Restoran Soon Lok - Puchong Jaya 顺乐碳烧脆皮烧鸭店 Restaurant

77 & 79, Jalan Kenari 20, Bandar Puchong Jaya, 47100, Puchong, Selangor.

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  • 2018-03-02 00:00:00+00:00
Verdict After having lunch here, it is clear to see why Soon Lok is often label as the “Best Duck Rice in Puchong”. To be honest, we are not disagreeing with the label. Considering the prices of roast ducks in the Klang Valley, we would say the prices in Soon Lok is justified. Taste-wise, Soon Lok has certainly won us over with itsRoast Duck.
  • 2016-02-18 00:00:00+00:00
My favourite dish from this restaurant are the charcoal roasted duck and stir fry mushrooms with vegetables. Their charcoal roasted duck is the best that I had so far. Crispy duck skin with tender juicy meat. Most importantly there's no gamey taste on it. Besides that, I love their stir fry mushrooms with vegetables. Healthy and tasty dish. Overall we enjoyed the dinner very much except for the white rice which I find it a bit hard for my liking. We end the meal with a bowl of cold refreshing canned fruit - rambutan stuffed with pineapple, served with mochi.

Restaurant KH 20 Restaurant

67, Jalan Kenari 20, Puchong Jaya, 47100

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  • 2018-06-17 04:43:07+00:00
FKT and curry noodle not bad.

Restoran Damansara Uptown Hokkien Mee - Puchong 上城福建面 Restaurant

37, Jalan Kenari 17C, Bandar Puchong Jaya, 47100 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia.

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  • 2018-09-10 11:37:10+00:00
The hokkien mee and the roasted duck here is a perfect combination!
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  • 2017-09-03 12:30:00+00:00
RM 9.90 for Hokken Mee. Duck is RM 12, wife love it.
  • 2014-12-15 00:00:00+00:00
Hokkien Mee. It's black enough, and not watery. The soul of the Hokkien Mee is pork fried lard. Pork fried lard and dark soya sauce is a must for Hokkien Mee. Otherwise, it can't call Hokkien Mee, it only can be Gon Lou Mee. XD

Restoran Hock Kee Ulu Yam Loh Mee 福记正宗乌鲁音卤面饭店 Restaurant

27, Jalan Kenari 22, Bandar Puchong Jaya, 47100 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia

A restaurant owned by Hokkiens, providing the famous and traditional Ulu Yam Loh Mee, Hokkien Mee, Yam Noodles, Guinness Fried Chicken Wings and etc.

  • 2018-01-12 00:00:00+00:00
We decided to order Salad You Tiao (沙拉油条) RM10.80 as snacks to chew on. Delightful You Tiao bread dough is fried into perfect crispy texture and mix with a right amount of mayonnaise sauce before serving, gives a refreshing feel and no sign of greasy taste at all. This dish would be a great vegetarian dish in substitution for the real salad shrimp if no one would ever mention! 😉
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  • 2017-02-19 04:13:07+00:00
Affordable meal, large portion and taste pretty good.

Uncle Don's - IOI Boulevard Puchong Restaurant

F-G-19, IOI Boulevard, Jalan Kenari 5, Bandar Puchong Jaya Puchong

With a rustic-chic, chilled-out design, this diner, bar & grill is designed to cater 5-star quality food & beverage at insanely cheap pricing!

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  • 2019-04-06 10:58:21+00:00
Pretty long wait (about 45m) at 6.15pm at Saturday weekend.
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  • 2018-10-21 06:24:39+00:00
The pork burger was good and in big portion. However the sisig was too dry and there's something chewy in it which I have no idea what was it. Anyway, the service is fast and the food is generally good, so I'll come back again.

Xfrens Restaurant Puchong 团圆海鲜饭店 Restaurant

7 & 9, Jalan Kenari 18b, Bandar Puchong Jaya, 47100 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia

  • 2018-07-07 00:00:00+00:00
So, is the food here as good as the original? Stir fry fern is something that I like to order when it's on the menu because it's such a rarity.
  • 2018-07-05 00:00:00+00:00

[MOVED] Akashi BBQ Restaurant

Baiwago Plus Cafe - Puchong Restaurant

No.43, Jalan Kenari 17C, Bandar Puchong Jaya, 47100 Puchong Selangor.

Lifestyle bakery cafe serving delicious baked goods with our very own defined recipe.

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  • 2018-03-03 13:15:55+00:00
The cakes are not bad, but not great either. They have a few good tea time options for under RM 7.

