• Address

    70-1, Lebuh Noordin
    10600 Georgetown
  • Opening hour

    12:00PM - 3:00PM, 6:00PM - 9:00PM
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  • Price / Fee

    Tatami Iwashi (RM18)
  • Dishes

    Curry Udon ‧ Eihere ‧ Kake Udon (original) ‧ Kimchi Udon ‧ Miso Udon
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  • 5 months ago

Koshien Yakitori Bar 甲子園 @ Noordin Street, Georgetown, Penang.

There were not much options for the Oden but none of them disappoint. The broth was clear and breaming with sweetness (Dashi stock), the only thing we were confused here was the presence of Hard Boiled Egg and it was selling for Rm 3.50 each
  • 7 months ago

Koshien Yakitori Bar 甲子園

Koshien Yakitori Bar 甲子園
  • 7 months ago

Authentic Japanese Koshien Yakitori Bar 甲子園 Georgetown Penang

At first sight, we thought the Tatami Iwashi are dried cuttlefish but looking at details unveil its secret. It is flavourful, crunchy and nice in taste. Though might come with a heavy price tag of RM 18 but definitely worth the try. On the other hand, we never thought Eihire (singray fin) would have such unique and appetizing taste!
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