Chin’s Stylish Chinese Cuisine Restaurant

8A Tanjong City Marina Church Street Pier Pengkalan Weld 10300 Georgetown Penang

First opened in London in 1987, this classy establishment took England’s restaurant scene by storm, winning two highly coveted and prestigious awards in quick succession. Now its the highly regarded, trendsetting-culinary chic in the Pearl of the Orient.

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精選套餐 D Chin's Prefix Menu D RM128++ per person (min 4 pax)


Red Courtyard 红庭院 Restaurant

10b Lebuh King 10200 George Town Pulau Pinang Malaysia

Red courtyard isn't your typical Chinese restaurant. It's dishes style of cooking hails from Hunan or sometimes referred to as Xiang Cai.

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Here's the location.
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The signature dish here at Red Courtyard is most definitely the hotpot 火锅, and there are options of beef or pork. As with all hotpots, the key element to the dish is the broth that brings it all together, and not forgetting the condiments. All the chilli sauce (available for sale too) are made from scratch. Be prepared for a total palate awakening with the punchy and spicy ones
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Red Courtyard is a relatively new eatery in the banking district has a stylish and eye-catching color... the facade is painted in red hue with some sharp contrast of black. We understand from the restaurateur that red represents "China" and this indirectly, explains that Red Courtyard serves China-Chinese food. This new kid on the block serves a range of Hunan (湖南) classics such as Spicy Beef Noodles, braised Duck with Beer and Beef Steamboat. The Chef herself comes from Hunan and she uses recipes passed to her from previous generations; that reaffirms the authenticity. As far as the heat-intolerant is concerned, the fully air-conditioned restaurant provides a comfortable dining atmosphere. Private rooms are also available to accommodate larger groups. The Lunch crowd will be pleased to know that Red Courtyard offers set lunch from Rm 8.90 nett (promotion valid until further notice). Red Courtyard is the new tenant over Das Rad Cafe's previous location, at King Street.

Kafeteria Dan Hotel Eng Loh Restaurant

48, Lebuh Gereja 10200 George Town Pulau Pinang Malaysia

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Overall, there are varieties of street food available here in Eng Loh Kopitiam. The breakfast served here are simple and affordable. The only drawback is again the car park that surrounding this Coffee Shop are limited.
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I definitely did like the oily char koay teow fried with prawns, chinese sausage, taugeh and fish cake plus egg.

KiO-KA Noodles 桥下面馆 Restaurant

29, Bishop St 10200 George Town Penang Malaysia

We serve the traditional delicacies koay teow th'ng recipe since 1978 to a better environment and provide the best service to our customers.

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Anyhow, we did enjoy the balls. Bursting meat balls are awesome with the curry meat filling, and just be careful with the squirting soup if you bite in too hard. On the other hand, Fu Zhou fish balls are equally good too.
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Koay Teow Th’ng price from RM6.90 is very affordable with all the delicious ingredients included, soup is delicious and come default with an egg that make it taste even better.
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Kio-Ka serves cook-to-order Koay Teow Th'ng, the true blue Penangites would understand what it means. Instead of just pouring the broth over the noodles, the condiments such as minced Pork (and anything applicable) are freshly added to the broth before bringing it to boil. The result is a meatier broth with in-depth flavors. But for those who are not in favor of the Porky-element might not be happy. Kio-Ka's version comes with heavy Pork element as well as grease (Lards), the meat flavor was bold and strong. Though this is entirely personal preference, I'd personally prefer the ordinary ones.

Ipoh Onn Kee Tauge Ayam - Georgetown 怡保安记芽菜鸡 Restaurant

91, Lebuh Acheh 10300 George Town Penang, Malaysia

Onn Kee restaurant is committed in providing the freshest food to customers who are mainly regular local customers. Although there was no deliberate attempt for publicity, through word of mouth, it has attracted many foreigners as well as tourists around the world. Onn Kee restaurant has their own designated suppliers who supply freshest bean sprouts and chicken everyday. There are different types of chickens to choose from. It ranges from kampung chicken (literally village chicken), farmed chicken to Ameraucana chicken to suit the taste buds of different customers.

