• Address

    57, Jalan Klang Lama, Petaling Lama, 58100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Opening hour

    12:00PM - 3:00PM, 6:00PM - 10:30PM
  • Contact number

    03-7980 0855, 016-382 8778
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  • Price / Fee

    [1 year ago]
    Herbal Chicken Feet (RM7) ‧ Master Chef Flaming Prawn /100G (RM12) ‧ Pan Fried Fungus With Fish Base (RM25) ‧ Pickled Cucumber (RM6) ‧ Salt And Pepper White Bait (RM38) ‧ Special Fine Pancake (RM28) ‧ The Roasted Standing Ovation- Chicken Whole (RM88) ‧ 原只椰子炖奶 (RM16) ‧ 啫啫苏东 (RM48) ‧ 栋企鸡 (RM58) ‧ 火焰醉虾 (RM9.8) ‧ 生蚝刺身 (RM9.8) ‧ 糖醋金凤鱼 (RM38) ‧ 螃蟹Xl (RM88) ‧ 避风塘炒蟹 (RM48) ‧ 酸辣海鲜汤 (RM198) ‧ 香辣肉蟹 (RM48)

    [3 years ago]
    Cheese Baked Yam Tart (RM16) ‧ Claypot Rice with Village Chicken (RM40) ‧ Claypot with Chinese Sausage (RM38) ‧ Custard Oat Bun 金絲燕麥包 - 6 pcs (RM16) ‧ Flaming Wine Prawns (RM120) ‧ Fried Sauced Lotus Root 特色酱爆莲藕 (RM25) ‧ Fried Spiced Frog with Salt & Pepper (RM48) ‧ Golden Sands Yong Tau Foo (RM23) ‧ Master Chef Flaming Wine Prawns (RM120) ‧ Oatmeal Custard Bun (RM29) ‧ Pan Fried Meat Patties with Wong Tai Choy (RM38) ‧ Pan Fried Pork Ribs in K.H Style (RM30) ‧ Pork Tongue Fried With Mushroom King Oyster (RM28) ‧ Red Bean Milk Custard (RM16) ‧ Red bean Pan Cake - 6 pcs (RM16) ‧ Roasted Standing Ovation Chicken (RM88) ‧ Roasted Standing Ovation Chicken (顺德栋企) (RM 88.00) ‧ Salt & Pepper Paddy Chicken (RM30) ‧ Shunde Braised Live Seafood in Wok (RM268) ‧ Shunde Steamed Black Fungus (RM20) ‧ Shunde Traditional Chee Cheong Fun with Pickled Vegetables (RM10) ‧ Sour Plum Lime Juice (RM8) ‧ Steamed Pork with Ginger and Scallion (RM28) ‧ Steamed Silver Eel with Bean Sauce (RM25) ‧ The Roasted Standing Chicken 栋企鸡 (RM 88) ‧ Watermelon Juice (RM8) ‧ Whooping Tasty Mud Meat Crab (RM78)
  • Signature Dishes

    Shun De Signature Dessert ‧ Roasted Standing Ovation Chicken ‧ Shunde Braised Live Seafood in Wok ‧ Shunde Steamed Black Fungus ‧ Braised Broccoli with Abalone Slice ‧ Red Bean Milk Custard ‧ Prosperous Lou Sang ‧ Sweet and Sour Pork Rib ‧ Stewed Wok ‧ Salt and Pepper White Bait ‧ Mushroom with Dried Oyster and Black Moss ‧ 金鸡报喜好运来 Roasted Standing Ovation ‧ 鸿运当头笑哈哈 Flamming Prawn ‧ 猪事顺利迎新春 Stewed Wok ‧ Pickled Cucumber
  • Dishes

