• Address

    No.27-G, Ground Floor, The Boulevard
    Lingkaran Syed Putra
    Mid Valley City
    59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Opening hour

    10:00AM - 10:00PM
  • Contact number

    03-2391 9020
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  • Price / Fee

    [1 year ago]
    Beef Steak (RM34.90) ‧ French Toast (RM17.90) ‧ Hoshino spaghetti (RM21.90) ‧ Hot Fruits Tea (RM17.90) ‧ Ice Japanese Milk Coffee (RM13.90) ‧ Iced Matcha Latte (RM14.90) ‧ Matcha (RM14.90) ‧ Mentaiko Carbonara (RM29.90) ‧ Omu Chicken Steak (RM26.30) ‧ Seafood Paella (RM26.90) ‧ 双料奶酪吐司 (RM14.50) ‧ 日式咖喱鸡排饭 (RM23.90) ‧ 日式照烧鸡肉三文治 (RM14.50) ‧ 蓬松奶酥蛋炬饭 (RM23.90)

    [3 years ago]
    "Hoshino" Pot-Baked Curry Rice with Chicken (RM26.30) ‧ Cafe Latte (RM13.90) ‧ Cheesy Chicken Cutlet Platter (RM29.90) ‧ Cheesy Chicken Cutlet Platter (With Rice or Toast) (RM29.90) ‧ Chicken Cacciatora Spaghetti (RM26.30) ‧ Double Pancake Souffle (RM18.90) ‧ French Toast (RM17.90) ‧ Fruit Tea (Hot) (RM19.70) ‧ Fruit Tea (RM17.90) ‧ Hand-drip Coffee (Half price for refill) (RM12.90) ‧ Hoshino Blend Coffee (Hand Drip Coffee) (RM12.90) ‧ Hoshino Blend Coffee (RM12.90) ‧ Hoshino Blend Tea pot (RM13.90) ‧ Hoshino Pot Baked Curry Rice with Chicken (RM23.90) ‧ Hoshino Signature Spaghetti (RM19.90) ‧ Hoshino Spaghetti with Eggplant, Chicken Bacon, Shimeji & Chicken Sausage (RM19.90) ‧ Hot Fruits Tea (RM17.90) ‧ Hot Matcha Latte (RM14.90) ‧ Iced Fruit Tea (RM19.70) ‧ Japanese Coffee (RM13.90) ‧ Japanese Milkcoffee (RM13.90) ‧ Matcha Latte (RM14.90) ‧ Matcha Souffle (RM15.90) ‧ Pancake Souffle (Double) (RM18.90) ‧ Pancake Soufflé (RM18.90) ‧ Pescatora Seafood with Tomato Sauce (RM26.90) ‧ Pot-Baked Soufflé (RM15.90) ‧ Salmon Spaghetti with Wasabi Cream Sauce (RM26.90) ‧ Salmon Wasabi Cream Spaghetti (RM26.90) ‧ Seafood Paella (RM26.90) ‧ Single Pancake Souffle (RM14.90) ‧ Strawberry French Toast (RM19.90) ‧ Vanilla Souffle Custard Sauce (RM15.90) ‧ Vanilla Souffle with Custard Sauce (RM17.50)
  • Signature Dishes

    Seafood Paella ‧ Hoshino Pot-Baked Curry Rice with Chicken ‧ Cheesy Chicken Cutlet Platter ‧ French Toast ‧ Pot-Baked Soufflé ‧ Hoshino Blend Coffee ‧ Strawberry French Toast ‧ Pancake Soufflé ‧ Salmon Spaghetti with Wasabi Cream Sauce ‧ Hot Fruits Tea ‧ Fruit Tea ‧ Hoshino Spaghetti with Eggplant, Chicken Bacon, Shimeji & Chicken Sausage ‧ Japanese Milk Coffee
  • Dishes

    [1 year ago]
    Chicken Cutlet Curry Rice ‧ Chicken Cutlet Curry Rice 日式咖喱鸡排饭 ‧ Double Cheese Toast ‧ Double Cheese Toast 双料奶酪吐司 ‧ French Toast ‧ Fuwa Fuwa Fluffy Souffle Doria Rice ‧ Fuwa Fuwa Fluffy Souffle Doria Rice 蓬松奶酥蛋炬饭 ‧ Hoshino Pot-Baked Curry Rice with Chicken ‧ Hot Fruits Tea in pot ‧ Omu Rice & Mozzarella Tomato Shrimp with Salad ‧ Omu Rice and Chicken Teriyaki with salad ‧ Pancake style Souffle with chocolate ganache and ice cream ‧ Pot Baked Souffle ‧ Strawberry French Toast ‧ Strawberry Pancake ‧ Strawberry Pancake 草莓奶酥煎饼 ‧ Strawberry Yogurt ‧ Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich ‧ Teriyaki chicken Sandwich 日式照烧鸡肉三文治 ‧ “Omu Rice” & Mozzarella Tomato Shrimp with Salad 蛋卷饭和奶酪番茄虾配沙拉
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In Hoshino Coffee, we use only premium Arabica roasted coffee beans selected by our very own coffee blend specialist Master Kanno. With pride and devotion, we serve this specialty coffee to you "Hand-Dripped".

