• Address

    Shangri-La Hotel, Kuala Lumpur
    11 Jalan Sultan Ismail
    50250 Kuala Lumpur
  • Opening hour

    6:00AM - 11.30PM
  • Contact number

    (60 3) 2074 3900
  • Email

  • Price / Fee

    [3 years ago]
    Buffet Lunch (RM115.78)
  • Signature Dishes

    Sashimi ‧ Yabbies ‧ Rendang Tok Perak ‧ Mussels ‧ Shish Tawouk (Charcoal Grilled Chicken Cubes) ‧ Pizzas ‧ Durian Cake ‧ Murtabak ‧ Big Seafood Roll ‧ Iranian Tikka Mastih (Charcoal Grilled Beef) ‧ Green lip mussels ‧ Zibdiyit Gambri ‧ Fresh Water Prawns Siamese style ‧ Baby scallops ‧ Roast Beef ‧ Barbecued Chicken Wings ‧ Tandoori ‧ Satay ‧ Freshly shucked oysters ‧ Oysters ‧ Iranian Kubbiedeh (Charcoal Grill Minced Lamb) ‧ Grilled US Oysters ‧ Crabs ‧ Prawns ‧ Sushi ‧ Cheese Raclette, Tortellini & Calzone ‧ Ice Kacang ‧ Roti Canai ‧ Rendang Pipi Lembu ‧ Tandoori Chicken ‧ Steamed tiger prawns ‧ Roast Duck ‧ Roasted Whole Lamb ‧ Salads
  • Dishes

    [1 year ago]
    'Daging and Ikan’ ‧ 'Lemang Pulut Hitam’ ‧ Almond Pound Cake ‧ Apam Balik ‧ Ayam masak briyani ‧ Baby Scallops ‧ Baklavas ‧ Barbecued Chicken Wings ‧ Beef Cheek Rendang ‧ Bergedil Daging ‧ Buah Salak ‧ Buburs ‧ Cajun Chicken Salad With Roasted Corn ‧ Calzone from Napoli ‧ Char Kueh Teow ‧ Cheese Raclette, Tortellini & Calzone ‧ Chestnut Chocolate Layer Cake ‧ Chicken, Beef and Lamb Satay ‧ Chinese Herbal Chicken Soup ‧ Classic Yule Log Chocolate ‧ Classical Moroccan Ratatouille ‧ Coconut raisin tarts ‧ Crabs ‧ Cristollen ‧ Dates Jocteur Tart ‧ Deep fried cempedak ‧ Double boiled Chinese herbal soup with black chicken ‧ Durian Croquembouche Peanut nougatine with sesame ‧ Durian cake ‧ Fishhead curry ‧ Fresh Water Prawns Siamese Style ‧ Freshly shucked oysters ‧ Gado-gado Dengan Kuah Kacang ‧ Goreng Pisang ‧ Green Lips Mussels ‧ Green lip mussels ‧ Grilled Oysters ‧ Grilled Seafood Brochettes With Spicy Dip & Cumin Powder ‧ Grilled US oysters ‧ Ice kacang ‧ Ikan Besar Bakar Sos 3 Rasa ‧ Ikan Lidah Goreng Masak Tomato ‧ Ikan singgang pedas dengan keladi ‧ Iranian Kubbiedeh ‧ Iranian Kubbiedeh (Charcoal Grill Minced Lamb) ‧ Iranian Tikka Mastih ( Charcoal Grilled Minced Beef) ‧ Jelatah harian ‧ Kaeng Khiew Warn Gai (simmer thai green curry with chicken and eggplant) ‧ Kambing Masak Kuzi ‧ Kari Kelapa Ikan ‧ Kari kepala ikan ‧ Kerabu Kaki Ayam Dengan Jantung Pisang ‧ Kerabu Taugeh Dengan Ikan Masin ‧ Kerabu Taugeh Ikan Masin ‧ Kerabu kaki ayam dengan jantung pisang ‧ Kerabu kupang dengan cili hijau ‧ Kerabu taugeh dengan ikan masin ‧ Ketam Goreng Berempah ‧ Ketupat palas ‧ Khoresht Gheimeh ‧ Kupang Masak Kari ‧ Kupang masak kari kering ‧ Lamb Stew With Roasted Garlic ‧ Lemang ‧ Lemang pulut ‧ Lemang pulut hitam ‧ Mango Coconut Flan ‧ Marinated Chicken Roulade ‧ Marinated Tiger Prawns Salad With Tomato ‧ Mussel Kerabu ‧ Old Cucumber Soup ‧ Onde-onde cake ‧ Orange Bread & Butter Pudding ‧ Paru Goreng Dengan Biji Ketumbar ‧ Paru goreng ‧ Peach & Almond Crumble Pie ‧ Pengat Durian ‧ Percik Boxing Chicken ‧ Phad Thai Goong (thai style stir fried noodle with tamarind sauce) ‧ Pizza Quattro Stagione ‧ Pizza Spinaci E Formaggio Di Capra ‧ Raspberry Red Velvet Cake ‧ Rendang Pipi Lembu ‧ Rendang Tok Perak ‧ Rendang pipi lembu ‧ Roast Duck ‧ Roast duck and double boiled soups ‧ Roasted Short Ribs ‧ Roasted Whole Lamb ‧ Roasted Whole Turkey ‧ Sang Ka Ya Fak Thong (steam pumpkin custar) ‧ Sashimi ‧ Serunding ayam, daging and ikan ‧ Shawarma Kebabs ‧ Shish Tawouk ‧ Shish Tawouk (Charcoal Grilled Chicken Cubes) ‧ Shredded Fish Flake With Green Salad & Olive ‧ Sicilian Cheesecake ‧ Sous-Vide Chicken With Herb, Caramelize Orange & Mustard Sauce Reduction ‧ Soya Sauce Chicken ‧ Steamed Tiger Prawns ‧ Steamed fish ‧ Sushi ‧ Tabbouleh Salad ‧ Terung Goreng Berlado ‧ Tom Yam Pla (thai spicy fish soup) ‧ Tropical tiramisu ‧ Ulam-ulaman ‧ Urap Pucuk Paku Dengan Beras Bakar ‧ Watercress Soup ‧ Wild Fern ‧ Yabbies ‧ Yum Mamuang (green mango salad with shallot and dried shrimp) ‧ Zibdiyit Gambri ‧ ‘Ketupat Palas’ ‧ ‘Lemang Pulut’ ‧ ‘Serunding Ayam

