• Address

    4th Floor Bangsar Shopping Center
    No 285 Jalan Maarof
    59000 Kuala Lumpur
  • Opening hour

    12:00PM - 3:00PM, 5:00PM - 12:00AM
  • Contact number

    03-2083 0288
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  • Price / Fee

    Bird’s Nest Chicken Wings (RM38) ‧ Boston’s Big Sister (RM438) ‧ Fortune Balls (RM28) ‧ Koi Fish “Nian Gao” (RM88) ‧ Mighty Mouse YU Sang (RM168) ‧ Phoenix’s Cloud (RM68) ‧ Prosperity YU Sang (RM128) ‧ Shanghainese Rice Cake with Smoked Duck & Conpoy (RM38) ‧ Star Grouper Money Pockets (RM268)

    [1 year ago]
    28K Golden Koi “Yu” Sang (RM168) ‧ 8 Treasure Duck (RM228) ‧ Boston Big Brother (RM428) ‧ Boston Lobster Yee Sang (RM398) ‧ Chinese Caramel Nian Gao with Coconut (RM68) ‧ Codfish of Destiny (RM148) ‧ Dom Perignon Champagne Yee Sang (RM938) ‧ Drunken River Prawn (RM58) ‧ Flames Of Glory (RM48) ‧ Fortune Duck Glutinous Rice (RM48) ‧ Hokkaido Vegetarian Prawn (RM48) ‧ Koi Fish Nian Gau with Redbeans filling (RM68) ‧ Koi Fish “Nian Gao” (RM68) ‧ Long Live the Lamb (RM138) ‧ Shanghainese Rice Cake braised with Smoked Duck and Snow Pickled Cabbage (RM43) ‧ South Star Garoupa with pickled veg and leek in clear spicy soup (RM268) ‧ South Star Grouper 酸菜水煮七星斑辣湯 (RM268) ‧ Wong Choy Paws-perity Yee Sang 旺財招福撈魚生 (RM168) ‧ Wong Choy” Paws-perity Yee Sang (RM168) ‧ “Hung Pao” Crispy Glutinous Rice Ball in Strawberry Sauce 草莓汁脆炸湯圓 (RM18) ‧ “旺财” 招福捞 鱼 生 “Wong Choy” Paws-Perity Yee Sang (RM168) ‧ “旺财”招福捞鱼生 (RM168) ‧ 烟鸭雪菜上海年糕 (RM43) ‧ 焦糖椰汁黄金年糕 (RM18) ‧ 草莓汁脆炸汤圆 (RM18) ‧ 蜜汁焗鳕鱼、鲜芽菇百合 (RM148) ‧ 酸菜水煮七星斑辣汤 (RM268) ‧ 香槟啤酒蒸生虾 (RM58) ‧ 香煎羊排拌椰菜泥 Long Live the Lamb (RM138) ‧ 香煎羊排拌椰菜泥| (RM138)

    [3 years ago]
    Bikini Island Crab (RM58) ‧ Chicken Chop (RM33) ‧ Crab Curry Rice (RM68) ‧ Curry Crab Fried Rice small (RM22) ‧ Delicate Tofu (RM18) ‧ French beans, shrimps, minced meat (RM28) ‧ Friends Forever (RM28) ‧ Green Tea Embrace (RM26) ‧ Gyoza Pancake (RM18) ‧ Mongolian Ostrich (RM78) ‧ Prawn Roll Mango Cream (RM18) ‧ Prawn Salad (RM33) ‧ Rice Crispies (RM6) ‧ Ruyi's Sushi (RM43) ‧ Salted Egg Yolk Chicken Skin (RM18) ‧ Singapore Fried Noodles (RM33) ‧ Smoky Chicken (RM38) ‧ Tidbits (RM6) ‧ Unicorn's Bait (RM68)
  • Signature Dishes

    日式炬鳕鱼,芒果莎莎 Midori Baked Cod Fish ‧ Koi Fish “Nian Gao” ‧ French Fries Soda ‧ Singapore Fried Noodles ‧ Mexican Boi ‧ Summer Grass ‧ Chicken Chop ‧ Crab Curry Rice ‧ Lavenda 10
  • Dishes

