• Address

    Lot No 170-B1-33/K6, Basement One, Plaza Gurney
    Persiaran Gurney
    10250 Penang
  • Contact number

    04-229 0588
  • Price / Fee

    Hong Kong-styled Beef Brisket Dried Noodles 港式牛腩捞面 (RM16.80) ‧ Noodle with Hong Kong Roasted Goose 香港烧鹅鸡米线 (RM32.80) ‧ Noodle with Pork Belly and Pork Meat Slices with Mala Soup 麻辣花腩米线 (RM15.80) ‧ Noodles with Beef Slices in Tomato Soup 番茄肥牛米线 (RM18.80) ‧ Red Bean Soup (RM4) ‧ Shanghainese Pan-fried Dumpling (RM5)
  • Dishes

    Honey Lemon Tea ‧ Shanghainese Fried Dumplings 生煎包
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Ho Min San caters to the hip, young crowd in search of quality Shanghainese cuisine. A must-try is the signature Pan-Fried Dumplings which are made to order by chefs from Hong Kong and Shanghai. Besides that, you’ll be overwhelmed by a tantalising variety of Hong Kong-style noodles and side dishes, so take your time to try them all! Paired with a relaxing atmosphere and speedy service, you’ll enjoy every meal here at Ho Min San.

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  • 11 months ago

Ho Min San 好面善 @ Gurney Plaza, Penang.

The Hong Kong-styled Beef Brisket Dried Noodles on the other hand, was pretty similar to those in Hong Kong. The sauce was somewhat like "Lou Sui" sauce (the sauce used to braise the meat) and the texture of the noodles was great.
  • 11 months ago

好面善 Ho Min San @ Gurney Plaza, Penang

One of the item in the menu that immediately caught my attention was Noodle with Hong Kong Roasted Goose (香港烧鹅鸡米线; RM 32.80). Considering the price tag, it is definitely a luxury version of noodle but worth the penny. The goose has crispy skin and tender meat, along with a layer of nice fat beneath the skin that gives a wonderful aroma. Coupled with the signature Cantonese-style rice vermicelli and a sweet broth, the noodle is a luxury food to indulge in.
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