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    Modest tourism interest and good food.


    • #TravelPerakLah – Perak Tengah and Kampar
      #TravelPerakLah – Perak Tengah and Kampar
      1. Sep 28, 2022
      3. Guide / Itinerary

        And so we continue our trip to Central Perak and Kampar where not surprisingly, there are just so much to discover!!!

      1. #TravelPerakLah – Hulu Perak
        #TravelPerakLah – Hulu Perak
        1. Sep 27, 2022
        3. Guide / Itinerary

          In case you do not know it, Perak is an exotic blend of rainforest, sophisticated and also old school kinda towns and beautiful lakes In this blog post, let me bring you on a quick trip to Hulu Perak – Pengkalan Hulu and Lenggong….

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