    Anti Oxidant ‧ Cocktail Palate Cleanser ‧ Collagen Soup ‧ Detox Palate Cleanser ‧ Gin Kiu Blossom with Citrus with Honey Granola by Kintry Food Co ‧ Kapow Balls Acai Berry Brownie with Dark Chocolate Granola ‧ Nutrition Cool Kick-Starter ‧ Power Protein

    [1 year ago]
    Abalone Siew Mai, Lobster & Truffle Dumplings ‧ Beauty Fish Maw Broth ‧ Braised Shanghai Rice Cake 烟鸭雪菜上海年糕 ‧ Chicken Wings Steamed with Chinese Herbs ‧ Chinese Caramel “Nian Gao” with Coconut Juice 焦糖椰汁黃金年糕 ‧ Crispy Radish Cake ‧ Crispy Swan & Demon King ‧ Crystal Dumplings ‧ Curry Yam Cones X Mini Yam & Pine Nut Gatenx ‧ DON DIABLO (Chili Tequila Cocktails) ‧ Dark Chocolate Lamb, Chilli Chocolate Sorbet ‧ Don Diablo ‧ Double Boiled Soup ‧ Duck & Apple Puffs ‧ Eggplant Confit, Chlorophyll Curry & Pickled Vegetables ‧ French Fries Soda ‧ Fried French Beans in Salted Eggyolk ‧ Fried Prawn Beancurd Rolls ‧ Fried Snow Fish Flowers Prawn Paste ‧ Glutinous Rice with Chicken ‧ Hall Gali 70% Chocolate Frozen Air, Yu Fu Ice Cream, Kai Zai Peng Crumb (Chicken Biscuit) ‧ Lamb Schnitzel ‧ Lavenda 10 ‧ Lychee Crabmeat Balls x Osmanthus Sphere & Mangosteen Jelly ‧ Mexican Boi ‧ Night at the Movies ‧ Oatmeal Shiso x Tofu Cream and Lychee Tart ‧ Pan-seared Foie Gras with Fried Canton Sakura ‧ Peach Sorbet, Umeshu Granita, Peach Resin Jelly, Poached Pear ‧ Porcupine Lotus Baos ‧ Prawn & Vegetable Dumplings ‧ Prawn Salad Dumplings ‧ Prosperity Prawn 青姜茸粉丝蒸生虾 ‧ Roast Pigeon ‧ Salted Egg Yolk Giant Beansprouts X Buah Keluak & Lotus Paste Mochi ‧ Sea Caviar ‧ Seared Foie Gras, Caramelised Watermelon ‧ Shanghai Xiao Long Bao ‧ Spiced Caipirihna ‧ Summer Grass ‧ Suzhou Radish Puffs ‧ SzeChuan Pepper Strawberries and Jackfruits ‧ 日式炬鳕鱼,芒果莎莎 Midori Baked Cod Fish ‧ 烟鸭雪菜上海海年年糕 Shanghainese Rice Cake ‧ 焦糖椰汁黄金金年年糕 Chinese Caramel ‘Nian Gao’ ‧ 草莓汁脆炸汤圆 “Hung Pao” Crispy Glutinous Rice Ball ‧ 蛙⻥鱼籽雪梨梨北北海海道带⼦子 & 蒜香烧酒八爪鱼 Hokkaido Scallop, Snow Pear, Salmon Roe ‧ 酸菜 水煮七星斑辣汤(原条)South Star Grouper ‧ 青姜茸粉丝蒸生虾 Prosperity Prawn ‧ 香槟啤酒蒸 生虾(位)Drunken River Prawn ‧ 香煎 羊排伴椰菜泥泥 Long Live The Lamb

    [3 years ago]
    "Old Tofu" ‧ Bambi ‧ Bloody Mary Ribbon ‧ Chicken Chop ‧ French Fries Peach Tea Soda Cocktails ‧ Hotate Steak ‧ Lavender 10 ‧ Lemongrass Jelly ‧ Mason Jar Blended Drinks (Caffeine Rush) ‧ Pan Seared Foie Gras ‧ Soft Shell Crab ‧ Strawberry Pina Colada ‧ Tipsy Cendol
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Modern Chinese Restaurant, Event Space and Bar at Bangsar Shopping Centre. Pork-Free

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  • 9 months ago


Boston Lobster and abalones make the best pairing, especially when they are braised in a thick umami sauce. It’s a great dish to make good impressions and we love the impression it made on our happy tummies!

