Korean BBQ House - Viva Mall Restaurant

Viva Mall Shopping Mall Lot 1-10 & 1-11, First Floor, No. 85, Jalan Loke Yew, 55200 Kuala Lumpur. (Old town White Coffee楼上)

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Overall was good and 100% full !!


Expressoul Gastrobar - Sunway Velocity Restaurant

VO3-01-03, Lingkaran SV, Level 1, Boulevard, Sunway Velocity Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Expressoul is an Extraordinary Gastrobar who serve beer and liquor. Allowing customer to request and dedicate songs with Live Band is our Live Band

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Petai Fried Rice, 8.50 ringgit This Petai Fried Rice was delicious. Believe it or not, within 5 minutes after it arrived at our table, it was gone. We certainly ate through it like a hurricane. Oklah, maybe it was also because we were hungry but the fried rice sure tasted awesome. It looked simple but the flavors were good. There were quite a bit of those crunchy ‘petais’, the sambal/belacan taste was evident. The rice as a whole, had good sweet and spicy mix to it.
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愛吃咖哩的你,這份豪邁大碗的【脆皮燒肉娘惹咖哩麵】 肯定是你的菜。

DubuYo - Sunway Velocity Restaurant

B-22, Basement One, Sunway Velocity Mall 80, Jalan Cheras Lingkaran SV Maluri 55100 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

At DubuYo, we strive to serve you a perfect harmony of Korean delights.

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For those who are looking for some kick of spiciness, go for their Buldak Wings. You can now enjoy the fiercy chicken wings which is beautifully glazed with their special DubuYo spicy sauce. That’s really spicy!

Chicken Plus - Sunway Velocity Restaurant

Lot 2-15A, Level 2, Sunway Velocity Mall Lingkaran SV 55100 Kuala Lumpur

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最推荐的就是超清新超fresh的Melon Bingsu囖~ 在炎热的天气下吃超爽derr!
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Boneless chicken was top of the pick among were the girls fave which I never understand till date as it is easy for them to eat along with their pretty manicure. Boneless Regular @ RM 16 with Hot Shocking Sauce (with special flavor of dried red pepper in soy sauce base)

Han Gang Restaurant

Unit 4-04, Level 4 Street Food Sunway Velocity 2, Lingkaran SV Maluri 55100 Kuala Lumpur

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Bossam Jeongsik is one of the signature here. One can enjoy the awesomely prepared Bossam Jeongsik where the pork comes simply moist and juicy. Each mouthful of the pork comes amazingly good and I am totally in love with it.

Palsaik Korean BBQ - Sunway Velocity Mall 팔색삼겹살 Restaurant

Unit 2-59, Second Floor, Sunway Velocity Mall Lingkaran SV Maluri 55100 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Enjoy delicious Korean BBQ with a twist. Palsaik in Korean means 'eight colours' denoting the eight different flavours of pork we serve.

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The set comes with the 8 flavours of pork belly (600g) together with the soup of your choice where you can enjoy the clear clam soup, seafood soy bean paste soup or kimchi soup. The meat comes simply delicious and juicy. Each of them is beautifully grilled and each mouthful comes sinfully addictive.