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  • 2 years ago

【雪隆美食】谷中城星乃咖啡店 Hoshino Coffee Mid Valley| 让人心甘情愿等待的舒芙蕾 Souffle

除了咖啡与甜品, 谷中城星乃咖啡店 Hoshino Coffee Mid Valley也有提供一些意大利面、 西餐等的主食, 有机会去吃的话再分享给大家啦!
  • 3 years ago

Hoshino Coffee Malaysia - Home | Facebook

Hoshino Coffee Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 57 likes · 72 talking about this. In Hoshino Coffee, we use only premium Arabica roasted coffee beans...

Review : Hoshino Coffee @ Mid Valley

Food was good and acceptable. While I would definitely return, there were hits and misses as well.
  • 2 years ago

1st Anniversary New Menu @ Hoshino Coffee Malaysia


Hoshino Coffee 星乃珈琲店 一周年特别餐单

Hoshino Coffee 的咖啡豆仅仅是中度烘培而已,所以喝起来会比较顺口。
  • 2 years ago

Hoshino Coffee Mid Valley 1st anniversary menu & coffee seminar

Fuwa Fuwa Fluffy Souffle Doria Rice 蓬松奶酥蛋炬饭
It is so interesting when i saw this Fuwa Fuwa Fluffy Souffle Doria Rice served on my table, i feel so curious what is inside the wobbly golden hue puffy top.
Then i just dig through the fluffy egg soufflé, it is enclosing the tomato rice! Taste similar to "Omu rice" but this is more aromatic and savoury, because it is a baked dish.
Kindly take note that 20 minutes preparation is needed for baking time.

星乃咖啡 Hoshino Coffee@ Mid Valley


WG Hoshino again

Omu Chicken Steak - MYR 26.30 nett. I think it is a cheese omelette because it tastes cheesy. I like the tomato rice but did not care about the chicken which I ate only 1 piece.

Hoshino Coffee @ Mid Valley, KL

Pescatora Seafood with Tomato Sauce (RM26.90). To our surprise, this plate of Pescatora Seafood pasta was truly amazeballs! We never imagined that a cafe like this would create a truly well balanced yet deliciously good pasta because we mainly encounter a not so pleasant experience towards the cafe in the aspect of their savoury food category.. But this Hoshino has managed to prove us wrong on that assumption and the plate was wiped clean without any traces of the tomato sauce and pasta left on the plate other than the seafood shells!
Everything was delicious about this plate of food as the seafood was cooked to perfection with being able to retain it's springy texture, sweet and succulent taste of the ocean yet it can meld together with the pasta like a second skin!

  • 3 years ago

MidValley - Eat - Hoshino Coffee 星乃珈琲店


Hoshino Coffee

On 3 Jul 2017, it was announced that Tim Ho Wan (one of my favourite eatery) will exit from this country and Hoshino Coffee from Japan is now in its place in Midvalley/Gardens Mall.

日本星乃咖啡店登陆马来西亚,于吉隆坡谷中城设首家分店 - Hoshino Coffee @ Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur

  • 3 years ago

Hoshino Coffee @ Mid Valley

Caffeine junkie and dessert enthusiasts rejoice, Hoshino Coffee has finally landed in Mid Valley Megamall to offers us with a wide array of dishes and desserts that make up your mouth-watering menu!
  • 3 years ago

Hoshino Coffee @ MidValley City

Yay.... Hoshino Coffee is finally here in Malaysia!
If you are a coffee lover and sweet tooth addict, you would definitely like to check them out. Apart from their mouth-watering desserts, Hoshino Coffee also offers a wide array of fusion comfort foods. Hoshino Coffee founded since 2011, opened its first outlet in Saitama Prefecture, Japan and has been capturing the hearts and palates of the people around it. Currently, it has expanded to more than 180 outlets in Japan and has made their presence in Singapore, South Korea, China and now, Malaysia. Here are some of our favourite dishes.
  • 3 years ago

Hoshino Coffee Japanese Cafe @ Mid Valley, KL

1. From coffee and desserts to the main courses, the Japanese fusion style food is very well played here. The fresh, interesting and unique comfort fare suits both young and old in Malaysia.
2. Price and portion wise, I have no complaints at all, considering the generosity in using premium ingredients and the strategic location of the restaurant. Ideal for lunch among corporate crowd and casual hangout for families and friends.
3. Recommended: Hoshino’s Signature Spaghetti, Pot-Baked Curry Rice, Soufflé ❤
  • 3 years ago

Hoshino Coffee Malaysia @ The Boulevard, Mid Valley City

After waited for 20 minutes, the Pancake Souffle finally arrived and it's not as small as I expected. The pancake is tastier with a dash of maple syrup.
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