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      • Nippori, Empire Damansara - Thokohmakan
        Nippori, Empire Damansara - Thokohmakan
        1. Nov 6, 2020
        2. thokohmakan.com
        3. Review

        In the grilled form – the salmon was so tender and juicy! The karaage was good too as batter was crunchy and chicky was tender. The set came with rice, miso soup, salad, chawanmushi, pickled veggie, tuna and fruits.

      • Food Blog | Nippori Cafe | Empire Damansara — Bibz Eats
        Food Blog | Nippori Cafe | Empire Damansara — Bibz Eats
        1. Aug 21, 2020
        2. www.bibzeats.com
        3. Review

        7.5/10. Overall, a solid dinner. Can’t really go wrong with this place. A really cozy ambience with high quality food. (Honestly speaking, as far as restaurants go - as in not Omakase - this is definitely on the higher range in terms of quality of salmon sashimi).

      • The Honest Review, Nippori Japanese Restaurant
        The Honest Review, Nippori Japanese Restaurant
        1. Jul 23, 2019
        2. www.klexpatmalaysia.com
        3. Review

        Then came the Nippori’s Style Nachos Curry Cheese Duck. This dish is large enough for two to three people sharing and is available in two different variations. Either curry cheese duck or classic chicken. We ordered the duck option. The Nachos came at the same time as the Avocado Prawn Tempura Maki, which is a deep fried prawn tempura, wrapped in sushi rice, tamagoyaki and kyuri, each carefully topped with slices of fresh avocado.

      • Nippori Cafe, Empire Damansara, PJ
        Nippori Cafe, Empire Damansara, PJ
        1. Jul 3, 2019
        2. goodyfoodies.blogspot.com
        3. Review

        One of the recommended sets is the Grilled salmon and chicken karaage set (RM48). This came with two pieces of salmon fillet, which was nicely grilled so it was still moist with crispy skin. I love chicken karaage, and this is possibly one of the best I've tried in KL - the chicken was so juicy and the skin was deliciously crisp.

      • WG Nippori Empire Damansara
        WG Nippori Empire Damansara
        1. Oct 26, 2018
        2. muntalksfood.blogspot.com
        3. Review

        My friend ordered the salmon teriyaki set and gave me her serving of watermelon. As usual I kept one piece of salmon and almost all the rice for lunch the next day and finished the rest of the food items.

      • Haraju Cube @ Empire Damansara, Damansara Perdana, Petaling Jaya
        Haraju Cube @ Empire Damansara, Damansara Perdana, Petaling Jaya
        1. Oct 8, 2018
        2. www.crispoflife.com
        3. Review

        Classic Signature Honey Toast (RM 16; half size) did not disappoint. Its toast edge are crispy while the body is soft. It is then topped with an overwhelming quantity of cream and a scoop of ice cream, which we whipped away some of cream in the end. Drizzle some honey provided in the bottle to give it a pleasant sweet taste.

      • Jekyll and Hyde (Revisit) @ Empire Damansara, PJCC, PJ - f i n d i n g // f a t s
        Jekyll and Hyde (Revisit) @ Empire Damansara, PJCC, PJ - f i n d i n g // f a t s
        1. Aug 7, 2018
        2. www.findingfats.com
        3. Review

        Overall, the platter of meat was absolutely divine. Costing merely RM65, both the food and the option to refill were great. However, there's only two timeslot available for the buffet, 6pm-8pm and 8pm-10pm. You can come anytime in between, by you'll end by either 8pm or 10pm. Reservations are recommended, so do remember to book in advance.

      • Two Hands @ Qliq Hotel, Damansara Perdana
        Two Hands @ Qliq Hotel, Damansara Perdana
        1. May 20, 2018
        2. www.chasingfooddreams.com
        3. Review

        One can’t go wrong with rice and chicken, especially a flavourful one as the Grilled Portuguese Chicken & Dirty Rice (RM58). A whole Maryland seasoned with spices, is beautifully grilled and served on dirty rice. A hodgepodge concoction of liver and other spices, the dirty rice was fluffy and tasty, Served on a hot plate, the charred bits of the rice was sublime while the chicken was moist, tender and deliciously flavoured.

      • Fiskee Dough @ Empire Damansara
        Fiskee Dough @ Empire Damansara
        1. May 6, 2018
        2. sakthi-life.blogspot.com
        3. Review

        Thai Tea Geladough was yum. Every bite of this dough is insanely delicious when topped with Thai Milk Tea Ice-Cream; they are out of this world. I’m in heaven. Thai Tea Geladough @ RM 14

      • Haraju Cube @ Empire Damansara
        Haraju Cube @ Empire Damansara
        1. Apr 6, 2018
        2. eatwhateatwhere.blogspot.com
        3. Review

        My Personal Opinion Although the sweetness (and taste) of the honey toast was acceptable, the rest of the accompaniments just weren't up to the mark. I may be too quick to judge since I've tasted only one honey toast but the rest is still the same honey toast base except for the different toppings. What I do know is that I won't be all that interested in another honey toast. I guess I wasn't blown away by the ice cream...and I'm not a fan of the whipped cream either. Many would feel that they're a little pricey too (RM25 - RM35) for something as simple as buttered toast with ice cream but they make up for it with a huge portion size. In the end, I enjoyed my friends' company (and the drinks) more than their honey toasts, I'm afraid! :P

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