• Address

    21 Jalan Puteri 2/3
    Bandar Puteri
    47100 Puchong
  • Opening hour

    11.30am - 3pm, 5.30pm - 10.30pm
  • Contact number

    +6010-221 0188, 016-245 1369
  • Price / Fee

    Asam tilapia (RM39) ‧ Black pepper crab (RM68) ‧ Butter prawns (RM20) ‧ Salted egg yolk tofu (RM12)

    [1 year ago]
    Braised Sea Cucumber & Fish Maw 冬菇海参鱼剽 (RM25) ‧ Butter Salted Egg Mud Crab with Roe 咸湿膏蟹 (RM95) ‧ Claypot Steamed Fish 生煲石斑 (RM15) ‧ Curry Crab (L)咖喱蟹 (RM55) ‧ Curry Prawn 咖哩虾煲 (RM18) ‧ Fried Bun 炸馒头 (RM6) ‧ Fried Mantou 炸馒头 (RM6) ‧ Herbal Tea (RM2.50) ‧ Indonesian Curry Prawn 印尼明虾 (RM25) ‧ Indonesian Style Fried Prawn 印尼蝦煲 (RM15) ‧ Kailan Mixed Vege 鴛鴦芥蘭 (RM15) ‧ Kampung Chicken with Rice Wine 黄酒焖鸡 (RM32) ‧ Lala with Superior Soup 上汤啦啦 (RM18) ‧ Lotus Fried with Winged Bean 莲藕四棱豆 (RM12) ‧ L香辣奶皇肉蟹 (RM 55.00) ‧ L香辣奶皇肉蟹 (RM55) ‧ Mantis Prawn with Dry Chili 宫保虾糕 (RM15) ‧ Mixed Hong Kong Kai Lan 鸳鸯芥蓝 (RM15) ‧ Mongolia Prawn Rice 蒙古虾球饭 (RM9.90) ‧ Pork Ribs 一支骨咸湿膏蟹 (RM32) ‧ Roasted Duck 烧鸭 半只 (RM30) ‧ Roasted Duck 燒鴨 (半隻) (RM30) ‧ Salted Egg Butter Milk Crab 咸湿蟹 L (RM55) ‧ Salted Egg Buttermilk Crab (L) 鹹濕蟹 (RM55) ‧ Salted Fish Chicken Rice 咸鱼鸡柳 (RM8.90) ‧ Scallop With Cheese Sauce 芝士干贝 (RM15) ‧ Signature Fried Chicken 茶叶烧鸡 半只 (RM20) ‧ Signature Fried Chicken 茶葉燒雞 (半隻)(RM30) ‧ Sizzling Tofu 鐵板豆腐 (RM15) ‧ Spicy Butter Milk Crab 香辣奶黄蟹 L (RM55) ‧ Spicy Buttermilk Crab (L) 香辣奶皇蟹 (RM55) ‧ Spicy Buttermilk Crab 香辣奶王蟹 - 3pcs (RM50) ‧ Spinach with Superior Soup 上汤苋菜 (RM12) ‧ Steam Crab (L) 蒸蟹 (RM55) ‧ Steam with Egg White Crab (L) 蛋白蒸蟹 (RM55) ‧ Steamed Crab 清蒸蟹 L (RM55) ‧ Superior Crab Soup 上湯蟹 (RM55) ‧ Superior Soup Crab 上汤蟹 L (RM55) ‧ Swiss Chicken Wings 瑞士鸡翅 (RM15) ‧ Thai style sotong 泰式Sotong (RM15) ‧ Toufu with Pumpkin Sauce 金瓜豆腐 (RM15) ‧ White Rice (RM1.50) ‧ XO Seafood Claypot XO海鲜煲 (RM19.90) ‧ XO Seafood Hotpot XO 海鮮粉煲 (RM19.90) ‧ XO Seafood Noodle Pot XO海鲜粉煲 (RM19.90) ‧ Xl咸湿膏蟹 (RM 100.00) ‧ Xl鹹濕膏蟹 (RM100) ‧ Xo 海鮮粉煲 (RM19.90) ‧ Xo海鲜粉煲 (RM 19.90) ‧ Yam Basket With Chicken Wing 佛钵鸡翅 (RM28) ‧ Yam Ring with Chicken Wings 佛砵 鸡翅 (RM28) ‧ 一支骨 (RM 32.00) ‧ 一支骨 (RM32) ‧ 上汤啦啦 (RM 18) ‧ 上汤芫菜 (RM 12) ‧ 佛缽蝦膏 (RM30) ‧ 佛缽鸡翼 (RM 28) ‧ 佛钵虾膏 (RM 30.00) ‧ 印尼虾 (RM 15) ‧ 妈蜜鸡饭 (RM 8.90) ‧ 姜皇菜园鸡 (RM 32.00) ‧ 姜皇菜園雞 (RM32) ‧ 炒番薯叶 (RM8) ‧ 瓦煲翁菜 (RM 12.00) ‧ 瓦煲翁菜 (RM12) ‧ 甘香虾羔 (RM 9.90) ‧ 生煲石斑 (RM 15) ‧ 芝士干贝 (RM 15) ‧ 茶叶鸡 (RM 20) ‧ 金瓜豆腐 (RM 15.00) ‧ 金瓜豆腐 (RM15) ‧ 鐵板泰叁巴三鮮 (RM25) ‧ 铁板泰叁巴三鲜 (RM 25.00) ‧ 香辣奶皇螃蟹 (RM 50)
  • Signature Dishes