Ruyi & Lyn @ Bangsar Shopping Centre - Malaysia Food & Restaurant Reviews

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Jalan Maarof, Bangsar Shopping Centre; Cuisine: Western; Review: The Macallan Rare Cask is positioned as a modern, rare and luxurious whisky, crafted to showcase complexity and depth.
  • 3 years ago
  • 32 reviews

Ruyi & Lyn, Kuala Lumpur - Restaurant Reviews, Phone Number & Photos - TripAdvisor

Ruyi & Lyn, Kuala Lumpur: See 32 unbiased reviews of Ruyi & Lyn, rated 3.5 of 5 on TripAdvisor and ranked #1,292 of 4,312 restaurants in Kuala Lumpur.
  • 3 years ago
  • 155 reviews

RUYI and LYN - Bukit Bandaraya - Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur

See 473 photos from 2064 visitors about sushi, fancy, and romantic. "Inspired by Hakkasan, the chef gives new twists to Chinese Cuisine, conjuring up..."
  • 3 years ago
  • 234 reviews

RUYI & LYN | Facebook

RUYI & LYN. 13K likes. Award Winning Innovative Modern Chinese Restaurant, Lounge and Event Space at Bangsar Shopping Center. Pork Free.
  • 10 months ago

A Taste of Super Foods at RUYI, Bangsar Shopping Centre, Kuala Lumpur

Diners stepping into Ruyi now have a chance to savour the first of Ruyi’s Eat Well Live Well dinners, which is available until 23 December 2019. The culinary team at Ruyi has curated a Chinese 6-course fine dining menu at RM168 per person (without cocktails) / RM198 per pax (with 2 cocktails) for those who would like to try something unique and good for their wellbeing.

  • 1 year ago

The Mad Hatter’s Dinner Table @ Ruyi & Lyn

Ruyi surprises us with their first-time collaboration with Mad Hatter Desserts team. And this wholesome course dinner is priced at ONLY RM 168 per pax and they are available for booking right now. The promotion are available only for 2 days : 19 & 20 September 2019.

  • 1 year ago

Creative CNY Menu @ Ruyi & Lyn , BSC

Don’t miss the glutinous rice where they are fragrantly cook with the smoked duck, waxed meat, mushroom, dried shrimps and taro. The dish comes amazingly good and each grain is nicely done and lightly flavoured.

  • 1 year ago

Lunar New Year Festivities take on an artistic scale at RUYI, Bangsar Shopping Center

More premium seafood in the form of “Boston Big Brother” will certainly impress guests. There’s lots of deep-fried garlic crisps clinging onto the lobster surrounded by succulent braised abalones and crunchy prawn crackers.

Ruyi & Lyn Bangsar CNY Menu 2019: 28K Golden Koi “YU” Sang

Next, painstakingly prepared 8 Treasure Duck with abalone, dried oyster, chesnut, salted egg yolk and lack moss. A collection of auspicious stuffing, moist, fall of the bone meat, flavourful glossy finishing sauce – it is a bless to be able to enjoy this traditional Chinese New Year treat at Ruyi & Lyn. Very thoughtful Chef James indeed, for striving to keep the classic comfort CNY food while leverage his ideas on modern creative delights. #ThumbsUp


28K GOLDEN KOI “YU” SANG (MYR168)| 28K金元宝鲤鱼捞生
Exclusive Koi Fish design with edible gold, salted egg yolk crispy fish skin, Atlantic salmon sashimi and sea caviar (sea grapes)
  • 2 years ago

RUYI & LYN’s New Dim Sum

Ruyi & Lyn’s Crispy Radish Cake is a must-order, trust me. Its execution is very different from the usual stir-fried version in other restaurants. Here, the cubed radish cake are lightly fried, coated with golden bits of crispies (some secret ingredients!) and perfumed with chopped chilli padi and spring onions. The whole dish is so well executed that there’s hardly any trace of oil on the plate!

