• Address

    16-18, Lintang Batu Maung 4
    Batu Maung
    11900 Bayan Lepas
  • Opening hour

    10:30AM - 3:00PM, 6:00PM - 9:30PM
    Closed on Monday
  • Contact number

    604- 644 5550
  • Dishes

    [3 years ago]
    3-Flavor Deep Fried Red Snapper/ 三味红狮 ‧ Assam Prawns/ 亚三虾 ‧ Claypot Tofu/ 砂煲豆腐 ‧ Herbal Chicken/ 药材鸡 ‧ Singapore Fried Bee Hoon/ 星洲炒米 ‧ Sour Plum Chicken/ 酸梅鸡 ‧ Steamed Kappa (Clams)/ 清蒸甲巴
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  • 5 years ago

Sin Hwa Lam Seafood Restaurant (新华南海鲜饭店) @ Batu Maung, Penang.

Those who are in the know can relate to this dish... one of the signature dishes at Sin Hwa Lam- 3 Flavor Deep Fried Red Snapper, had the fish Deep Fried till a shattering crisp and served over their sweet, savory and hot sauce with aplenty of Onions, Bird's Eye Chili, Garlic. The concoction was very inviting and appetizing, a good complement to the fresh fish. Assam Prawns were nothing out of the ordinary, though they possessed the quintessential flavors; the dish just did not manage to hit us but the Prawns were fresh nevertheless. If you are cutting down on Rice, why not try their Singapore Fried Bee Hoon? We thought their Singapore Fried Bee Hoon was good, carefully seasoned and expertly cooked to the right dot. The crunchy elements such as Cabbage and Onions added another layer of juicy bite to the dish. Our only possible complain was the Bee Hoon/ Vermicelli Noodles come in a lump.
  • 3 years ago
  • 67 reviews

Sin Hwa Lam Seafood Restaurant (新华南海鲜饭店) - Seafood Restaurant in Batu Maung

See 42 photos from 838 visitors about kam heong, shrimp, and fried rice. "The Karabu fried rice... is the best!!! RM5.50 per set..."


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