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    • Lagenda Cafe
      Lagenda Cafe
      1. Apr 23, 2019
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        Lagenda House & Cafe is a hotel-cum-restaurant at Campbell Street (Lebuh Campbell).

      1. Lagenda Cafe on Campbell Street, Penang
        Lagenda Cafe on Campbell Street, Penang
        1. Jul 27, 2018
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          Among the mains, an interesting choice is the beef bakar, served along with an array of condiments in a wooden congkak set. One will be able to sample a ton of elements: marinated sirloin beef, blue pea rice, kawah curry, homemade kerabu and condiments of local ulam. The dish is richly flavored in local spices but the beef needed slightly more tenderness. Beef bakar and kawah curry RM24 with blue pea rice wrapped in banana leaf

        1. Lagenda Cafe @ Campbell Street
          Lagenda Cafe @ Campbell Street
          1. Nov 4, 2016
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            Here's the location.