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    No 8, Jalan Metro Pudu, Fraser Business Park, Jalan Yew, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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    11:30AM - 11:00PM
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    03-9221 0818
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    [1 year ago]
    三鲜西兰花 (RM38) ‧ 上汤丝瓜啦啦 (RM29.8) ‧ 串烧羊肉串 (RM38) ‧ 杏鲍菇爆炒肚条 (RM39) ‧ 毛氏紅燒肉 (RM38) ‧ 浓汤酸菜鱼 (RM45) ‧ 石锅田鸡 (RM40) ‧ 鸡煲扒虾 (RM68) ‧ 麻婆豆腐 (RM20)

    [3 years ago]
    Boiled Beef (RM42) ‧ Boiled Fish With Pickled Cabbage (RM 49.00) ‧ Boiled fish with pickled cabbage (RM 49) ‧ Century Egg with Chili (RM 19.00) ‧ Garlic Crayfish (RM68) ‧ Garlic Fried Ribs (RM 49) ‧ Golden Corn (RM 19) ‧ Hand Grabbed Lamb Ribs small (RM48) ‧ Hot & Spicy Baby Lobster (RM 69.00) ‧ Hot and Spicy Baby Lobster (RM 69) ‧ Pepper Pig Stomach & Chicken Soup small (RM48) ‧ Pepper Pork Belly and Chicken Soup small (RM48) ‧ Pork On The Hanger (RM32) ‧ Pork on the Hanger (RM 32.00) ‧ Pumpkin Bread (RM 19) ‧ Seafood Curry (RM128) ‧ Seafood Platter with Thai Sauce (RM128) ‧ Spicy Chicken Cube (RM 35) ‧ Spicy Chicken Gizzard (RM32) ‧ Spicy Crayfish (RM68) ‧ Spicy Skewer prawn (RM 49) ‧ Steamed Scallops with Vermicelli (RM 39.00) ‧ Steamed egg with row (RM28) ‧ Stone Pot Frog (RM 39)
  • Signature Dishes

    Golden Corn ‧ Spicy Chicken Gizzard ‧ Stone Pot Frog ‧ Spicy Chicken Cube ‧ Garlic Fried Ribs ‧ Pumpkin Bread ‧ Garlic Vermicelli Steam Prawns ‧ Hand Grabbed Lamb Ribs small ‧ Pork on the Hanger ‧ Pork On The Hanger
  • Dishes

    [3 years ago]
    Century Egg With Chili ‧ Fish W Pickled Cabbage ‧ Garlic Baby Lobster ‧ Garlic Fried Ribs ‧ Garlic Vermicelli Steam Prawn ‧ Golden Corn ‧ Griddle Hand Tear Cabbage ‧ Hand Grabbed Lamb Rack ‧ Hot&Spicy Baby Lobster ‧ Mix vegetable ‧ Pepper Pig Stomach & Chicken Soup ‧ Pork On The Hanger ‧ Pumpkin Bread ‧ Seafood Madness ‧ Seafood Steamed Egg ‧ Spicy Beef ‧ Spicy Chicken Cube ‧ Spicy Chicken Gizzard ‧ Spicy Skewer Prawn ‧ Steamed Scallops With Vermicelli ‧ Steamed Seafood Egg ‧ Stone Pot Frog
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全城味道最好的湘.川菜馆,有着来自中国湖南顶尖的做菜师傅,湘菜讲究色香味俱全~~ 肯定能满足你的视觉,嗅觉和味觉!

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  • 3 years ago

【吉隆坡Pudu #湘川菜始祖《湘满情湘川菜馆》…


Restaurant Xiang Man Qing @ Pudu - Malaysia Food & Restaurant Reviews

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Pudu, Fraser Business Park, Jalan Metro Pudu; Cuisine: Hunan; Review: Hunan is a province of South-Central China, located to the south of the middle reaches of the the Yangtze River and south of Lake Dongting. Hence, the Hunan means "south of the lake". Many immigrants...
  • 4 years ago

湘满情湘川菜馆 Restaurant Xiang Man Qing - Home | Facebook

湘满情湘川菜馆 Restaurant Xiang Man Qing, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 4.8K likes. 全城味道最好的湘.川菜馆,有着来自中国湖南顶尖的做菜师傅,湘菜讲究色香味俱全~~ 肯定能满足你的视觉,嗅觉和味觉!
  • 4 years ago

Xian Man Qing, Hunan Restaurant - Cheras Batu 2 1-2 - 5 tips from 61 visitors

See 9 photos and 5 tips from 65 visitors to Xian Man Qing, Hunan Restaurant. "Food must order- wrapped lamb ribs"
  • 5 years ago


This has got to be my first share of Hunan dining experience as my little faint tongue would usually shun away from extremely spicy delights (=. But being a foodie dictates some adventure along the gastronomy journey right? So here we are, at Xiang Man Qing restaurant, located at Fraser Business Park, just off from the main busy road of Jalan Loke Yew at Cheras.

Restaurant Xiang Man Qing @ Cheras

A restaurant that serves authentic Hunan Si Chuan Food. This is undoubtedly a great chance for Malaysian to try out authentic Hunan cuisine prepared by a professional chef from China.

A Journey Of Life: Restaurant Xiang Man Qing (Hunan Food) @ Fraser Business Park

It was a lovely dinner and most importantly I really enjoyed myself trying new cuisine. It has its own unique taste that is totally different from my normal Chinese food. Moreover, this restaurant also tones down their spicness and oily taste to suit Malaysians tastebuds. My favourite dishes are Pork on the Hanger, Golden Corn, Hot & Spicy Baby Lobster and Pumpkin Bread. If you wanted to try new cuisine like me, give a try to this restaurant.

Eddy Rush Fatboys Production*: Xiang Man Qing Restaurant / 湘满情湖南菜

Compound complete with wood accents and auspicious red decor . Diners also can try on Hunan cuisine including a variety of porridge , sour spicy noodles , preserved chilli liver, stone pot eel, and many more spicy treats prepared by a chef from China specialising in the Hunan culinary style .
  • 5 years ago

! A Growing Teenager Diary Malaysia !: Xiang Man Qing Restaurant (湘满情湘川菜馆) @ Fraser Business Park Experience

Personally I like the pork on the hanger when it you dip it with their special sauce. The hot & spicy baby lobster is not bad as you will feel some "Ma La" (麻辣), super spicy taste which can numb your mouth upon eating. The fish is nice when you pour the soup together with the rice.

Chillout, Soulout & Freakout: Restaurant Xiang Man Qing @Fraser Business Park

Not trying their BBQ there but just trying their best ala-carte meal available there. This dish is in Chinese name so I will try to translate in a nicer English language. Fried Farmer's Meat with Rice @RM13.00++
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