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We had the Ginger Chicken Meat (RM 16 - 1/4 portion) and it was a great choice but a stronger ginger taste will make the entire dish shines even more. Both Hor Fun or Oil Rice also make a great matching to the chicken meats.
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The Ipoh Hor Fun was equally delicious... at least they were legit Ipoh Hor Fun in lieu of Penang Koay Teow. The broth was thick and rich, with bold meaty flavors. A pity that the Bean Sprouts were not as plump and juicy as those found in Ipoh.
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I'd say if Ipoh Onn Kee is to stick around, either concentrate on doing well on its Chicken offering or buck-up in improving the non-chicken recipes. Or it woudn't surive 嘴叼的槟城人!

92 Armenian 打铜仔 Restaurant

92, Armenian Street, 10200 George Town, Pulau Pinang.

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On the other hand, the cheese egg tarts had the bird nest topping it, creating a very contradicting texture that complemented each others well. The cheese is rich, and the bird nest is light, forming a harmonious yin and yang sensation.
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至于它值不值得去呢?我就觉得人生嘛~ 当然要久久当一次土豪啊!

Xi Nan Cafe Restaurant

Lebuh Chulia, 10450 George Town, Pulau Pinang

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The beef noodles is a little different from the other versions I've eaten in KL and Seremban.. it comes with wantan noodles in a dark, beefy broth and tender chunks of meat. Although different, it was pretty enjoyable. Overall, a good lunch which the kids enjoyed.
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爱玉冰 Aiyu Jelly is a very cold Jelly dessert; seems to be quite popular at Chulia Street.

Cowboy Street Cafe 勝豐记 Restaurant

171-B Lebuh Victoria 10300 George Town Pulau Pinang Malaysia

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The traditional Fuzhou red wine chicken 福州特制红糟鸡 with mee sua (white wheat noodles) is a well-loved option. The main ingredient of the dish is red rice wine. Cooked together with ginger and chicken, the rich wine broth will have you slurping until the last drop. Slightly alcoholic, the reddish color dish keeps the body warm.
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Traditional-classic Foo Chow delights are not common in Penang's food scene, at least not ubiquitously found in any hawker centers but one particular coffee shop in town has been dishing out Foo Chow delicacies for years. Right smack in town, Cowboy Street Cafe is a stone's throw distance away from the famous mural art paint at Armenian Street. Foo Chow classics basically make up the menu, along with some localized Western dishes and nibbles but the price points are slightly above average (imagine Koay Teow Th'ng with Foo Chow Fish Balls at Rm 10). Hefty price tags but if you in dire need to satiate your craving for Foo Chow dishes, this is the place you should go.

Fried Wan Tan Mee Restaurant

34, Lebuh Acheh 10300 George Town Penang, Malaysia

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You can pick to have either thin or thick for the fried noodles too. Comparing to the conventional noodles, the fried noodles are crispier and exhibit a more distinctive texture. Fried noodles are not something that get offered in traditional wantan noodle store so it is good to try it here.

City Rio Cafe 新丽罗茶室 Restaurant

64-I Lebuh Bishop, 10200 Georgetown.

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The WTM wasn't fantastic but brings back some good memory of my days here in Penang regularly many years ago!
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Kopi & Toast Restaurant

63, Gat Lebuh Chulia, George Town, 10200 George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

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这里还有其他的美食和早餐~大家可以亲自来尝尝哦!建议有来槟城的朋友们或者住在槟城一带的朋友可以Mark 起这个早餐店哦!
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早餐三宝也是可以在这里发现哦!早餐黄金铁三角:Kopi O或者 Teh O,半熟蛋,牛油吐司。早餐吃这三宝也是饱饱哒!

Sin Kheng Aun 新瓊安飯店 Restaurant

2, Lorong Chulia, George Town, 10200 George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

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我们来到这里吃饭时,也发现邻座点了海南式的西餐,还有Roti Babi 哦~看起来好好吃。

Kedai Makanan Yee Heong 宜香茶楼飯店 Restaurant

12 & 14, Lebuh Campbell 10450 George Town Pulau Pinang Malaysia

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We had a plate of steamed hor fun (RM 9). It comes with the usual hor fun and noodles and drenched to a sauce, akin to the gravy served along steamed fish. The aroma was irresistible and the taste was alright.

