Donkey & Crow Irish Pub - Bangsar Shopping Centre Restaurant

Lot G130, Ground Floor Bangsar Shopping Centre 285, Jalan Ma'arof Bangsar 59000 Kuala Lumpur

Donkey, symbolic of perseverance and its strength is far superior than that of horses. Crow, fearless and in some cases, its courage has chased down golden and bald eagles. These beliefs fueled our organisation as staff and crew at Donkey & Crow Irish Pub aim to strive to be the Best Irish Bar in the Region.

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An Irish classic, the Dublin Coddle (RM33) epitomized homecooked comfort food. Said to be straight from the heart of Dublin city, the Irish stew is a hodgepodge of bacon, sausages and root vegetables that is a sure crowd pleaser. Beautiful stew that has a robust hearty note of its ingredients, this is a dish that one can enjoy often. A must-order, especially if one is craving for simple comfort pleasures…