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    18 Jalan SS2/24
    47300 Petaling Jaya
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    [3 years ago]
    "Char Siew Pau" (Steamed BBQ Pork Bun) (RM4.20) ‧ Crispy Yam Dumpling (RM4.50) ‧ Curry Chicken Wantan Mee (RM6.90) ‧ Curry Noodles (with Roast Pork) (RM7.40) ‧ Fried Shrimp Roll ("Ha Kuin") (RM5.80) ‧ Ipoh "Sar Hor Fun" (RM6.40) ‧ Minced Pork Mee (RM6.40) ‧ Roast Pork Rice (RM6.40) ‧ Roast Sausage Rice (RM6.40) ‧ Steamed Glutinous Rice with Chicken (RM4.80) ‧ Steamed Pork Dumpling ("Siu Mai") (RM4.80) ‧ Stuffed Brinjal (RM5.30)
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Revisit: BBQ Soon Hing @ SS2 PJ

Most ofthe items here are decent in taste. For barbequed meats, I'd probably go with the roast duck and pork with wantan mee over rice.

For a non-full fledged dim sum restaurant, I'd say their small selection of dim sum is respectable. It's here that I found a very good and one of my favourite lor mai kai which I'm sure I'll have again (repeatedly) in future.

If you're in the area looking for a a quick and affordably priced meal of rice or wantan mee, with a side dish of dim sum, this is a place you can certainly consider.
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