• Address

    Lot 10 Shopping Centre
    Jalan Sultan Ismail
    50250 Kuala Lumpur
  • Contact number

    03 2110 4408
  • Price / Fee

    Chicken Namban Teishoku (RM20.90) ‧ Salmon Hitsumabushi Teishoku (RM38.90) ‧ Yakiniku Don (RM24.90)

    [3 years ago]
    Hot Hojicha (green tea) (RM2.30) ‧ Salmon Don set (RM33.80)
  • Dishes

    Beef Nasu Miso ‧ Chicken Katsu Toji ‧ Chicken Miso Katsu Teishoku ‧ Mix Toji set ‧ Spicy Chicken Karaage ‧ Spicy karage

    [1 year ago]
    Chicken Mix Toji套餐 ‧ 炸鸡套餐 ‧ 盐烤鲭鱼套餐 ‧ 茄子炒牛肉套餐
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  • 11 months ago

Yayoi @ Lot 10 : MUST TRY teishoku !

One can enjoy their signature salt- grilled salmon served on the rice together with the dashi broth and deep fried tofu. The dish can be eaten in 4 ways where you can eat them as it is, add in the condiments to the 2nd portion, pour the Ochazuke Dashi onto the 3rd portion, or try the 4th portion in your own way.

Yayoi Japanese Teishoku Set Meals ~ Lot 10, KL

The Mix Toji had tamago-toji simmered in a soy mirin sauce with onions topped with an ebi fry, half a chicken katsu and simmered beef gyudon style. The eggs were fluffy and the prawn and chicken had soaked up the sweet salty sauce. The beef below was quite tender. It was like having all my favorite Japanese dishes in one big dish, what a treat!
  • 2 years ago

【全世界超过500间分行!Lot 10 四楼正宗日…


WG Salmon Don

Salmon Don set at MYR 33.80 nett. No drinks are included. The hot hojicha (green tea) costs MYR 2.30 nett.

Beneath the salmon slices are strips of omelette and seaweed on top of the deliciously soft and a bit sticky rice.
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