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    Lot 10 Hutong Food Court
  • Price / Fee

    [3 years ago]
    古早味咕佬肉 (RM23.50) ‧ 咸鱼蒸肉饼 (RM23.50) ‧ 姜葱牛肉河粉 (RM15) ‧ 扬州炒饭 (RM9.90) ‧ 招牌生虾生面 (RM39) ‧ 烧汁排骨王 (RM26.50) ‧ 芋头扣花肉 (RM23.50) ‧ 芙蓉煎香蛋 (RM14)
  • Dishes

    [3 years ago]
    Beef Hor Fun ‧ Braised Yam & Pork Belly ‧ Chili Crab ‧ Foo Yong Egg ‧ Fried Crab Noodle ‧ Pai Ku at Wong ‧ Sang Har Sang Mee ‧ Steamed Salted Fish & Minced Pork ‧ Sweet and Sour Pork ‧ Yong Chow Fried Rice ‧ 螃蟹炒粉 ‧ 辣椒蟹
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  • 5 years ago

Wong Wok 'Dai Chao' @ Lot 10 Hutong

Chili Crab
Wonderful spicy with a nice hint of sweetness, the superb fresh mud crab was absolutely delicious. Highly recommended!
  • 5 years ago

Wong Wok 'Dai Chao' Chinese Cuisine @ Lot 10 Hutong

Chilli Crab 辣椒蟹 Market Price

[Recommended] Chilli crab hits all the right spots with tangy gravy that seeps into the succulent flesh of the stir-fried crab, served with the shell on, and best to paired with Hainan toast. This dish consists of fresh crabs cooked in a sweet, savoury and spicy gravy, it is a real treat and best eaten with your hands! Too bad that i have allergy in crab, but don't care! i eat Hainan toast by dipping the tangy gravy because it is too tempting LOL!
  • 5 years ago

Lot10 Hutong - Wong Wok 煌镬大炒 @ 十号胡同

烧汁排骨王 RM26.50
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