• Address

    LG2. 28 & 29 Lower Ground Two, Sunway Pyramid,
    Jalan PJS 11/15 Bandar Sunway
    Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
  • Opening hour

    10:00AM - 10:00PM
  • Contact number

    03-5613 6160
  • Price / Fee

    [3 years ago]
    Avocado Salmon Cones (RM5.50) ‧ Buta Soup - Mini Steamboat (RM 38) ‧ Buta Soup Base (RM38) ‧ Buta Soup Base 豬骨濃湯 (RM38) ‧ Buta Soup Mini Steamboat (RM 38.00) ‧ Cheese Unagi Roll (RM 28) ‧ Cheese Unagi Roll 火焰芝士鰻魚卷 4pcs (RM28) ‧ Cheesy Pork Chop Cutlet (RM26.90) ‧ Chicken Cuttlet Cook with Sweet Sauce & Egg (RM29) ‧ Chicken Set Cutlet with Scrambled Egg (RM 29) ‧ Chinese Unagi Roll (RM 16.90) ‧ Crispy Mango Roll (RM8.90) ‧ Curry Pork Ball Set (RM 22) ‧ Daikon Pork Cutlet with Ponzu Sauce (RM26.90) ‧ Fusion Cone Roll – California cones (RM4.90) ‧ Goma Spinach (RM5.90) ‧ Half Boiled Egg Buta Soup Udon 溫泉蛋豬骨濃湯烏冬 (RM25) ‧ Homemade Potato Salad (RM 13) ‧ Homemade Potato Salad 自家制土豆泥野菜沙律 (RM13) ‧ Japanese Chashu Ramen Set (RM 29) ‧ Japanese Chasu Ramen Set 日式叉燒豚骨湯拉面 (RM29) ‧ Japanese Curry Cheese Pork Ball Set (RM 15.90) ‧ Japanese Curry Cheese Pork Ball Set 吉列芝士豬肉丸配咖喱醬汁套餐 (RM22) ‧ Mango Calpis (RM 7.50) ‧ Mango Calpis 芒果乳酸 per cup (RM7.50) ‧ Mango Calpis 芒果乳酸 per jug (RM18) ‧ Mango Caplis (RM7.50) ‧ Mini Hot Pot (RM28.90) ‧ Mini Teppan Cheese Korean Spicy Sauce Pork Ribs 韓式辣醬迷你鐵板芝士排骨 (RM19.99) ‧ Pork Shogoyaki Rice (RM16.90) ‧ Premium Pork Chop Cutlet (RM32.90) ‧ Premium Pork Chop Cuttlet Set (RM35) ‧ Premium Pork Chop Cuttlet Set 特級吉列豬排套餐 (RM35) ‧ Premium Set Pork Chop Cutlet (RM 35) ‧ Set Half Boiled Egg Buta Soup Udon (RM 25) ‧ Teppan Cheese Sauce Pork Ribs (RM 19.90) ‧ Teppan Mini Pork Ribs (RM 19.99) ‧ 温泉蛋猪骨浓汤乌冬 (RM25)
  • Signature Dishes

    Cheese Unagi Roll ‧ Teppan Mini Pork Ribs ‧ Mini Hot Pot ‧ Homemade Potato Salad ‧ Set Half Boiled Egg Buta Soup Udon ‧ Curry Pork Ball Set ‧ Premium Set Pork Chop Cutlet ‧ Mango Calpis ‧ Japanese Curry Cheese Pork Ball Set ‧ Chicken Set Cutlet with Scrambled Egg ‧ Premium Pork Chop Cutlet ‧ Japanese Chashu Ramen Set
  • Dishes

    [3 years ago]
    Avacado Unagi ‧ Avocado Salmon ‧ Blueberries ‧ Cheesy Pork Ball Curry Udon ‧ Cheesy Pork Ball Udon ‧ Japanese Calpis Original ‧ Mango Calpis ‧ Mango Prawn Cones ‧ Mango and Original Calpis ‧ Mini Hot Pot ‧ Pork Cutlet with Sweet Sauce and Egg ‧ Premium Pork Chop Cutlet & Tiger Prawn ‧ Premium Pork Chop Cutlet Curry Udon ‧ Red Rasberries ‧ Slice Pork Neck ‧ Yuzu 7UP ‧ Yuzu Coke
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Questions and Tips

Information & Tips about Sho Kushiage - Sunway Pyramid?



  • 4 years ago

Sho Kushiage @ Sunway Pyramid

Tired of the usual bento set or sushi? Why not try something different at Sho Kushiage? You might just find your new favourite food at Sho Kushiage!
  • 4 years ago
  • 41 reviews

Sho Kushiage - Sunway Pyramid - Home | Facebook

Sho Kushiage, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. 2,366 likes · 18 talking about this · 768 were here. Find us at:

Klang Valley

Sunway Pyramid
LG2. 28 & 29 Lower...
  • 4 years ago
  • 43 reviews

Sho Kushiage - 18 tips

See 54 photos and 22 tips from 951 visitors to Sho Kushiage. "The don't serve the best katsu in town, but they do have interesting varieties like..."
  • 4 years ago

Sho Kushiage @ Sunway Pyramid - 多元化日式料理

Sho Kushiage 正好可以满足我!因为这里有着许多不一样的菜色,即便是和朋友聚餐也不用担心大家对于食物的选择。

[Food Review] 軒外之音 | Sunway Piramid | Sho Kushiage - Best Japanese Pork Cuisine in Town | 日式料理吃貨一定要來打卡!

一班朋友一起在午休時間一起享用美味午餐,來 Sho Kushiage 這裏就對了
  • 4 years ago

【Sho Kushiage】Oishii 的酥脆樱花三元日式炸猪排


Sho Kushiage , Sunway Pyramid

Sho Kushiage is well known Japanese Tonkatsu Meal and was located at LG2 of Sunway Pyramid , This Japanese Restaurant started runs their Business from june Last year and serve selected premium Sakura Three Yuan Pork . As The explanation of Sakura Three Yuan Pork are a special premium breeds of 3rd generation pork has high disease resistance, strong life force and better feed conversion rate . The pork is considered having the best gene , safer for consumption and most importantly the tender quality , juicier and also top priority of the ingredients . These pig farms can be purebred or crossbred and is better in terms of genetic quality and health status .
  • 4 years ago

Sho Kushiyage @ Sunway Pyramid: Enjoy Premium Pork Cutlet with more sauces

Premium Pork Chop Cutlet (RM32.90)
Enjoy this Premium Pork Cutlet is deliciously done where it brings you with the crispy bites at the skin while inside remains its juiciness and the moist texture of it. Why it is different because, Sho Kushiyage with the crispy bites of pork cutlet where inside remains meaty, tender and juicy. By using the fresh bread crumbs which is crushed daily instead of pre-deep fried bread crumbs, it make the dish wholesomely good and less oily too. And it is usually served with their famous homemade miso soup and their signature sesame sauce which is so aromatic. And now what, you can have them with the other 2 new sauces which is the cheesy sauce and also the curry sauce. It is simply tempting and delicious.
  • 4 years ago

Sho Kushiage @ Sunway Pyramid

Sho Kushiage is indeed one of a more popular eatery in Sunway Pyramid that offers affordable Japanese Tonkatsu meal or in another way known as Japanese Deep Fried Pork Cutlet.

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