Ching Han Guan Biscuits 鍾漢元餅舖 Restaurant

145, Jalan Sultan Iskandar (Hugh Low Street) 30000 Ipoh Perak

Ching Han Guan was founded in Ipoh since 1949. The business was started by Elder Ching who came from Chaoyang (China), bringing along recipes passed down from generation to generation within the family. Ching Han Guan’s philosophy is simple – use high quality ingredients and passionately craft them into delicious biscuits. You will find that our handmade biscuits are always fresh, having unique textures and taste less sweet as we use natural flavours. Our biscuits are freshly made and sold promptly as we do not use any artificial flavoring or preservatives to prolong the shelf life.

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Mini Green Bean (Mung Bean) Paste Biscuit from CHG (Ching Han Guan), Ipoh. They taste very different from those Tambun Biscuits from Penang which also have Mung Bean Paste as the fillings. The pastry skin of these biscuits from Ipoh taste like the pastry skin of traditional moon cakes.


Sin Eng Heong 新榮香 Restaurant

64, Jalan Mustapha Al-Bakry Taman Jubilee 30300 Ipoh Perak, Malaysia

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Sin Eng Heong is very famous for its Kaya Puffs.
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This shop in Ipoh sells all sorts of Cantonese pastries.

JJ Roll JJ Cakes & Swissrolls Restaurant

127 Jalan Bharu (off Jalan Kampar) Taman Hoover 30250 Ipoh

JJ Roll changes the perception to cakes forever. Only shortly after making our debut, JJ Roll hits the country by storm. Our deliciously moist and elegantly designed cakes are always remembered by those who tasted them. Homemade is the key to our specialty. No mass production, no preservatives and low in sugar, we already pride ourselves with thousands of satisfied customers across the nation. We, at JJ Roll, are very passionate with what we do. We pride ourselves as the most innovative baker in our field, who cares greatly in our fine and healthy ingredients. Our creative team produces new flavours and variety from time to time. Please check with us whenever you place your order. We can customize your cake per your preference. Please email, fax or sms your required design to us. Due to low sugar and low fat content in our ingredients, we do not accept orders for 3D cakes.

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Here's the location.
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During my last visit to Ipoh I was introduced to a popular local bakery called JJ Roll that specializes in Swiss Rolls and custom order cakes. Looking at the premise they are occupying currently, you wouldn’t have guessed that JJ Roll had a humble beginning as a small kiosk.

Ming Yue Confectionery 明裕食品 Restaurant

50, Jalan Peh Kee Koh Taman Kampar 30250 Ipoh Perak

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This is a Salted Egg Yolk Pastry (Ham Dan So, 鹹蛋酥, 咸蛋酥) from Ming Yue bakery in Ipoh. I feel that it is very big because it is bigger than a tablespoon. Just look at how golden and glistening the salted egg yolk is

Patisserie BoutiQue Restaurant

103, Jalan Sultan Yusuff, 30000 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia

Pâtisserie BoutiQue serves a variety of pastas & pastries all of which are homemade recipes.

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So yes, I'd totally recommend this place. No wonder everyone loves it here.
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Patisserie Boutique is a fresh entry on the row that now contains what looks like the highest concentration of hipster cafĂŠs in Ipoh's Old Town; it tries to bring a ...

Artisan Handmade Bread Restaurant

27 Jalan Market 30000 Ipoh Perak Malaysia

Using traditional methods, A.H.B. focuses on kneading with hands and making home made delicious breads for the families of IPOH. PORK FREE on food Menu

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While I was chatting, I found out that Artisan Handmade Bread will be opening its own first outlet soon! It’ll be located around the area as well at Jalan Market Ipoh Old Town (not too far from Plan B). If I’m not mistaken, it’ll be at the same row with Everyday Lifeshop. I can’t wait! If you fancy delicious handmade bread, be sure to drop by when it’s opened!

Hong Kee Confectionery Trading 鴻記餅家貿易公司 Restaurant

14, Jalan Dato Onn Jaafar, Perak, 30300 Ipoh, Malaysia

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We had a few pieces on the spot and all I can say is that they are delicious especially when they are still warm. There’s a good amount of egg custard in every piece and fills up almost 90% of the shell. The sweetness of the rich and almost molten custard is just spot on and you can clearly smell and taste the buttery aroma. Other specialties to try: Swiss Roll, coconut tarts, walnut cookies and Sachima (萨其马). Come as early as possible to avoid disappointments.
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Hong Kee Confectionery egg tarts are made fresh everyday. We were told that he woke up at 3.00am every morning to prepare and bake everything before opening his stall at Kedai Kopi Weng Seng at about 7.00am to 7.30am everyday, except on Fridays. His egg tarts is very popular among the locals and will finish selling before 12.00pm everyday.

Girlie's Café Restaurant

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    Fri - Sat : 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM Tue - Thu, Sun : 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM Closed on Monday
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No 26, Jalan Market, 30000 Ipoh, Negeri Perak, Malaysia

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Overall, its not bad at all.

Sin Eng Hoe 新荣和 Restaurant

54, 56, Jalan Yau Tet Shin, Taman Jubilee, 30300 Ipoh, Negeri Perak, Malaysia

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To eat this biscuit hot right out the oven is the best, especially over a cup of chinese tea!

Sin Weng Fai Peanut Candy Shop 新荣辉花生糖饼家 Restaurant

69 & 69A, Jalan Yau Tet Shin, Taman Jubilee, 30300 Ipoh, Negeri Perak, Malaysia

Sin Weng Fai (新榮輝花生糖餅家), descent from famous Ipoh Sin Eng Heong (新荣香谈汶饼店), is a confectionery store famous for its Ipoh Famous Kaya Puff - (Ka Yang Kok), and Peanut Biscuit - (Fa Sang Kok) many other Ipoh local confectionery

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花生糖 peanut candy, 加央角 kaya puffs are nice from this shop. 花生糖 not too hard to bite, sweetness ok for me, very nice. I think it also advertised for a traditional biscuit called 牛角饼!

Vintage Coffee and Bread Restaurant

111, Jalan Theatre Taman Jubilee 30300 Ipoh Negeri Perak Malaysia

Preserving the vintage atmosphere, serving traditional Hainanese coffee complimented by freshly home baked bread and cake. Located in beautiful Ipoh

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1st set - All Day Breakfast with a cup of hot coffee @ RM 13. This set consists of a long sausage, 2 pieces of ham, an egg, toast, a piece of butter, tomato and cucumber slices, and 3 small pieces of watermelon. My friends do not drink coffee, so I had the coffee.