  • 2 years ago

“East Meet West” @ Ruyi & Lyn

With the theme of “East Meet West” course dinner, you can enjoy the combination of both world. And this 8 Course Menu is priced at RM 288 per pax and you can add in extra RM 138 for wine paring.

  • 2 years ago

Creative CNY Menu 2018, Ruyi & Lyn, BSC Bangsar Kuala Lumpur

*Ruyi & Lyn 2018 CNY Menu offers ala-carte selections and special set menu for from RM138++. Minimum 2 persons and you can already check out their awesome CNY set! For larger group, they have set menu for 10 persons, from RM1388++ per table.

  • 2 years ago

RUYI & LYN: Eat, Drink & Be Merry this Chinese New Year!

South Star Garoupa with pickled veg and leek in clear spicy soup (RM268). Very hearty and tummy warming as the soup is laced with some wild chillies!

非一般的新春创意年菜 - Ruyi & Lyn(如意餐厅)

  • 2 years ago


In conjunction with Year of the Dog, the house maestro at Ruyi & Lyn, Chef James Ho, again has the guests mesmerized with his brilliantly created Yee Sang specially signifying the year of the Chinese animal zodiac- a cute smiley puppy adorably crafted to live up to the theme ultimately- “Wong Choy” Paws-perity Yee sang!

Ruyi’s Chinese New Year Menu starts from MYR 138++ for 6-course meal (min 2pax) and MYR1,388++ onwards for 8-course meal in a bigger group of 10 pax.
  • 3 years ago

Ruyi & Lyn

Likes: Probably one of the better Halal choices that is close to Chinese food. Manager deals with problem very promptly. Crab curry rice is the best!
Dislikes: No internal communication - training needed, slow, some portions can be really ridiculous for the price, unattentive, do not honour OffPeak deals
  • 3 years ago


It has always been an enlightening session whenever omakase courses come into the topic. Thanks to its exquisiteness during the course of preparation where diners entrusted their repast to the skillful chef, and ready to be surprised with extraordinary gourmet that would be laid upon soon. Well, that said was the conventional way of enjoying your omakase affair the Japanese way. But right now, what we are about to mind-boggle you guys are- Ruyi & Lyn is taking this aesthetic degustation to another level with their Cocktail Omakase.

This special Cocktail Omakase event is set to be held on a weekly basis; every Monday from 7pm to 9pm, only limited to a pax of 10.
  • 3 years ago

Ruyi & Lyn Bangsar KL Creative Chinese New Year Dishes

QQ Chicks Yee Sang 凤凰QQ版金鸡捞鱼生 (RM88+/small, RM168+/large)
  • 4 years ago


A year has passed since its phenomenal debut by its iconic creation of Ruyi’s Sushi that has taken the culinary scene by storm, got raved by many epicurean through social media with its world’s smallest Nasi Lemak and Hainanese Chicken Rice, and now Ruyi & Lyn is already 1 year old!
  • 4 years ago

Ruyi & Lyn

Overall, there are some hits and misses but I wouldn't mind going again to try the rest of the items I haven't. However, I'll be more cautious from now on - remember to tell them you don't want their lousy overpriced appetisers. Such a shame for such an upscale Chinese restaurant to be charging without informing their customers. I wouldn't have been so disappointed if the snacks are good - seriously who on Earth would pay RM24 for these lousy so-called terrible tidbits?!

Ruyi & Lyn @ Bangsar Shopping Centre

A modern Chinese restaurant perched on the top floor of Bangsar Shopping Center. Upon entering the dining room, you are bound to be award by a larger than life window to the world.
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