• Address

    Lot 102-A-1, New World Park
    Jalan Burmah
    10250 Georgetown
  • Opening hour

    10:00AM - 3:00PM, 6:00PM - 10:00PM
  • Contact number

    604- 228 1789
  • Price / Fee

    [1 year ago]
    Dolsotbibimbap Hot Stone Pot (RM20) ‧ Kimchi Jjigae (RM18) ‧ Samgyetang Ginseng Stew (RM38)

    [3 years ago]
    Dolsot Bibimbap/ Korean Mixed Rice (RM20) ‧ Naeng Myeon/ Korean Cold Buckwheat Noodles (RM21) ‧ Tteokbokki/ Stir Fried Korean Rice Cake (RM20)
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  • 3 years ago

Hongdae Korea BBQ @ New World Park, Burmah Road, Georgetown, Penang

We sampled a few of Korean signature dish such as Samgyetang Ginseng Stew (RM 38). The iconic Korean summer dish Ginseng Stew though may not suitable for the scorching hot weather in Malaysia but the taste outweigh the factor. Chicken is stuffed with glutinous rice, the broth is rich and tasty, and the ginseng flavoured chicken is tender and delicious. We could practically eat and chew the bone as it has been boiled for hours prior serving to us. Overall, this dish is a reflection on the sincerity of the restaurant put into their dish preparation.
  • 4 years ago

Hongdae Korean BBQ @ New World Park, Georgetown, Penang.

If you are old enough to have heard of the name- Bee Won Korean Restaurant, you probably have an idea on the restaurant's background. With the ever-growing popularity on Korean food, the restaurant has recently opened up a new Korean BBQ place at New World Park. The setting is pretty much Korean roadside barbecue setting, with stainless steel tables and grills. The heat-intolerant would be less-excited to know that the place is not air-conditioned but if you are game for an al-fresco barbecue dining experience, this is the type of setting that you are looking for. Apart from the quintessential Korean barbecue items and alcohols (like Soju), the place offers a wide variety of Korean delights. It opens for lunch as well so if you are in the mood for a casual Korean fix, you can drop by for a quick meal. The prices are pretty much Korean-restaurant standard but the quality remains consistent (you would know if were a Bee Won customer).
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