God’s Delicious Pot - Publika 神来一锅 Restaurant

D4-G4-1 Publika Jalan Solaris Dutamas 1 Solaris Dutamas 50480 Kuala Lumpur

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Verdict: Quite a different from my usual steamboat experiences. Food wise, the soup bases we tried were decent but not outstanding and most of the ingredients are in their original flavour, which is good for some I guess. Price certainly not cheap considering the portion given, sufficient for small eater but for those with bigger appetite might need to add on some ala carte items or dishes (eg: Hakka Salty Pork, Sausages, Century Egg Tofu, BBQ Squid & etc) I like the attentive and polite service nonetheless.

The Hotpot - Publika Restaurant

Block D1, Level G4, Unit 9 Publika 1, Jalan Dutamas 1 Solaris Dutamas 50480 Kuala Lumpur

Cantonese-style hotpot / steamboat restaurant with Japanese Sake pairing.

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Overall, food is so so, nothing to shout about as it is quite expensive from the ingredient we choose. Worst of all, the set back as below: 1. service were messy as there are only 2 floor staff. Told them to serve the order according to table but came out random 2. Serving us the food that we did not order, told them to bring it back. 3. Charge us the food that the order did not arrive where the waitress said is in their output order receipt. 4. Charge us extra 4 glass of green tea which we only of 9 pax order 7 glass only and each glass of green tea is RM 8, that is additional RM 32++ extra

I Love Yoo! - Publika 老油鬼鬼 Restaurant

UG1-53, Publika @Solaris Dutamas

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Decent yau jar guai (i wish they can keep it crunchy) and soy bean.


The Champ Kitchen - Solaris Mont Kiara 猪多宝 Restaurant

No. &-G, Jalan Solaris 3 Off Jalan Duta Kiara 50480 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

猪脚捞饭,吃了不怕变肥猪~ 咸湿雪糕,吃了每天笑嘻嘻~ 我们是全马首创冠军猪手专卖店!

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The Slow-braised NZ Lamb Belly with Fermented Bean Curd Sauce (RM45.50) is what we were talking about. Just like the pork knuckle, it was unbelievably tender; you could cut through them with your spoon. We can’t believe this is a mutton dish as the meat was so soft.
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Drunken Pork Knuckle (RM 48 / Small ( 2-4 pax) ; RM 78 / Large (6-8 pax) It is the highlight of The Champ Kitchen. The drinken chicken is perfectly prepared where each piece of the meat is cleaned and deboned and tie them with the string. Cooked for long hours which is at 36 hours of braising the meat, you will definitely in love with the meat itself. For the drunken pork knuckle, when they are served , they add in with the Wu Chia Po Chiew Chinese Wine and flame them up. Not just nice for photography, but the meat is just awesome where the meat comes even more fragrant and filled with aromatic taste of Chinese Wine in it. This is just superb with the tenderliicous and moist meat. I don’t mind more collagen now.

As You Like Hong Kong Chicken Pot - Solaris Mont Kiara 香港隨變燒烤麻辣雞煲-馬來西亞分店 Restaurant

13, Jalan Solaris 2 Solaris Mont Kiara 50480 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

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Likes: Different style hotpot, nice Sichuan flavours Dislikes: Some hits and misses, rather pricey, could revisit some of their prices as it's ridiculously priced
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Solaris is indeed an area that is well known for Korean food, As You Like Hong Kong Chicken Pot is one of the latest Chinese cuisine operating in this area. A brand that hail all the way from Hong Kong that operates their first outlet in Malaysia with remaining 5 in Hong Kong. I find that the cuisine is a perfect addition to the area which is lacking off. Something like steamboat but it is not. A Little summary would be a cuisine of a cross over of China Sze Chuan in Hong Kong Style.

Ya Ho Fu Live Seafood Steam Publika 壹号府蒸汽海鲜火锅 Restaurant

A4-UG1-1,Solaris Dutamas No, Publika, 1, Jalan Dutamas 1, Mont Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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