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    627, Jalan 17/8
    Seksyen 17
    46400 Petaling Jaya
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    11:00AM - 10:00PM
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    [1 year ago]
    Roast Chicken (Add On) (RM6) ‧ Roast Chicken Rice Bowl Lunch Set (RM15) ‧ Roast Chicken on Flat Ramyeon (RM13) ‧ Salted Caramel Crepe Cake (RM12) ‧ Unagi and Cucumber Rice Bowl (RM13) ‧ Unagi rice bowl lunch set (RM16) ‧ 咖啡酒 Coffee Beer (RM11) ‧ 鸳鸯日式鸡排饭 Yonyong Katsu Don (RM16)
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鸳鸯日式鸡排饭 Yinyong Katsu Don & 咖啡酒 Coffee Beer @ 隔壁坐 Cafe Beside You PJ Seksyen 17

My dinner was Japanese style fried chicken (Katsu Don), and I think the Yin Yong means one side chicken and one side eggs, the taste tends to the sweet side, i liked it.
  • 3 years ago

Cafe Beside You 隔壁坐

Cafe Beside You 隔壁坐

WG Cafe Beside You

My unagi rice bowl lunch set at MYR 16 nett. The Onsen Egg here is more like a soft boiled egg on the way to be a hard boiled egg but still with runny yolk so I took both eggs home and recooked them to be fully cooked with half of my rice. The pieces of unagi are a bit on the thin side but acceptable.
  • 3 years ago

Cafe Beside You @ Section 17, PJ – Niceeee (Pork Free)

The Unagi and Cucumber was delicious. However, do you notice the size of the Unagi? Way too small. There was quite a bit of rice in the bowl and after only 6 spoons, the Unagi was gone. Why laaaaa? Why? I want a bigger piece, please? The unagi + poached egg + rice + cucumber combo was very good. The distinct taste of the unagi with the soggy, moist, sticky combination of the egg and rice was something I enjoyed a whole lot but even before I hit the ‘satisfied’ mode, the Unagi is gone. Howwwlaa like that?? That is why I had to order roast chicken as add on. There were still quite a bit of rice left and it needed some meat – the chicken was a good addition. It certainly dont compare to the Unagi but it makes a good substitute.

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