Tim Choi Sam Dessert 甜在心 Restaurant

14, Lebuh Carnarvon 10100 George Town Penang Malaysia

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Fortunately, the Peanut Glutinous Rice Balls in Ginger-infused Gula Melaka was delicious. Nothing spectacular about the Glutinous Rice Balls but the Ginger sweet soup was beautifully done. The Ginger aroma was bold and the sweetness was well-balanced.

The Legend Hot Pot 传承锅 Restaurant

38, Pengkalan Weld, George Town,10300 George Town, Pulau Pinang.

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其实这里还有其他配套,1 Set只需RM39.90起!!汤底和火锅食材通通在一个套餐里了,出到来一人才RM20。小编觉得这个比较值得。

Rasa Rasa 回味 Restaurant

59, Gat Lebuh Chulia 10300 Georgetown Penang

Toast, Nasi Lemak,Local Food, Dessert & Drinks Enjoy your Pg Trip with our local Breakfast and food at Rasa Rasa 回味 surrounding with GREEN concept

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The mains are rather limited, its either Nasi Lemak or Siam Bee Hoon. The Nasi Lemak comes with different toppings... nice elements but the taste combo did not really hit us.

Li Bao Tang - Armenian Street 立寶堂 Restaurant

3, Lebuh Armenian 10200 Georgetown Penang

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Ditch the pretentious and hipstery desserts and go back to the classic ones, find your traditional Chinese elixir at Li Bao Tang (立寶堂), a brand dedicated to serve timeless Chinese sweet treats that are believed to carry medicinal health effects. The brand has long-established in Penang and has been churning out Chinese Herbal Tea or Gui Ling Gao (龟苓膏) but their recent expansion has an interesting twist to it. The newly opened branch at Armenian Street (opposite the famous "little children on bicycle" mural) brings you back to Hong Kong in 1960's. Not only that it is well-furnished with fancy wallpapers, it has some real gadgets to enhance the experience too. Expect to see some retro saloon setup and a fashionably nostalgic Mahjong table with a spittoon placed next to it; while they have nothing to do with the food, it sure adds some marks to the dining experience. Though the menu seems great, more than of the items are not available (at least they were not available on my visit). If variety is not what you seek for, it's a fun place to visit and to have your share of the nourishing and invigorating Tong Sui.

Xen Teck Cafe Restaurant

56A, Pengkalan Weld 10300 George Town Pulau Pinang Malaysia

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It is a nasi lemak stall operated by Chinese located at Xen Teck Cafe along Weld Quay. You can select different dishes to complement the fragrant coconut rice (white rice is available too), but the fried chicken and their unique sambal is a must have! Do not underestimate the bit of seemingly not lethal. It is burning hot, yet a bit of it will spice up the flavour of the nasi lemak. On top of that, we really enjoyed the tenderness meat of the fried chicken, and a little char of it somehow enhanced its taste.

Chinese Satay Stall @ Sai Lam Coffee Shop 西南茶室 Restaurant

Lebuh Chulia, George Town, 10450 George Town, Pulau Pinang

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The Pork satay goes out fast early into the evening.

Home Style Seafood 家乡海鲜小炒 Restaurant

Chulia St, 10450 George Town, Penang

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I think the 海鲜酱炒甲巴 Seafood Sauce Fried Kapa is a must try here, the Seafood Sauce was quite amazing; really very tasty.

Lean Thye Coffee Shop Restaurant

Ah Quee Street

Lam Ah Coffeeshop 南亞茶室 Restaurant

194, Lebuh Pantai, Georgetown, 10300 George Town, Penang, Malaysia

Duo Fu Noodle House 多福面馆 Restaurant

No. 5A, Union Street 10200 Georgetown Penang

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The meal-ender, Sze Chuan Cheng Du Home-made Pudding on the other hand, was refreshing and tummy-pleasing. The Pudding was silky smooth and lightly sweetened while the juicy pulps offered a burst of acidic yogurt; both complemented each other well, quite an interesting twist to end the meal.