• Address

    27, Lorong Cecil Rae, Taman Canning, 31400 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia
  • Opening hour

    Morning until Noon
  • Price / Fee

    [1 year ago]
    Chee Cheong Fun (Small) (RM3.50) ‧ 林青霞炸雞 Lam Cheng Ha Fried Chicken (RM5.80)
  • Signature Dishes

    Chee Cheong Fun Chee Cheong Fun
  • Dishes

    [1 year ago]
    Chee Cheong Fun
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林青霞炸雞 Lam Cheng Ha Fried Chicken @ 桂和園茶餐室 Restoran Canning Garden

Here's the location.
  • 13 years ago

Kedai Makanan Canning Garden @ Ipoh - Malaysia Food & Restaurant Reviews

Location: Perak, Ipoh; Cuisine: Chinese; Review: I guess that key selling point that lure the loyalists in time and again is the smooth rice noodles, gorgeously and generously studded with dried shrimps, and his own concoction of sauces and pickled green chillies.
  • 2 years ago

[IPOH EATS] Ipoh Famous Chee Cheong Fun At Canning Garden – Son Took Over

I personally enjoy the mushroom gravy filled with sesame seeds and fried shallots and mushroom slices in it.
  • 2 years ago

Canning Garden Chee Cheong Fun - Ipoh

Finally I got to savour famous Canning Garden CCF, the 2nd generation is running it though. A good business is worth passing and also receiving.
  • 3 years ago

Restoran Canning Garden Chee Cheong Fun @ Ipoh, Perak

The Chee Cheong Fun from Restoran Canning Garden would never let you down. Despite having got to queue up to place your orders, the wait is totally worth it. The flavours are so unique and deeply satisfying. If you're in Ipoh, this would be a must visit place for a good plate of Chee Cheong Fun.
  • 7 years ago

Canning Garden Chee Cheong Fun @ Kedai Makanan Canning Garden, Ipoh | Motormouth From Ipoh - Malaysian Food & Travel Blog

Decades of experience, unwavering loyalty and fan base plus a killer attitude to boot. This uncle serving silky smooth chee cheong fun in Canning Garden has
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