    [3 years ago]
    Ayam Masak Lemak ‧ Belacan Brinjal ‧ Big Seafood Roll ‧ Braised Beef Brisket ‧ Briyani ‧ Calzone ‧ Carbonara Spaghetti ‧ Cheese ‧ Cheese Raclette ‧ Cheese Raclette, Tortellini & Calzone ‧ Cheeses ‧ Chicken Tikka ‧ Chinese Popiah ‧ Chocolate Cake ‧ Chocolate Fountain ‧ Chocolate Lava Cake ‧ Coconut Pandan Hot Soufflé ‧ Coffee ‧ Cooked Mussels & Scallops ‧ Crabs ‧ Creme Brulee ‧ Crepes ‧ Cupcake ‧ Delicious Sze Chuan Prawns ‧ Dim Sum ‧ Double Boiled Black Chicken with Ginseng Soup ‧ Double Boiled Black Chicken with Ginseng Soup and Chinese Popiah ‧ Double Boiled Chinese Herbal Soup With Black Chicken ‧ Double boiled ginseng black chicken soup ‧ Duck Leg Confit ‧ Durian Cake ‧ Durian Croquembouche Peanut Nougatine With Sesame ‧ French Onion Soup ‧ Fresh Oysters ‧ Fresh Strawberry ‧ Fresh-cut Fruits ‧ Fried Rice ‧ Glazed Lamb Ribs ‧ Glazed lamb ribs ‧ Ice Cream & Sorbet ‧ Ice Kacang ‧ Italian antipasto and bites ‧ Jackfruit Cream Puff ‧ Jackfruit cream puffs ‧ King Crabs ‧ Ladies Finger ‧ Macarons ‧ Mango Panna Cotta ‧ Mee Goreng ‧ Mini Lemon Tart ‧ Mud crabs ‧ Murgh Kasumethri ‧ Murtabak ‧ Mussels ‧ Naan Bread ‧ Nasi Lemak ‧ Nonya Curry Laksa ‧ Noodle ‧ Nyonya Laksa ‧ Oysters ‧ Pan Fried Padi-Padi Fish with Cream sauce ‧ Paper-Wrapped Baked Red Grouper ‧ Pastas ‧ Pizzas ‧ Poached Prawns ‧ Prawn Sambal Pau ‧ Prawns ‧ Quiche ‧ Raw Oysters ‧ Rendang Tok Perak ‧ Roast Beef ‧ Roast Duck ‧ Roti Canai ‧ Salads ‧ Sashimi ‧ Satay ‧ Scallops ‧ Seafood ‧ Seafood Bruschetta ‧ Sliced Clams, octopus, butterfish, tuna & salmon ‧ Smoked Mackarel ‧ Smoked duck with artichoke salsa ‧ Squids ‧ Stir-Fry Broccoli ‧ Strawberry Mouse ‧ Sushi ‧ Sweet Corn Soup ‧ Tandoori ‧ Tandoori Chicken ‧ Tortellini ‧ Waffles ‧ Whole Baked Malay Red Snapper with Curry ‧ Wok-Fried Prawns ‧ Yabbies
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Power breakfasts, business lunches and indulgent buffet dinners are all on offer at the all new Lemon Garden.

