• Address

    12, Jalan USJ 20/8c, 47630 Subang Jaya, Selangor
  • Price / Fee

    卤肉饭 Minced Pork Meat Rice (RM7.50)
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卤肉饭 Minced Pork Meat Rice @ 福喜堂 Foxxy Tong Express at 天天茶餐室 Restoran Tian Tian USJ 20

福喜堂 Foxxy Tong Express, is a new stall in 天天茶餐室 Restoran Tian Tian offering Pork Trottles, Spicy Pork Belly, Minced Pork Rice, and Yam Rice.

咖喱面 Curry Mee 蒜蓉面包 Garlic Bread 奶茶 TehC @ 华联咖喱面 OUG Curry Mee at 天天茶餐室 Restoran Tian Tian USJ 20 

Restoran Tian Tian at USJ20 offers a good variety of Chinese hawker style food plus also an Indian stall as well.
Tan Hui Chia
  • 2 years ago
I ordered a fish head noodles at this restaurant ,I asked for the price,he said rm7,then I requested a big portion,he sent me a normal portion but charged me rm9,I rather go to aircond restaurant if paying this price for the noodles,noodles overcooked,I hope someone in charge come and fine this type of hawker,they simply increased price !
Hellen Pilipin
  • 3 years ago

This pepper soup and lotus soup they selling is super delicious.. Previously is at USJ 16 now moved to USJ 20

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