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    • Norm Cafe @ Carnarvon Street
      Norm Cafe @ Carnarvon Street
      1. May 4, 2021
      3. Review

        Here's the location.

      1. Norm Café Penang, Noct Bar Georgetown
        Norm Café Penang, Noct Bar Georgetown
        1. Nov 9, 2019
        3. Review

          Reasons to visit Norm Café: excellent coffee; waffles (try the Citrus Passion); cheery Instagrammable setting; well-balanced craft cocktails; friendly service team.

        1. Norm @ Goergetown, Penang
          Norm @ Goergetown, Penang
          1. Jul 29, 2019
          3. Review

            So probably got to be patient or wait out few months to try. But the food really does not disappoints,

          1. Norm @ Penang
            Norm @ Penang
            1. Mar 7, 2019
            3. Review

              If were to compare to last year, the waffle had much improve. Currently it is slightly puffier, crispy and bake to perfection. Indeed a pretty good waffle and best of all, mine is rum and raisin @ RM 22. Top with nice ice cream and rum raisins on the side is a good pairing. Best of all, I pair with their cocktail.

            1. Norm Cafe @ The Saw Emporium, Penang
              Norm Cafe @ The Saw Emporium, Penang
              1. Jul 7, 2018
              3. Review

                One of the main signature here is also their waffle – Citrus Orange @ RM 20. As they are rather new in that period of operation, I think it is not too bad for such gimmick that filled with earl grey ice cream, Grapefruit, dehydrated orange (which is more for decoration purpose rather eating) and passionfruit.