    瓦煲翁菜 ‧ L香辣奶皇肉蟹 ‧ 一支骨 ‧ 金瓜豆腐
  • Dishes

    [1 year ago]
    Fried Hong Kong Kai Lan
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  • 10 months ago

Weekend Update: Crab 🦀 + Fish 🐟 + Prawn 🦐 @ Sun Ocean Seafood Restaurant, Filipino Food @ Kota Raya, Lucky Me! Pancit Canton Review

Mandy also had butter prawns (RM 20). 🦐 You can choose either “dry butter” or “wet butter” – the former is deep fried strands of crispy butter and the latter is more like a buttery sauce. I tend to prefer the wet type since the sauce goes better with rice.

Ocean Seafood Restaurant 海洋海鲜餐厅 @ Bandar Puteri Puchong - Malaysia Food & Restaurant Reviews

Location: Selangor, Puchong, Bandar Puteri Puchong; Cuisine: Chinese, Seafood
  • 2 years ago
  • 3 reviews

Ocean Seafood Restaurant, Puchong - Restaurant Reviews & Phone Number - TripAdvisor

Ocean Seafood Restaurant, Puchong: See 3 unbiased reviews of Ocean Seafood Restaurant, rated 3 of 5 on TripAdvisor and ranked #144 of 231 restaurants in Puchong.
  • 2 years ago
  • 51 reviews

New Ocean Seafood Restaurant 海洋海鲜餐厅 - Seafood Restaurant

See 79 photos and 16 tips from 905 visitors to New Ocean Seafood Restaurant 海洋海鲜餐厅. "Gam Heong Crab!! RM15 for all the seafood ! No GST or any extra..."
  • 2 years ago

Ocean Seafood Restaurant 海洋海鲜餐厅 - Home | Facebook

Ocean Seafood Restaurant 海洋海鲜餐厅, Puchong. 16,476 likes · 48 talking about this · 7,289 were here. Seafood Restaurant

Puchong Food : Ocean Seafood Restaurant 海洋海鲜餐厅 - Delicious and Affordable Seafood

After that we tasted the Mantis Prawn with Dry Chili 宫保虾糕 RM15. This mantis prawn meat are battered and deep fried before being stir fried with dry chillies, onions and spring onions. This dishes is better eaten with a bowl of steaming white rice.
  • 2 years ago