Our newly refurbished theatre kitchens feature an array of tantalising local dishes and sensational international flavours, all prepared a la minute. Indulge in gastronomic delights from the Seafood Arena, Asian and Western Kitchen, Salad Bar and Dessert Pavilion

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  • 1 year ago

Celebrate Loy Krathong with Lemon Garden, Shangri-La KL

The Thai Loy Krathong Festival buffet spread will be available at Lemon Garden, Shangri-La Hotel, Kuala Lumpur from 7 to 17 November 2019
  • 4 years ago
  • 22 reviews

Lemon Garden Cafe @ Shangri-La Hotel - Malaysia Food & Restaurant Reviews

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Jalan Sultan Ismail, Shangri-la Hotel; Cuisine: Western; Review: Seafood buffet dinner at Shangri-la Hotel with superb fresh seafood, huge varieties of food, endless trays of dessert, good quality ice cream and nice ambience.
  • 4 years ago
  • 329 reviews

Lemon Garden Cafe - Café in Golden Triangle

Read 92 tips and reviews from 7492 visitors about buffet, breakfast food and seafood. "Their buffet is the best in KL. Wide selection, dessert is..."
  • 4 years ago
  • 550 reviews

Lemon Garden Cafe, Kuala Lumpur - Restaurant Reviews, Phone Number & Photos - TripAdvisor

Lemon Garden at Shangri-La Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur: See 550 unbiased reviews of Lemon Garden at Shangri-La Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, rated 4 of 5 on TripAdvisor and ranked #25 of 4,309 restaurants in Kuala Lumpur.
  • 3 years ago
  • 762 reviews

Lemon Garden at Shangri-La Hotel, Kuala Lumpur - Home | Facebook

Lemon Garden at Shangri-La Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. 5,069 likes · 275 talking about this · 51,647 were here. Buffet Restaurant
  • 2 years ago

Festive Dinner Buffet @ Shangri-La Kuala Lumpur

The Festive Dinner Buffet is priced at RM 203 nett per person from Sunday to Thursday and the Festive Seafood Dinner Buffet is priced at RM 236 nett per person from Friday to Saturday
  • 2 years ago

Shangri-La Hotel KL Festive Buffet Lunch & Dinner 2018

Move on to Western mains, Roasted Duck Marinated with Orange – the highlight in this festive buffet, comes in sight. Crispy skin, succulent meat, laced with mild citrusy hints of orange. Do check out Cheese Souffle with Onion Cream and Pumpkin Pie with Walnut Crust from the same counter, they are also must-haves in this eat-all-you-can.

  • 2 years ago

Festive Joy @ Lemon Garden, Shangri-La Kuala Lumpur

Festive Lunch Buffet
❄️RM140 nett per person (Monday to Friday, 12pm to 2.30pm)
❄️RM160 nett per person (Saturday, 12pm to 3pm)
❄️RM180 nett per person (Sunday, 12pm to 3pm)

Festive Dinner Buffet, 6.30pm – 10.30pm
❄️RM175 nett per person (Sunday to Thursday)

Festive Seafood Dinner Buffet, 6.30pm – 10.30pm
❄️RM230 nett per person (Friday & Saturday)
  • 2 years ago

Festive Joy at LEMON GARDEN, Shangri-La Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Prices of the festive buffets, until 30 December (except for 24 & 25 December:
Festive Lunch Buffet
RM140 nett per person (Monday-Friday, 12pm-2.30pm)
RM160 nett per person (Saturday, 12pm-3pm)
RM180 nett per person (Sunday, 12pm-3pm)

Festive Dinner Buffet (6.30pm-10.30pm)
RM175 nett per person (Sunday-Thursday)

Festive Seafood Dinner Buffet (6.30pm-10.30pm)
RM230 nett per person (Friday & Saturday)

Ramadan Festive Dinner Buffet 2018 LEMON GARDEN SHANGRI-LA HOTEL Kuala Lumpur

Lemon Garden at Shangri-la Hotel Kuala Lumpur is famous and well-known for their seafood-on-ice spread - offering diners a wide selection of ocean-fresh seafood such as freshly shucked oysters, steamed tiger prawns, green lip mussels, yabbies and baby scallops are all available at the buffet.

