Astaka Taman Tun Sardon Restaurant

Taman Tun Sardon 11700 Gelugor Pulau Pinang Malaysia

  • 2017-12-16 00:00:00+00:00
Here's the location.


Nasi Kandar Sulaiman Restaurant

60, Jalan Air Itam, George Town, 10460 George Town, Pulau Pinang.

One of the best nasi kandar in penang.

  • 2020-08-01 00:00:00+00:00
we recommend getting the curry fish, ayam masak kicap and fried onions!

Nasi Campur Awet Muda Restaurant

795-B, Lorong Sungai Dua Kampung Dua Bukit 11700 Gelugor Pulau Pinang Malaysia

  • 2016-10-27 00:00:00+00:00
Here's the location.

Roy A1 Nasi Kandar Air Itam Famous Roy Nasi Kandar Restaurant

614 C, Jalan Air Itam Pekan Ayer Itam 11500 Air Itam Penang Malaysia

  • 2020-02-07 00:00:00+00:00
Personally, I enjoyed Roy A1 Nasi Kandar much. On top of getting a plate of Nasi Kandar that fits my appetite, I can avoid the flock of tourists at the same time.

Idrus Ikan Bakar Restaurant

No. 3, Batu Uban Pengkalan Polis Marin Wilayah Utara Lebuh Raya Bayan Lepas 11900 Bayan Lepas Penang

  • 2018-02-01 00:00:00+00:00
Locals flocked in Idrus Ikan Bakar for a few simple yet firm reasons. The food is fresh and good yet affordable, and Uncle Idrus formulated his own secret recipe to create one of a kind gastronomy experience here. For instance, Ikan Bakar Siakap (Seabass Grilled Fish) generally cost about RM 35, depending on market rate and Shell Out Seafood Platter that feeds up to 3 person is RM 75.

Shahul Hamid Mee Goreng Restaurant

Lorong Kulit Taman Rampas 10460 George Town Pulau Pinang Malaysia

  • 2020-03-17 00:00:00+00:00
We always ordered our Mee Goreng "extra pedas" and the same also applies to Shahul Hamid Mee Goreng. It renders the plate of noodles a wet texture with nice aroma infused by charcoal

Restoran Ya Kareem Restaurant

10-M, Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah, Minden Heights, 11700 Gelugor, Pulau Pinang.

  • 2018-07-07 00:00:00+00:00
Restoran Ya Kareem is a small place. The food here is just average and there are not much choice here.

DRG Cafe Restaurant

Lorong Sungai Dua 11700 Gelugor Penang

  • 2016-08-29 00:00:00+00:00
Here's the location.

Sany Char Koay Teow - Gelugor Char Koay Teow Pinang Sebatang Restaurant

Kampung Dua Bukit 11700 Gelugor Penang Malaysia

  • 2018-08-27 00:00:00+00:00
This is the Super Special Char Koay Teow (RM 15) topped with crayfish and become RM 25 instead. It is a luxury version of Char Koay Teow that has Sotong, Prawns, Fish, Soft Shell Crab and an egg. We enjoyed the slight hint of spiciness that comes with some sweetness

Apom Balik Astaka Stadium Restaurant

208-196, Jalan Perak 11600 George Town Pulau Pinang Malaysia

  • 2019-10-29 00:00:00+00:00
Over here, a classic piece of Apom Balik with peanut solely cost RM 1 only. While taste is a very objective flavour, we enjoyed the generous quantity of banana slices in our Apom Balik Pisang, though we'd hoped for an additional dash of peanuts.

Tamarind Tomyam Restaurant

Lorong Semarak Api 4 Farlim 11500 Air Itam Pulau Pinang

  • 2020-03-21 00:00:00+00:00
Aside from the staples, Tomyam Campur (RM 6) was good with a generous portion of chicken slices and seafood. Though it did not taste fiery hot as we expecting from the Thai style tomyam, it still fit well to our appetite.