Gindaco - SkyAvenue 築地銀だこ Restaurant

T2-18, Level T2, SkyAvenue 69000 Genting Highlands

Gindaco is the No 1 Takoyaki brand in Japan, offering premium takoyaki balls with each containing 8g of high quality octopus sourced from the seas off the African continent.

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The Original is Gindaco’s flagship, and it is drizzled with Gindaco’s signature sauce and topped with dried seaweed and dancing bonito flakes.
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We ordered the Ebi Mayo Takoyaki (6 pieces @ RM17.90 / 8 pieces @ RM20.90) which was topped with shrimp and mayonnaise. Despite the higher price, not to mention every thing are slightly pricier in SkyAvenue Genting, we are not denying with the fact that the takoyaki was delicious. The unassuming looking takoyaki was firm but soft to bite, and it melted it your mouth. There were big chunks of octopus inside each takoyaki. The snack was actually quite filling and we shared one order amongst two people.

Sushi Zanmai - SkyAvenue 寿司三昧 Restaurant

Lot T2C-11, SkyAvenue 69000 Genting Highlands Pahang Darul Makmur

The genuine Conveyor-belt Sushi Restaurant The original taste, a brand new experience. We provide more than 100 assortments of sushi and 100 varieties of cooked food that are authentically Japanese. Backed by more than 20 years of experience in Japan, Sushi Zanmai possesses extensive expertise for raw materials selection. Genuine ingredients coupled with original recipes, we provide cuisines that are authentically Japanese.

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Ebi Don (S) It is really delicious when the airy and crispy deep fried Ebi absorb the delicious sweet soy sauce base. Served together with rice.
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Asama (3 types of fish) @ RM36.80 Despite of being regular customers in Sushi Zanmai, we are excited to try various dishes that we don't usually order. First to tantalize the palate is the fresh sashimi platter comprising thick cuts of tuna, yellowtail and salmon which give delicious oceanic juiciness to the palate before we indulge in a fresh bowl of crabmeat and avocado salad.

Tokyo Secret - Sky Avenue Restaurant

Lot T2A-39, Sky Avenue Mall, Genting Highlands, 69000 Genting Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia

The No.1 Japanese cheese tart in Malaysia.

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béni - SkyAvenue Restaurant

Lot T1-19 of Level T1, SkyAvenue Genting Highlands 69000 Genting Highlands Pahang

béni aims to share the blessings of a genuinely delightful food and drink, combined with impeccable service. The exclusive fine-dining establishment integrates French fine dining cuisine and Japanese produce including the Ozaki A5 Wagyu Beef from Miyazaki prefecture. Guests are brought on an intimate and indulgent gastronomic journey through a series of courses featuring the best of the four seasons served

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For mains, we had Truffle Cream Pasta and Sous Vide Chicken with Abufeira Sauce (an additional top up of Rm 20 was required). The former one was good, the Pasta was beautifully cooked with al-dente texture and expertly coated in creamy, rich sauce. The Truffle flavor was apparent and bold, a pretty good Truffle-infused Pasta dish.


Ltitude Restaurant

Lobby Floor, Genting Club Genting Highlands 69000 Pahang

Contemplate life at the top over a cigar and drinks, or enjoy an après-meal and some good conversation around the fireplace. From the moment you enter, you’ll know that LTITUDE stands in a league of its own. Exquisite wines stock more than 400 bottles of premium liquor in the tasting room, from regular sized to 18-litre bottles, peaking with a 30-litre Armand de Brignac champagne barrel. LTITUDE is truly the place to enjoy life’s great pleasures. Come and experience our new menu specially crafted for you.

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At Resorts World Genting, the place operates at its own fantastic speed- rapid developments with new lifestyle mall, luxurious entertainments and a spate of restaurants offering different types of cuisine but for a place like Genting Highlands, there are some places even for those high-net individuals with deep pockets have problems getting into. There are some lounges and casinos that only open for Genting Rewards Card Gold and Platinum-ranked Members; right next to the exclusive Genting Club Casino is Ltitude. There is a definite luxury feel to it, before you even get into the restaurant, you will be asked to present your Genting Rewards Card so for those holding Classic or Silver-ranked Membership, you will have to inform the concierge that you are visiting the restaurant (fret not, Ltitude opens to the public). All guests visiting Ltitude must possess valid Genting Rewards Card. Ltitude offers a Japanese-Chinese-Western menu, though prices seem hefty but they commensurate with absolute quality.