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    • Nalan Restaurant in Singapore
      Nalan Restaurant in Singapore
      1. Nov 2, 2022
      3. Review

        I wolfed these down pretty easily with all of their spices and chutney, but they definitely weren't as pillowy as the big ones from Murugan, nor were they as rich as Murugan's ghee-coated ones either. The porcelainware and utensils here meant that prices were slightly higher too.

      1. Revisiting Nalan Restaurant
        Revisiting Nalan Restaurant
        1. Jan 18, 2018
        3. Review

          Their vegetable dishes on the side were delicious. I'll leave the description as that because it's never easy nor accurate with the usual array of adjectives. There are simply too many flavours going on.

        1. Nalan – Indian Vegetarian Dining [MEDIA INVITE]
          Nalan – Indian Vegetarian Dining [MEDIA INVITE]
          1. Oct 18, 2017
          3. Review

            Overall, I enjoyed the dining experience at Nalan. It was an eye opener, especially on Indian Vegetarian Cuisine.

          1. [Media Invite] nALAn Restaurant @ Capitol Piazza
            [Media Invite] nALAn Restaurant @ Capitol Piazza
            1. Sep 15, 2017
            3. Review

              The restaurant is spacious and could easily accommodate a cosy 2-pax party or larger groups of say 10 to 16 pax.