skewer (RM28) ‧ Grilled Calamari (RM29) ‧ Keropok-Kerepek (RM19) ‧ Lidah & Sambal (RM28) ‧ Pais Barramundi (RM32) ‧ Rendang Bao (RM26) ‧ Roti Jala Tiffin (RM22) ‧ Sekinchan (RM26)
  • Signature Dishes

    Ah Ran Sini ‧ Pais Barramundi ‧ Bluepea Tonic ‧ Jackfruit Rendang Bao ‧ Bananas Over Bananas ‧ Grilled Lamb Loin ‧ Stinkini ‧ Grilled Calamari ‧ Keropok-Kerepek ‧ Angus Oyster Blade ‧ Kampung Girl ‧ Duck Skewers ‧ Pulut Mango Cake ‧ Asam Pedas ‧ Lidah & Sambal ‧ Cocojito ‧ Roti Jala Tiffin ‧ Chicken Kicap Skewers
  • Dishes

    Ah Ran Sini ‧ Bananas Over Bananas ‧ Grilled Sambal Shoulder ‧ Lidah Sambal ‧ Milo-va You ‧ Pulut Mango Cake ‧ Rendang Bao & Nangka Bao ‧ Seafood Platter

    [1 year ago]
    Ah Ran Sini ‧ Ah-Ran-Sini ‧ Angus Oyster Blade ‧ Angus oyster blade ‧ Asam Pedas ‧ Ayam Limau Purut ‧ Ayam Limau Purut and Roti Jala Tiffin ‧ Banana Over bananas ‧ Black pomfret ‧ Bluepea Tonic ‧ Chicken Kicap Skewers ‧ Cocojito ‧ Duck Skewers ‧ Fries celup ‧ Grilled Calamari ‧ Grilled Lamb Loin ‧ Jackfruit Rendang Bao ‧ Kampung Girl ‧ Kedondong Calamansi ‧ Kedondong Kampung ‧ Keropok Keropok ‧ Keropok-Kerepek ‧ Keto Kakis ‧ Lidah & Sambal ‧ Lidah and Sambal ‧ Lidah and Sambal, tender braised ox tongue ‧ Mango Cake ‧ Nasi Sekinchan ‧ Oohaa Tuak ‧ Pais Barramundi ‧ Pan-seared black Pomfret ‧ Pulut Mango Cake ‧ Rose Chan ‧ Roti Jala Tiffin ‧ Stinkini ‧ Stinkitini ‧ The Pais Barramundi ‧ The Rose Chan ‧ Yellow Fever ‧ Yellow Tonic
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Information & Tips about SPG by Bijan?



  • 1 year ago

SPG by Bijan @ Changkat Bukit Bintang

One of the local inspired cocktail is :Petai Cocktail. YUP! PETAI! “Stinkini @ RM 35 pickled petai, gin, vermouth. I was like whatttt.???!!! Decided to give it a try and it blew me away. I am not a fan of petai but this cocktail is another level. A well balance of mix with hint of fermented petai that brings the aroma right at the end. PERFECT PERFECT! – Recommneded!

  • 2 years ago

SPG by Bijan

SPG by Bijan
  • 1 year ago

Experience the Taste of Malaysian Cuisine in Modern Way at SPG by Bijan

This is one of the must try here. The Ah Ran Sani brings you with a twist of rice balls where you can enjoy you can have the iconic Nasi Lemak flavors stuffed into rice balls & deep fried for deliciousness, served with anchovy mayo. Each mouthful is packed with the bursting light spiciness and yet aromatic blend of Malaysia taste in it.

  • 2 years ago

Food Review: SPG by Bijan

Jackfruit Rendang Bao is a perfect substitute for meat. The stringy texture of jackfruit is very similar to meat, and when cooked rendang-style, tastes almost like beef – all wrapped in pillowy-soft mantou buns.

SPG By Bijan

SPG also serves light bites, bakar-bakar (barbecue) and desserts.
  • 2 years ago


One of the signature tapas dishes is the Ah Ran Sini, a deep fried rice ball stuffed with the flavours of the iconic Nasi Lemak (inspired by the Italian arancini).
  • 2 years ago

SPG by Bijan @ Jalan Ceylon

Don’t be deceived by the plain sight of the Ah Ran Sini balls. These are deliciously addictive. Inspired by the Italian classic arancini, the culinary team at SPG by Bijan takes our much beloved nasi lemak and turned them into these scrumptious balls. Coconut rice stuffed with sambal and nuts, deep fried till crispy and golden then served with a tasty anchovy mayo sauce. So yummy that one can keep popping these happily!

SPG by Bijan

And the award for MY favourite dish of the meal, and mind you, this came at the end, when marginal utility is close to zero, has to be this AMAZING NASI SEKINCHAN, tricolour rice, and quinoa (WITH QUINOA some more, and yet it made it to my favourite), pulled chicken, asian pesto , rice crackers and ....drum roll, crispy chicken skin.....
  • 2 years ago

SPG by Bijan, Modern Malaysian Tapas & Bar

Reasons to visit SPG by Bijan: Delicious Malay tapas (and mains) paired up with charming cocktails with a local twist. The décor is beautiful and cosy. It’s a great space to lounge away for a happy hour in the city centre, while remaining hidden away from it.

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