Lemon Gardens's Festive Dinner Buffet - Specially For the Month of Ramadhan Only

A cacophony of curries.... In the usual buffet section, a wide array, which squeal for rice, so if you're on a carb free or keto diet, you might as well surrender.. A special mention is deserving for the Beef Cheek Rendang, melt in the mouth and so utterly good that it was the only thing I went back for seconds. (not that the rest of the stuff are not good, it's just that with limited stomach space, I had to limit my intake but the beef cheek warranted extra space)

Festive Dinner Buffet @ Lemon Garden, Shangri-La Hotel, Kuala Lumpur (Ramadan 2018)

The Festive Dinner Buffet is priced at RM198 nett per person from Sunday to Thursday and RM228 nett per person on Friday and Saturday between 7pm to 10.30pm from 15 May to 14 June 2018
  • 3 years ago

Six Specialty Chefs @ Lemon Garden, Shangri-La KL

It has been a year since the all-new refurbished Lemon Garden open its doors and now, they are showcasing new dishes with its six distinguished specialty chefs offering an array of international buffet signature dishes – Malay, Chinese, Indian, Western, Japanese and of course, Desserts!
• RM135 nett per person (Monday – Friday)
• RM155 nett per person (Saturday & Public holidays)
• RM175 nett per person (Sunday)

• RM165 nett per person (Sunday – Thursday)
• RM218 nett per person (Friday & Saturday)

Lemon Garden自助餐厅六大主厨强推招牌佳肴,联手打造国际美食荟萃 | Lemon Garden’s Six Speciality Chefs at Shangri-La Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

  • 3 years ago

Lemon Garden at Shangri-La Hotel, Kuala Lumpur


Lemon Garden @ Shangri-La Hotel

Nyonya Laksa was damn good. Pick and choose your own seafood from the counter and then pass it to the chef to prepare it together with the Nyonya Laksa.
* Must Try in the Garden, Shangri-La Hotel.

Lemon Garden Cafe@Shangri La Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

International Lunch Buffet
Monday – Friday (12noon – 2.30pm): RM 128 nett (adult), RM 64 nett (child)
Saturday (12noon – 3pm): RM 148 nett (adult), RM 74 nett (child)

International Sunday Brunch
Sunday (12noon – 3pm): RM 168 nett (adult), RM 84 nett (child)

International Dinner Buffet
Sunday – Thursday (6.30pm – 10.30pm): RM 158 nett (adult), RM 79 nett (child)

Seafood Dinner Buffet
Friday – Saturday (6.30pm – 10.30pm): RM 208 nett (adult), RM104 nett (child)

Sunday Champagne Brunch
Sunday (12noon – 3pm): RM 488 nett (adult)
  • 4 years ago

Breakfast at the Lemon Garden, Shangri-La KL – a Malaysian Feast

Lemon Garden can boast of a Michelin-starred executive Chef in Olivier Pistre. The quality of the food is very good and service is top of the class Shangri-la standard.
  • 4 years ago


Festive Dinner Buffet vouchers at Lemon Garden are now available online at www.shangri-la-specials.com. The purchase period for the voucher is from now till 19 June 2017. The Festive Dinner Buffet is priced at RM 198 nett per person from Monday to Thursday and The Festive Seafood Dinner Buffet is priced at RM 218 nett per person from Friday to Saturday.

Lemon Garden, Shangri-La Kuala Lumpur

Lemon Garden is well-known for its extensive buffet selection and open kitchens, where local and international specialties are prepared a la minute. We recently visited the all-new restaurant for its International Lunch Buffet.