Ocean Seafood Restaurant 海洋海鲜餐厅 @ Puchong - 超难忘夹抵食海鲜粉煲

Ocean Seafood Restaurant 主打的正是吃海鲜不用大出血;加上他们家陆续不断的推出新菜色,还有不去尝试的理由吗?
  • 2 years ago

[Food Review] 軒外之音 | 蒲種 Puchong | 海洋海鮮餐廳 Ocean Seafood Restaurant | 海鮮大咖 - 讓你吃到滿足感爆燈, 一次過滿足感直頂點!

海洋海鮮餐廳 Ocean Seafood Restaurant 的海鮮都很新鮮肥美),價格也很經濟實惠,這裏的美食),我們吃得餐餐見底),根本就停不了口
Desmond Lua
  • 2 years ago

A bad option for lunch. They always run out of noodle for their crab pot noodle, only got BeeHoon. Though the lunch rice dishes are priced reasonably, but it's just not appetising.

  • 2 years ago

Ocean Seafood Restaurant @ Bandar Puteri Puchong

Heyo time for a foodie post to welcome my weekend! Today will blog about a recent crabby feast I enjoyed last few weeks. This time round I am having a crabby feast at Ocean Seafood Restaurant, Bandar Puteri Puchong. They do not only serve delicious, fresh and yummy seafood. They served a lot of cheap and affordable dish where you definitely love it. And if you are a lover of crab paste, in Ocean Seafood Restaurant you can enjoy the fresh and rich roe crab paste too.
  • 2 years ago


So, this round of seafood gastronomy has led us to the well-hidden (perhaps to KL folks only) but widely known, family’s favourite spot for mouthwatering seafood dishes among folks of Bandar Puteri Puchong, over at OCEAN SEAFOOD RESTAURANT 海洋海鲜餐厅. Not only the seafood comes in wide varieties, they are also reasonably priced too. That explains why it’s often crowded especially during the peak hours.

Promotion 1
Mud Crab with Roe

M-size 3 for MYR65, 6 for MYR120
L-size 2 for MYR55, 4 for MYR100

Promotion 2
Free 2 pcs of crab on the birthday!
- Spend MYR100 & above (not inclusive promotion item)
- Only for actual day & must show IC.
- Only can redeem one set per person.

Set Lunch
From Mon – Fri: 1130am -3pm
MYR 8.90 & MYR 9.90 (Free drinks & Soup)
Desmond Lua
  • 3 years ago

They offer some lunch set from RM 8.90. The seafood curry noodle is pretty good: delicious curry and comes with a crab.

  • 3 years ago

Ocean Seafood Restaurant 海洋海鲜餐厅@ Bandar Puteri Puchong

Overall i was quite happy with the dining experience in Ocean Seafood Restaurant because of serving big portion and fresh seafood with affordable price. This restaurant is always full house during dinner time, i would suggest to you to make reservations first to avoid disappointments.

Ocean Seafood Restaurant 海洋海鲜餐厅 , Bandar Puteri Puchong

Chinese New Year Gonna be soon Or later . By Celebrating Chinese New Year on 2017 , Ocean Seafood Restaurant 海洋海鲜餐厅 Offering Yusheng or yee sang in Chinese called 鱼生 , also known as lo hei in Cantonese called 撈起 or 捞起 that Different than others . They call it Seafood Yusheng 风生水起 that only for RM48.80 and only one size available .
Desmond Lua
  • 3 years ago

The medium crabs are RM 50 for 3 (each about 250g). The crab is pretty good: butter milk taste better than Indonesian curry. Fried rice is good as well

Overall food quality is pretty good, price are reasonable.

蒲种也有便宜的海鲜吃?哪里?就在Restaurant Ocean Seafood 海洋海鲜餐厅

XO海鲜蟹粉煲 - RM 19.90

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