    [1 year ago]
    Braised Broccoli with Abalone Slice ‧ Flaming Prawns ‧ Mushroom with Dried Oyster and Black Moss ‧ Pan Fried Black Fungus with Paste ‧ Prosperous Lou Sang ‧ Roasted Standing Chicken ‧ Roasted Standing Ovation (Chicken) ‧ Salmon Yee Sang ‧ Salt & Pepper White Bait ‧ Shun De Signature Dessert ‧ Special Spicy Crab ‧ Spicy Chili Crab ‧ Spicy Crabs ‧ Stewed Wok ‧ Sweet and Sour Pork Rib ‧ Youmiqi Hotpot ‧ 事业有成金玉满堂 Salt and Pepper White Bait ‧ 兴旺发财齐捞生 Prosperous Lou Sang (Salmon) ‧ 出入平安阖家安康 Pan Fried Black Fungus with Paste ‧ 包罗万有笑口常开 Braised Broccoli with Abalone Slice ‧ 发财就手必定如意 Mushrooms with Dreid Oyster & Black Moss ‧ 家庭和睦幸福美满 Special Spicy Crab ‧ 海鲜焖锅 ‧ 猪事顺利迎新春 Stewed Wok ‧ 甜甜蜜蜜好运来 Shun De Signature Dessert ‧ 酸酸甜甜福禄双全 Sweet & Sour Pork Rib ‧ 金鸡报喜好运来 Roasted Standing Ovation ‧ 鸿运当头笑哈哈 Flamming Prawn

    [3 years ago]
    3 Variety Pan Fried Fish Paste ‧ Assorted Seafood with Diced Tofu ‧ Bean curd sticks ‧ Bulletin Place Merlot 2014 ‧ Cantonese Pancake ‧ Chicken Feet ‧ China Fried potato ‧ Clams ‧ Cuttlefish with Salted Egg Yolk ‧ Fried Spicy Eel with Scallions ‧ Fried Stuffed Beancurd with Salted Egg Yolk ‧ Fried long beans with black bean sauce ‧ Hotpot of Seafood (太古火焰鱼) ‧ Lou Fu Pan or Tiger Grouper ‧ Meat Crab ‧ Noodle with Scallion sauce ‧ Pan Fried Chives Pancakes ‧ Pickled Cucumber ‧ Red Bean Milk Custard ‧ Seafood Ball ‧ Shunde Braised Live Seafood in Wok ‧ Steamed Eel with Sauce 鼓汁蒸黄鳝鱼 ‧ Stewed Fish with Shrimps and Crabs ‧ Stir Fried Green Dragon Vegetable (青龙菜) ‧ Talinga Park Moscato 2014 ‧ Yam
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位于Old Klang Road的【有米气】是全马首家专卖顺德料理的中餐厅,主打多道独特的美味佳肴,包括太古火焰锅、火焰醉虾、栋企鸡、顺德刺身、鲜虾锅贴饺和金丝燕麦包等,样样精彩,包你吃了回味无穷,今天就来尝试!

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  • 2 years ago

Chinese New Year 2019 Menu at Youmiqi Cuisine, Old Klang Road

For spicy food lover, this Spicy Crabs dish will definitely give you that spicy kick. This spicy crabs cooked in Sichuan style were quite appetizing and theres's plenty of flesh inside the crab.
  • 3 years ago

Youmiqi Cuisine | Facebook

Youmiqi Cuisine 有米气顺德料理, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 11K likes. 57, Jalan Klang Lama, Batu 3, 58000 Kuala Lumpur.

Waze: Youmiqi Cuisine OKR 有米气

  • 3 years ago
  • 186 reviews

有米氣 You MI Qi Restaurant - Taman Bukit Desa - No.57, Batu 3, Jalan Kelang Lama, 58000 Kuala Lumpur

Read 55 tips and reviews from 1682 visitors about fish cakes, authentic and custard buns. "The flaming 'hot pot soup' with 'long dun' fish is superb...."
  • 3 years ago
  • 15 reviews

Youmiqi Cuisine, Kuala Lumpur - Restaurant Reviews, Phone Number & Photos - TripAdvisor

Youmiqi Cuisine, Kuala Lumpur: See 15 unbiased reviews of Youmiqi Cuisine, rated 3.5 of 5 on TripAdvisor and ranked #2,519 of 4,340 restaurants in Kuala Lumpur.
  • 2 years ago

Chinese Reunion Dinner at Youmiqi Cuisine 有米气顺德料理, Old Kland Road

Youmiqi Cuisine 有米气顺德料理 is a wonderful place to celebrate Chinese New Year with family and friends, I particularly loved the private dining rooms on the first floor for an intimate and aesthetic experience.
  • 2 years ago


Unlike the common sweet and sour pork meaty cube cutlet, this recipe here is slightly different whereby it’s actually pork ribs style that has been cut into smaller pieces. So do be extra cautious of the hidden bones and enjoy slowly.