International Lunch Buffet
Monday – Friday (12noon – 2.30pm)
RM 128 nett (adult), RM 64 nett (child)

Saturday (12noon – 3pm)
RM 148 nett (adult), RM 74 nett (child)

International Sunday Brunch
Sunday (12noon – 3pm)
RM 168 nett (adult), RM 84 nett (child)

International Dinner Buffet
Sunday – Thursday (6.30pm-10.30pm)
RM 158 nett (adult), RM 79 nett (child)

Seafood Dinner Buffet
Friday – Saturday (6.30pm-10.30pm)
RM 208 nett (adult), RM104 nett (child)

Sunday Champagne Brunch
Sunday (12noon – 3pm)
RM 488 nett (adult)

Lemon Garden Re-Opening Party @ Shangri-La Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

Lemon Garden has always been well known for its extensive buffet selections and theater kitchens and I don’t deny this. This is by far the best dinner buffet with the most impressive selection of dishes I’ve been to. I’m sure many people would agree.
  • 4 years ago

Lemon Garden @ Shangri-La Hotel Kuala Lumpur: Brand New Look, Refreshed Buffet Spread!

Well-known to locals who love a hearty buffet, Lemon Garden Restaurant @ Shangri-La Kua Lumpur is a popular dining option for many many years – well known its extensive buffet selections and theatre kitchens where local and international specialities are prepared a la minute. This extensive and worthwhile priced buffet restaurant is open 7 days offering buffet for lunch and dinner with exquisite International, Asian selections and local favourites. There’ll be something here to satisfy any taste and any family member.

International Lunch Buffet
Monday – Friday (12noon – 2.30pm)
RM 128 nett (adult), RM 64 nett (child)

Saturday (12noon – 3pm)
RM 148 nett (adult), RM 74 nett (child)

International Sunday Brunch
Sunday (12noon – 3pm)
RM 168 nett (adult), RM 84 nett (child)

International Dinner Buffet
Sunday – Thursday (6.30pm – 10.30pm)
RM 158 nett (adult), RM 79 nett (child)

Seafood Dinner Buffet (*The one we had)
Friday – Saturday (6.30pm – 10.30pm)
RM 208 nett (adult), RM104 nett (child)

Sunday Champagne Brunch
Sunday (12noon – 3pm)
RM 488 nett (adult)

  • 4 years ago

The Re-opening of Lemon Garden at Shangri-La Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

Reasons to visit: Indulgent seafood buffet and decadent deserts. High quality produce well executed by the new executive chef and his team. Chic new decor makes it an enjoyable place to eat, drink and catch up with friends.

  • 4 years ago

Lemon Garden Buffet @ Shangri-La Hotel KL

Sticking to the traditional buffet practices, feel free to browse and hop around from stations to stations. Their highlight is most probably the fresh seafood station. With fresh and delicious sea harvest like the scallops, crabs, prawns, mussels, sashimi or oysters, you can almost smell the scent of ocean at every bite of any of these. I am absolutely impressed with the freshness of these amazing selections.

The Iconic Lemon Garden at Shangri-La Has Refurbished, Renovated, Reinnovated, Reinvigorated and Reopened!!!!

Every buffet lover would probably have at some point gone to the iconic Lemon Garden in Shangri-la KL, renowned for their lavish spread. For our family, we spent many a Chinese New Year there, usually on the first day, and the place was always packed to the rafters. For almost half a year though, it's been closed, and on weekends, the buffet was held at the Lobby Lounge, where we had a Christmas buffet circa December 2016, which was actually quite pleasant, because the Lobby Lounge has live singers and bands, so it does create a rather different feel. But due to space constraints, the menu was also vastly limited, and there were no hot stations.

So, on the 27th Feb 2017, Lemon Garden was like a new bride, unveiled for the waiting public. Actually the media were given a preview before the official opening, and what a fun night it was, of good company and great food.
  • 4 years ago

Thursday BBQ Dinner Buffet at Lemon Garden Cafe, Shangri-La Hotel

Highlight of the buffet: Yabbies, mussels, crabs, scallop, prawn and oyster

Lemon Garden Cafe @ Shangri-la Hotel

The enormous and wide array of food here will make many happy! Hey, if you can down a dozen oysters and some of those seafood on ice, you'd probably get your money's worth back already....hehe...but I can't, of course!

So, in the end, did I eat my RM120 worth? Probably not. Even if I did (looking at the fact that I had 10 rounds), it sure didn't feel like it! ;D I'd rather just have a small but expensive plate of food....like a piece of good wagyu!! But that's besides the point. You get to eat your food...slowly while enjoying a nice ambience, mingle, chat and linger for a good three hours or as long as you want...and that should be worth something, right? ^_*
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