• Address

    Lot S-215 The Garden
    Lingkaran Syed Putra
    Mid Valley City
    59200 Kuala Lumpur
  • Opening hour

    11:30AM - 3:30PM, 5:30PM - 10:00PM
  • Contact number

    +603 2202 1338
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  • Price / Fee

    [1 year ago]
    Bian Rou (wanton) Soup (RM9.79) ‧ Ca Fen (RM16.12) ‧ Deep Fried Yam with duck (RM32.36) ‧ Deep fried pig trotters (RM16.39) ‧ Deep fried yellow croaker fish (RM48.60) ‧ Default appetiser (RM3.36) ‧ Extra small Ca Fen (RM15.29) ‧ Extra small bowl of lor mee (RM15.29) ‧ Lor mee (RM16.12) ‧ Napa cabbage (wong nga pak) soup (RM33.52) ‧ Oyster omelette (RM28.88) ‧ Small plate of stir fry mee hoon (RM22.99) ‧ Steamed fresh prawns with garlic (S) (RM32.89) ‧ Trotter jelly (RM18.44) ‧ Two pepper and salt deep fried pork trotters (RM18.45) ‧ Yellow Croaker fish (RM46.09) ‧ 莆田卤面 (RM14)

    [3 years ago]
    Bian Rou (wanton) Soup (RM10.40) ‧ Cabbage fried rice (RM23.20) ‧ Default appetisers (RM3.50) ‧ Fish Soup (RM54.70) ‧ Heng Hwa Mee Hoon (small) (RM23.20) ‧ Lor Mee (small) (RM23.20) ‧ Mee Suah (small) (RM23.20) ‧ Oyster Omelette (RM27.85) ‧ Pig's trotters (RM32.40) ‧ Pork meat slices with buns (RM16.10) ‧ Salt and Pepper Pig's Trotters (RM32.40) ‧ Sweet potato with pumpkin sauce dessert (RM10.40)
  • Signature Dishes

    莆田卤面 ‧ 兴化炒米粉 ‧ 大白菜炖软豆腐汤 ‧ 香茅冻 ‧ 莲子银耳汤 ‧ 九转粉肠 ‧ Bian Rou ‧ Lor mee ‧ 莆田荔枝肉 ‧ 上汤苋菜
  • Dishes

    [1 year ago]
    Deep fried mackerel ‧ Dessert ‧ Noodles ‧ Yin choy ‧ 上汤苋菜 ‧ 九转粉肠 ‧ 兴化炒米粉 ‧ 大白菜炖软豆腐汤 ‧ 莆田卤面 ‧ 莆田荔枝肉 ‧ 莲子银耳汤 ‧ 香茅冻

    [3 years ago]
    卤水嫩豆腐 ‧ 如莆田卤面 ‧ 家常焖笋干 ‧ 虾苗拌紫菜
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Putien restaurant serves Heng Hwa (or Xing Hua) cuisine, a regional specialty that has its roots traced to Putian, a beautiful coastal town located in the Fujian province of China.

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WG Putien

Deep fried mackerel. I find the pieces of fish to be quite thin.

PUTIEN - The GardensMall 莆田 @ Mid Valley City - Malaysia Food & Restaurant Reviews

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Mid Valley City, The Gardens Mall; Cuisine: Chinese
  • 3 years ago

Putien Restaurant 莆田菜馆 - 70 visitors

See 18 photos from 195 visitors to PUTIEN Restaurant 莆田菜馆.

48HSBD1 Collagen

The yam paste is very thick and soft so I like it. The duck meat sandwiched inside the yam paste does not have a strong duck taste so my friend finds the taste of this dish to be boring with no kick to it but I like the mellow flavour. A small clove found its way into my mouth and the clove taste lingers on.
  • 2 years ago

【莆田 PUTIEN】推出上等午餐套餐,每人只需RM30++

  • 2 years ago

米其林1星餐厅【莆田 PUTIEN】推出上等午餐套…


Trotter Jelly

trotter jelly dish MYR15.90++ (10% service charge and 6% SST = MYR18.44 nett). The jelly is not those wobbly type but is quite solid in texture and is filled with pieces of pork rind. Initially I was afraid that the porky taste would be too strong so I was pleased when it wasn't and when I ate it with the chili paste on top, the chili covered all the porky taste so it was delicious. Furthermore it was not cold so customers who are not used to eating cold savoury dish could eat this dish without any issues.

47BD7 100-second fish

Yellow Croaker fish which is cooked for 100 seconds so it is very tender. It costs MYR 41.90+ (MYR 46.09 nett) and is tasty but we have to be very careful when eating it because of its fine bones.

莆田 Putien @ The Gardens


Too much

A few days before I visited Pu Tien at Gardens with my friends, I ate lunch there with my spouse on a weekend. I over ordered and had to take the whole portion of fried rice home for dinner.

Pu Tien at Gardens

I have eaten at Pu Tien Restaurant, One Utama so now that Pu Tien is in Gardens Mall, I went there for lunch with 4 of my friends who are also my co workers. All the dishes below that we ordered are for sharing.

全马第四家Putien莆田餐厅分店入驻The Gardens广场,7月17日盛大开张

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