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    • Lunch At Order Cafe, Ipoh
      Lunch At Order Cafe, Ipoh
      1. Aug 30, 2019
      2. chingchailah.blogspot.com
      3. Review

        Mix Grill with black pepper sauce @ RM 36.90

      1. Order Cafe @ Greentown, Ipoh
        Order Cafe @ Greentown, Ipoh
        1. Aug 26, 2019
        2. felicia-grace.blogspot.com
        3. Review

          Everything so salty. Okay la not everything since I only tried two things, but my friend came before and did say don't get my hopes up. So it's true. So err nahhh.

        1. Order Café @ Ipoh
          Order Café @ Ipoh
          1. Mar 30, 2019
          2. www.malaysianfoodie.com
          3. Review

            As for the Malaysian delights, they do have the Blue Pea Flower Rice Rendang. The Blue Pea flower rice rendang rice are beautifully served to our table. Instead of using white rice, they use Blue Pea instead where Blue Pea flower promotes many health benefits which includes lower risk of infections, and is great for your heart health, revitalized your brain and also having the beauty feature as well.