Banh Mi Cafe - Puchong Jaya Restaurant

No.5, Jalan Kenari 8, Bandar Puchong Jaya, 47100 Puchong, Selangor.

  • 2019-02-21 00:00:00+00:00
One of my favourite dish when you can get this type of food in a Chinese, Malay or Thai restaurant. Very good healthy and value for money meal.
  • 2017-10-25 00:00:00+00:00
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  • 2017-07-15 08:13:29+00:00
Banh Mi from bandar puteri setup a branch here, dishes are the same, good.

Bao Zhan 包栈 Restaurant

No. 6G, Jalan Kenari 6, Bandar Puchong Jaya, 47100 Puchong, Selangor.

  • 2018-11-07 00:00:00+00:00
想要吃最赞,最好吃的包点就一定要来【包栈Bao Zhan】啦!
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  • 2018-10-28 03:49:09+00:00
We thought this is another dim sum restaurant, apparently it's a fast food chain for bao and dim sum. Besides having the food in the restaurant, there are actually more options for frozen bao and dim sum which attracts quite some crowd to take away.

Durianity 榴莲疯 Restaurant

G21, IOI Boulevard Jalan Kenari 6 47170 Puchong

  • 2018-07-25 00:00:00+00:00
Verdict: Durianity will definitely satisfy durian lovers and those keen on trying something adventurous like durian pizza or fried rice. I’m not that crazy that I want to eat rice with durian, but in the future, who knows?
  • 2018-03-15 00:00:00+00:00
Durian Soft Serve, 5.90 ringgit. I could not resist, dont judge me, lol. I just could not help myself. I saw many people waiting in line to get their soft serve and I decided to join in. It was yummy! Gooey, thick, packed with durian flavor and all for 5.90 ringgit. Totally worth it.

Esquire Kitchen - IOI Mall Restaurant

G008 Ground Floor, Ioi Mall, Jalan Puchong, Bandar Puchong Jaya, 47100 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia

  • 2018-12-29 00:00:00+00:00
大人餐廳 Esquire Kitchen的2019春节菜单维持了餐厅一贯的风格主打以改良版的上海家常小菜以及四川料理为食客们输送暖暖的温馨家常味,除了个人最爱分量十足使用特调酱料秘制的‘鸿运当头’东坡肉之外当然也少不了年菜必备的鱼虾与鸡咯 ^^

F1 Kitchen Puchong 壹号酒家 Restaurant

1st Floor,Casa Square, No 1, Jalan Kenari 12, Bandar Puchong Jaya, 47100 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia

  • 2019-01-07 00:00:00+00:00

Good Cake Restaurant

Lot FS15 & 15A, 1st Floor, IOI Mall. Batu 9, Jalan Puchong, Bandar Puchong Jaya. 47170 Puchong. Selangor. Puchong

Taiwan Traditional Handmade Sponge Cake 古早味现烤蛋糕

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  • 2019-03-31 13:28:27+00:00
A variety flavor of Taiwan cakes.
  • 2017-09-07 00:00:00+00:00

Ha Ha Siu Pan Mee Hahasiu, Ha Ha 笑 Restaurant

No. 7-01, Jalan Kenari 19A, Bandar Puchong Jaya Puchong

Oodles of colourful noodles...100% Natural, No Artificial Colouring. More than 30 varieties of cooking styles. Daliy VALUE SET MEALS!

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  • 2018-05-05 04:17:43+00:00
Pan Mee is alright. Besides pan mee, it serves many other meals as well.

Hex A Box Restaurant

15-02, Jalan Kenari 18b Bandar Puchong Jaya 47170 Puchong Selangor Malaysia

  • 2019-09-01 00:00:00+00:00
They’re currently having a promotion – RM10 per entry for the entire day, so you can play to your heart’s content. There’s also free flow of snacks and water.

In House Cafe Restaurant

No. 33, Jalan Kenari 17C, Bandar Puchong Jaya, 47100 Puchong, Selangor.

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  • 2017-10-13 15:13:43+00:00
Cheese wedges, guilty supper pleasure.
  • 2015-08-18 00:00:00+00:00
它家的概念类似six inch cafe。价格中等,分量中等,都是走大众化的路线,只是少了有歌手主唱,比较安静。
  • 2012-11-01 00:00:00+00:00
Hokkien Udon: Smells DAMN good. Taste not bad too.

