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    • Omulab by Slurp Cafe @ Seksyen 17, Petaling Jaya - Life of a Working Adult
      Omulab by Slurp Cafe @ Seksyen 17, Petaling Jaya - Life of a Working Adult
      1. Jul 28, 2019
      3. Review

        Given the steep pricing, I probably wouldn’t visit this restaurant again. I mean RM20+ for fried rice and egg? That’s wayyyy overboard. I’d probably only drop by here again unless a friend wishes to try it out, but then again I would still recommend Strangers at 47 just down the road.

      1. Omulab @ PJ
        Omulab @ PJ
        1. Feb 12, 2019
        3. Review

          Food: 8/10 – Omelette is perfect. Dish could add more veges Price: 7/10 – Pricier side. Starting from RM18 Ambiance: Service is good. Staffs are friendly Would I Return?: Yes! When my craving strikes for Mentaiko

        1. Omulab PJ Section 17- Innovative omelette dishes
          Omulab PJ Section 17- Innovative omelette dishes
          1. Nov 7, 2018
          3. Review

            Omu Hamburg Steak 24.90 But the omlette was too bland to provide any additional taste to the burger steak. The burger steak was all right, it tasted like just another frozen burger steak, it was pretty dry. The vegetables were so bland and raw that they totally dull the whole dish. I think the dish would have tasted so much better if they made the effort to fire grill those vege and give them an additional flavour to complement the dish. So this dish was a total fail in our opinion.

          1. Omulab @ Petaling Jaya, Selangor
            Omulab @ Petaling Jaya, Selangor
            1. Oct 31, 2018
            3. Review

              The scrambled egg is done to perfection here. Upon slicing it, the oval omelette unfurled its soft cooked egg curds. Such beauty works are a work to be amazed at, and of course it equally tantalizing. It paired well with the teriyaki chicken. Instead making it a Japanese cuisine, they made a fusion by introducing broccoli, lotus roots and capsicum, which worked perfectly

            1. Omulab at Section 17 PJ
              Omulab at Section 17 PJ
              1. Sep 25, 2018
              3. Video

                follow my Instagram: taufulouOmulab at Section 17, PJ were one of a big hit when the operate in the area last year. A specialty store that sells omelette egg...

              1. OMULAB @ Seksyen 17, PJ [Japanese Fluffy Omelette]
                OMULAB @ Seksyen 17, PJ [Japanese Fluffy Omelette]
                1. Jul 25, 2018
                3. Review

                  FOOD: [5/10] Would suggest to stick to their classic omurice as they are more worth trying. Their Wafu Fried Rice with Blue Cheese sounds really interesting and I heard that their Omu Demiglace is good too.

                1. Omulab @ Section 17, Petaling Jaya
                  Omulab @ Section 17, Petaling Jaya
                  1. Apr 8, 2018
                  3. Review

                    Double Omerice was superb. Fried rice with blue cheese sauce and egg. YUM!! Sad that Omu Mentai was sold out during our visit. Double Omerice @ RM 22.90

                  1. Omulab Seksyen 17 PJ: Japanese Omurice, by Slurp! Cafe
                    Omulab Seksyen 17 PJ: Japanese Omurice, by Slurp! Cafe
                    1. Mar 30, 2018
                    3. Review

                      Almost every dish in Omulab menu is related to egg – From fluffy omelette on fried rice to egg on soba, egg on salad, egg on hamburg, and even egg in coffee. We had a try on Mentaiko Guru (RM21.90). A platter of Ebiko Fried Rice, Mentaiko Sauce and Japanese Omu. While we enjoyed the luscious, moist and soft omelette, fried rice is rather light in taste. But we guess maybe this is to make a balance with Mentaiko sauce which is on rich and flavourful side

                    1. Omulab @ Seksyen 17, PJ
                      Omulab @ Seksyen 17, PJ
                      1. Mar 24, 2018
                      3. Review

                        I am a big fan of Japanese Curry rice and decided to go classic. Sensei Kare @ RM 18.90 – mix herb fried rice with Japanese Curry. I add cheese into my omelette with additional RM 3. Not too sure how much amount they added in but seems that the sign of cheese visibility is low. First few bites is really good. Pairs well with the fried rice, and I felt that curry is given slightly more would be perfect. However I find that finishing this whole portion myself is too much for me. Turns out to be quite heavy.

                      1. Omulab by Slurp! @ Section 17, PJ (Halal)  – Egg Galore.Yum Yum !
                        Omulab by Slurp! @ Section 17, PJ (Halal) – Egg Galore.Yum Yum !
                        1. Dec 31, 2017
                        3. Review

                          Omu Yaki Seafood Udon, 19.90 ringgit. This was their Japanese stir fried seafood Udon with a fluffy omelette. I loved this dish. Thick noodles with a sweetish, spicy gravy + 8 mini mussels + a few shrimps = Yummy! It was good enough that I wanted more noodles, lol. Once you remove the mussels, the size of the dish reduces in size, lol. Somehow the mussels makes a medium sized dish look big. Towards the end of the dish, once everything is gobbled up, I was very satisfied and full. Would not change a thing. Hmm, except perhaps for more noodles, lol.

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