• Downstairs (Suntec City)
      Downstairs (Suntec City)
      1. Nov 11, 2023
      3. Review

        A nostalgic environment that reminds us of the childhood memories at our HDB Void Decks.

      1. Downstairs – Suntec
        Downstairs – Suntec
        1. Apr 6, 2021
        3. Review

          You can easily walk by it and miss it. But don’t do it. Because Downstairs at the Fountain Area of Suntec is worth it. A variety of classic dishes makes this a go to place for sure.

        1. Downstairs – Wanton Mee at Suntec City
          Downstairs – Wanton Mee at Suntec City
          1. Jan 27, 2021
          3. Review

            Not quite KL wanton mee, but fragrant and savoury enough, of pork lard and sauce, although the noodles had a slight alkaline aftertaste.