• Address

    Usj 6, 47610 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
  • Opening hour

    07:00am - 03:00pm
  • Price / Fee

    叉烧云吞面 Charsiew Wanton Mee (RM6.50) ‧ 奶茶 TehC (RM1.90) ‧ 小龙汤包 Xiao Long Soup Bao (RM6) ‧ 豬肉粉 Pork noodle (RM6.50) ‧ 锅贴猪肉菲菜餡 Pork and Leak Potstickers (RM6) ‧ 馬來蒸飯炸鸡 Nasi Kukus w/Fried Chicken (RM7)

    [1 year ago]
    奶茶 TehC (RM1.80) ‧ 槟城福建炒 Penang Hokkien Mee (RM7) ‧ 海鮮手工麵 Seafood hand-made noodle (RM8) ‧ 燒肉 Roasted Pork (RM11) ‧ 齊肠粉 Vege Chang Fen (RM3)

    [3 years ago]
    印度米豆蒸糕 Idli (RM1.20) ‧ 印度蛋煎饼 Roti Telur (RM2.50) ‧ 奶茶 Teh C (RM1.80) ‧ 客家炸肉麵 Hakka Pork Mee (RM6) ‧ 猪肉粉 Pork Noodle (RM6) ‧ 魚片咸菜豆腐 FishSlice+SaltedVege+Tofu (RM10)
  • Signature Dishes

    奶茶 TehC
  • Dishes

    [1 year ago]
    叉烧加蛋肠粉 Chasiew w/Egg Cheong Fun
  • Categories

Questions and Tips

Information & Tips about Restaurant NSV - USJ6?



豬肉粉 Pork noodle & 奶茶 TehC @ 新海景 Restoran NSV USJ6

all tables are definitely at least 4-5 feet apart!
  • 1 year ago
  • 22 reviews

Restoran NSV USJ 6 新海景餐馆 - 8 tips from 140 visitors

Read 8 tips and reviews from 140 visitors about mee soup, spacious and good for working. "Kuala Lipis Hakka Mee. Nice and Value for money"
  • 1 year ago

Restoran NSV USJ 6 新海景茶室 - Subang Jaya - Asian Fusion Restaurant | Facebook

Restoran NSV USJ 6 新海景茶室, Subang Jaya. 7 likes. Asian Fusion Restaurant

小龙汤包 Xiao Long Soup Bao & 锅贴猪肉菲菜餡 Pork and Leak Potstickers @ 在他乡手工水饺档 China Home-Made Dumpling stall in 新海景 Restoran NSV USJ6

Will be back to try the other variants another time.

馬來蒸飯炸鸡 Nasi Kukus w/Fried Chicken @ Warisan Nasi Kukus Kebun Sultan in Restoran NSV USJ6

Overall, definitely very enjoyable Nasi Kukus all the way from Kelantan; available in USJ6's NSV Kopitiam.

叉烧云吞面 Charsiew Wanton Mee @ 江记云吞面 Kong Kee Wanton Mee stall at 新海景 Restoran NSV USJ6

All forms of businesses are expected to be closed except for grocery, convenience store, and some necessary government services like hospital and fire departments.

槟城福建炒 Penang Hokkien Mee & 奶茶 TehC @ 天天来小炒 Siu Chow at Restoran NSV USJ 6 新海景餐馆

The taste was sweeter than expected, generally good "wok hei"!
Food: 6 / 10 👍😋

齊肠粉 Vege Chang Fen @ 旺记石磨肠粉 HuangZhi Shi Mo Chang Fen at Restoran NSV USJ 6 新海景餐馆

Sampled the "叉烧加蛋肠粉 Chasiew w/Egg Cheong Fun" on the 12th Feb, 2 months ago! Not bad.

叉烧加蛋肠粉 Chasiew w/Egg Cheong Fun @ 旺记石磨肠粉 HuangZhi Shi Mo Chang Fen at 新海景餐馆 Restoran NSV USJ 6

The Cheong Fun was smooth, freshly steamed, mine was Charsiew with egg add-on, came with green onions and a sweet as well as chili sauce on the side.

燒肉 Roasted Pork @ 肥威燒排 Fatty Wai HK Roast Pork at Restoran NSV USJ 6

Now, we all can order a small pack of roasted pork while having our usual breakfast or lunch at this Restoran.

海鮮手工麵 Seafood hand-made noodle @ Kuala Lipis Hakka Noodles at Restoran NSV USJ6

The seafood noodle comes with a medium sized fresh prawn, fish ball, fish cake, seafood tofu, and 鱼滑; the QQ hand-made noodles was nice; comes in a good broth.

客家炸肉麵 Hakka Pork Mee & 奶茶 TehC @ 新海景茶餐室 Restoran NSV USJ 6

The "fat noodles" is a little bit hard to bite. Wish it had a little bit of sauce.

魚片咸菜豆腐 FishSlice+SaltedVege+Tofu @ 新海景餐馆 Restoran NSV USJ 6

Nice but not sure it will survive at that price point

猪肉粉 Pork Noodle & 奶茶 Teh C @ 新海景餐馆 Restoran NSV USJ 6

The beef noodle hawkers stall no longer operating at NSV USJ 6, it serves both very nice beef and fish meat noodles but the spot its stall was usually at is now filled with tables for customers.

印度蛋煎饼 Roti Telur & 印度米豆蒸糕 Idli @ Restoran NSV USJ 6 新海景餐馆 USJ 6

Idli is the very simple southern indian rice cake. Simple and nice meal!

自制鱼丸奶粉 Homemade FishBall Noodle & 白咖啡冰 Ice White Coffee @ Restoran NSV 新海景餐馆 USJ 6

The home made fish ball was excellent, I had 奶粉 instead of other noodles.
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