Youmiqi at Old Klang Road, Chinese New Year Menu 2019

Braised Broccoli with Abalone slice
Broccoli braised and seasoned well, topped with abalone slices. Abalone is a must have dish for Chinese New Year as abalone symbolizes good fortune. Abalone (sea snail; 鳆; fù) meaning definite good fortune. (this is the explanation from Food Symbolism). So that's why on Chinese New Year, abalone is one of the must have ingredients!
  • 2 years ago

【吉隆坡美食】有米气顺德料理 Youmiqi Cuisine

他们家是个双层楼的餐厅, 楼下是公开的, 而楼上则是套间~ 他们家共有 7 间私人套房, 最大的套房可容纳 30 人
  • 2 years ago

【吉隆坡美食】有米气顺德料理 Youmiqi Cuisine

说实话, 我超爱他们家的汤, 非常鲜美, 所有食材的精华都融入了汤头里~
  • 2 years ago

Youmiqi Cuisine @ Jalan Klang Lama

Special Spicy crab. The sauce is thick and spicy which complements the crab well.
  • 3 years ago

~Old Klang Road旧巴生路!KL首家 …

环境舒适,楼上还设有7间VIP room,非常适合聚餐聚会!另外也不用担心没得parking,还有专人park车,很方便!
Desmond Lua
  • 3 years ago

The price can go two extreme at this place, affordable or premium. We go for the premium seafood sun tak hotpot, it's alright but probably not value for money.

  • 4 years ago

Youmiqi Cuisine 有米气 @ Old Klang Road, KL

Just found out that I have been to this restaurant 2 years ago during my birthday celebration in this Chinese restaurant, Youmiqi Cuisine at Old Klang Road, KL. It is also a cuisine from a small province in China which is pronounced as Shunde (顺德), is a district of Foshan in the Pearl River Delta, Guangdong. It is also the birth place of Canto Cuisine.

This place is indeed a hidden gem in KL that serve pretty good China food.

  • 4 years ago

YouMiQi Cuisine @ Old Klang Road, KL South

CNY Shunde Seafood Hotpot 👍👍
This signature dish of YouMiQi comprises of a large copper wok which rests in the middle of the table. A small gas stove is cunningly worked between the lazy susan and the table where it is primed to bring the hotpot to a boil! Foods simmering in this wok are kept constantly hot, and a special savory broth is continuously poured over the ensemble of ingredients when required to prevent the wok from drying up.
  • 4 years ago


This Cantonese style of dishes does share some resemblance to our local Oriental flair to some extent. In order to preserve the authenticity of the food, chefs from China are purposely brought in together with the assistant crew to impart that original taste that is closer to home here.
  • 4 years ago

Youmiqi Shun De Cuisine @ Old Klang Road

Overall, Youmiqi Cuisine's dishes is amazingly decadent and surprisingly creation, perhaps the prices are on the higher end, but the quality of the seafood is worth for the value.

YOUMIQI Cuisine The Authentic Shunde Cuisine in Old Klang Road Kuala Lumpur

Now, you need not travel far to savour authentic Shunde or Shun Tak dishes, one of the world famous Cantonese cuisine that is favoured by many. Hop on over to Youmiqi Cuisine, along Old Klang Road for a grand feasting of Shunde and Cantonese cuisine and be charmed with its vibrant flavours and taste to titillate your taste buds!
  • 5 years ago

Youmiqi Cuisine @ Old Klang Road

Youmiqi Cuisine has such unique dishes from the Shunde district that is worth of a visit. There are plenty of dishes that guarantees to please many and though the prices are on the heavier end, the quality of the seafood is excellent for the value. It is often packed so a reservation is highly recommended and do come with a big group to try their copper wok seafood for more choices.
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