Una Una


    • Una Una
      Una Una
      1. Sep 11, 2023
      2. elizbeartravel.com
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        Overall, the Hitsumabushi at Una Una did not disappoint and for the price point, it will definitely be a restaurant to visit whenever I crave grilled unagi. Although I still feel the live eel at Man Man did make a difference to the texture of the eel itself, the value-for-money price point at Una Una is a worthy substitute

      1. Una Una – Japanese Unagi at VivoCity
        Una Una – Japanese Unagi at VivoCity
        1. Mar 21, 2023
        2. yeeppi.wordpress.com
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          VivoCity, 1 HarbourFront Walk, #02 – 94, Singapore 098585, open Mon to Sun 11am to 10pm