Kwai Chai Hong
  1. 鬼仔巷



  • Kwai Chai Hong -Beyond the Moonlit Door 超月门窗
    Kwai Chai Hong -Beyond the Moonlit Door 超月门窗
    1. Aug 25, 2022
    3. Event / News / Promotion

      Kwai Chai Hong will be open to the public daily from 9AM to 12AM. The ‘Beyond the Moonlit Door 超月门窗’ art installation will be available from 26th August to 2nd October 2022. Come celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival at Kwai Chai Hong with your loved ones and be sure to check out the 10 amazing eateries in the area!

    1. Ghost Lane, Kuala Lumpur
      Ghost Lane, Kuala Lumpur
      1. Nov 9, 2021
      3. Review

        Unless you’re planning to get a drink or some food, you probably won’t spend much time at Ghost Lane, but it’s free, it’s fairly central, and it has a few nice things to look at. I will probably nip back every now and then to see the new art.

      1. 【吉隆坡旅游】 岁月痕迹碰上时下壁画 鬼仔巷 Lorong Panggung
        【吉隆坡旅游】 岁月痕迹碰上时下壁画 鬼仔巷 Lorong Panggung
        1. Apr 28, 2019
        3. Review

          能够透过壁画来让更多人认识这个老后巷是个好事, 希望这些壁画都可以好好第被保存下来呗~

        1. 【旅游】步入历史的鬼仔巷  Lorong Panggung
          【旅游】步入历史的鬼仔巷 Lorong Panggung
          1. May 12, 2018
          3. Review


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