JE Seafood Restaurant Restaurant

8G, Jln Cenuk 1, Bandar Puchong Jaya, 47100 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia

JE Seafood Restaurant. Try our fresh seafood noodle and you will fall in love into it. 8G, Jalan Cenuk 1 Puchong Jaya, 47100 Puchong Selangor

  • 2018-07-10 00:00:00+00:00

Koong Woh Tong 恭和堂 Restaurant

G18D, IOI Mall, Batu 9, Puchong Jaya, 47170

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  • 2016-05-07 03:33:00+00:00
Always a good option when having flu or when the weather is super hot.

Let's Joy Cafe - Puchong Jaya 乐在甜品 Restaurant

G-07, Kompleks Kenari, Jalan Kenari 19A Puchong

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  • 2018-06-30 11:19:20+00:00
After trying quite a few dishes here, I am pretty sure the Japanese Teriyaki Chicken with Egg Omelette is the best dish by far. Chicken chop or Cheese rice/pasta is okay. The rest could be quite disappointing.

Matang Seafood Puchong 马登瓦煲海鲜鱼粥蒲种 Restaurant

11-1, Jalan kenari 17F, Bandar Puchong Jaya, Puchong Jaya, 47170

  • 2018-09-06 00:00:00+00:00
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  • 2018-01-07 04:50:10+00:00
Another new seafood porridge in Puchong, don't be confused with Taiping Matang in Puchong. The porridge is alright, as I am not a fan of porridge. Lor bak is bit disappointed.

Minami Yoshokuya 日本洋食屋 Restaurant

5, Jalan Kenari 7, Bandar Puchong Jaya

  • 2018-05-14 00:00:00+00:00
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  • 2017-07-23 03:55:18+00:00
The dishes here abit boring.

Momentz Music Restaurant & Bar 音乐餐吧 Restaurant

LOT 1, i31, Jalan PPU2A, Bandar Puchong Jaya, Taman Perindustrian Pusat Bandar Puchong, 47100 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia

  • 2018-10-04 00:00:00+00:00

Moonlight Cake House Restaurant

2, 3, 4, Kompleks Kenari, Jalan Kenari 19, Bandar Puchong Jaya 47100

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  • 2016-05-01 04:06:00+00:00
The Western food options is decent enough as breakfast.
  • 2015-11-25 00:00:00+00:00
Overall this place is filled with young associates that are passionate. One can’t expect much on the level of services as they are fresh but it is at an acceptable level. Indeed a recommendable place to hang out with your family and friends.

Olympian Sports Bar Restaurant

63, Jalan Layang - Layang 2, Bandar Puchong Jaya, 47100 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia

  • 2018-12-29 00:00:00+00:00
吃喝玩乐尽在其中 #美食 #啤酒烈酒鸡尾酒 #打Pool #桌面足球 #丢飞镖! 还可以看球!全新蒲点呀!

Panba Cafe 小熊猫 Restaurant

1F-05 Kompleks Kenari, Jalan Kenari19, Bandar Puchong Jaya, 47100 Puchong, Selangor,


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  • 2016-05-02 12:08:00+00:00
A Chinese/Western cafe with a Panda theme, the food is alright.
  • 2015-12-01 00:00:00+00:00
Be honest, I thought that they will make "Panda" food, just like "Hello Kitty" food but, the western and chinese food just be normal. They need to improve the drinks, because the green tea tasted very normal, and not get a good latte art. But, the prices are very cheap and reasonable, make every family can afford to pay it because they want to see you all enjoy to eat, chat-chit and watch movie "Kungfu Panda 2"via their TV in this cafe!

Restoran BBQ Thai Aroi Restaurant

Jalan Layang - Layang 1, Bandar Puchong Jaya, 47100 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia

  • 2018-12-11 00:00:00+00:00

Restoran Foo Lai 福来茶餐市 Restaurant

34, Jalan Merak 4, Bandar Puchong Jaya, 47100 Puchong, Selangor

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  • 2019-05-12 04:05:16+00:00
Pretty alright pork noddle from morning till lunch. At night this place is a dining restaurant.

Restoran Jin Xuan Hong Kong - Puchong Jaya 锦选香港特极点心 Restaurant

No 7 & 8, Jalan Kenari 8 Bandar Puchong Jaya 47100 Puchong Selangor

  • 2018-05-08 00:00:00+00:00
Their Loh Mai Kai and Lotus Leaf Rice is something that you should not miss here. I find them to be really good. Very authentic flavours and huge portions. Less greasy too. My rating for both shall be 9/10

Restoran Yi Poh - Puchong 姨婆老鼠粉 Restaurant

10-G, Jalan Kenari 11, Bandar Puchong Jaya Puchong

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  • 2017-03-26 04:13:46+00:00
Okay noodle and coffee.