• Address

    Level 6, Gurney Paragon Mall
    163D, Gurney Drive
    10250 Georgetown
  • Opening hour

    11:30AM - 3:30PM, 5:30PM - 10:00PM
  • Contact number

    04- 0226 0828
  • Price / Fee

    Baked DUOTOU Clam on Hot Plate (RM71.90) ‧ Braised Pig Intestine (RM18.90) ‧ Cold Pork Trotters Jelly (RM15.90) ‧ DUOTOU Clam Omelette (RM71.90) ‧ Deep Fried Chicken with Garlic (RM58.90) ‧ Deep-Fried Chicken with Garlic whole chicken (RM58.90) ‧ Deep-fried chicken with garlic (whole bird) (RM58.90) ‧ Drunked Squid (RM18.90) ‧ Drunken Cockles (RM16.90) ‧ Fried Heng Hwa Bee Hoon Medium (RM43.80) ‧ Fujian Extraordinary Fried Oysters (RM29.90) ‧ Iced Bitter Gourd (RM12.90) ‧ Live Eel Cook in Natural Spring Water (RM79.90) ‧ PUTIEN Cabbage Rice (RM20.90) ‧ Pan Fried Live Eel on Hot Plate (RM79.90) ‧ Putien Ca-Fen Medium (RM43.80) ‧ Putien Cabbage Rice (RM20.90) ‧ Putien's Pot of Goodies 聚宝盆菜 4pax (RM418) ‧ Salted Spicy DUOTOU Clam (RM76.90) ‧ Seaweed Oysters with Fried Egg 头水紫菜海蛎煎蛋 (RM29.90) ‧ Seaweed Oysters with Fried Eggs (RM29.90) ‧ Seaweed with Crispy Oysters 紫菜海蛎酥 (RM49.90) ‧ Spinach in Supreme Stock Large (RM43.80) ‧ Steamed DUOTOU Clam in Fermented Wine (RM76.90) ‧ Steamed DUOTOU Clam with Minced Garlic (RM71.90) ‧ Stir Fried Green Dragon Vegetables (RM21.90) ‧ Stir-Fried Chili Clams medium (RM35.5) ‧ Stir-Fried DUOTOU Clam with Ginger & Spring Onion (RM71.90) ‧ Stir-Fried Green Dragon Vegetable (RM21.90) ‧ Stir-Fried Sambal Chives with DUOTOU Clam (RM71.90) ‧ Stir-Fried Yam Small (RM20.90) ‧ Thai-Flavoured DUOTOU Clam (RM71.90)

    [1 year ago]
    100-Second Stewed Yellow Croaker (RM43.90) ‧ Ah Yuan Fragrant Herbal Chicken (RM16.90) ‧ Anxi Tie Guan Yin (RM14.90) ‧ Bayberry Tea with Iced Berry Cubes (RM10.90) ‧ Braised Pig Intestine (RM19.90) ‧ Chilled PUTIAN Loquat in Herbal Jelly (RM8.90) ‧ Deep Fried Pig's Trotters with Salt & Pepper (RM15.90) ‧ Fried Heng Hwa Bee Hoon (RM21.90) ‧ Iced Nanri Abalone (RM33.90) ‧ Infusion by Mr.Qu (RM9.90) ‧ PUTIEN Lor Mee (RM21.90) ‧ PUTIEN style "Bian Rou" Soup with Vinegar (RM9.90) ‧ Pumpkin Cream with Ice Cream (RM9.90) ‧ Putien Bien Rou Soup with Vinegar 传统扁肉汤 (RM9.90) ‧ Putien Loh Mee 莆田卤面 (RM21.90) ‧ Putien Sweet & Sour Pork (RM22.90) ‧ Shredded Pork with Sesame Bun (RM7.90) ‧ Spinach with Salted Egg (RM21.90) ‧ Stir Fried Yam 酥炒芋心 small (RM13.90) ‧ Stir-fried Yam (RM13.90) ‧ 上湯莧菜 Spinach with Salted & Century Egg in Supreme Stock (RM21.90) ‧ 椒鹽豬手 Deep-fried Pork Trotters with Salt and Pepper (RM15.90) ‧ 脆皮蒜香雞 Deep-fried Chicken with Garlic (RM31.90) ‧ 蝦苗拌頭水紫菜 Seaweed and Mini Shrimps Dressed with Sauce (RM15.90)
  • Signature Dishes

    Drunken Cockles ‧ Braised Pig Intestine
  • Dishes

    Baked DuoTou Clam on Hot Plate (铁板盐焗蛏) ‧ DuoTou clam Omelette (哆头蛏炒蛋) ‧ Salt & Pepper Crispy Oysters ‧ Salted Spicy DuoTou Clam (椒盐哆头蛏) ‧ Seaweed with Crispy Oysters ‧ Steamed DuoTou Clam in Fermented Wine 老酒竖蛏) ‧ Steamed DuoTou Clam with Minced Garlic(蒜蓉蒸蛏) ‧ Stir-fried Sambal Chives with Duotou Clam(叁芭炒蛏) ‧ Stir-fried DuoTou Clam with ginger & Spring Onion (葱姜炒蛏) ‧ Thai-Flavoured DuoTou Clam (风味泰式蛏)

    [1 year ago]
    Deep Mountain Red Mushroom Tea ‧ Double Boiled Chicken Soup with Red Mushroom
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Putien restaurant serves Heng Hwa (or Xing Hua) cuisine, a regional specialty that has its roots traced to Putian, a beautiful coastal town located in the Fujian province of China.

Questions and Tips

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  • 22 days ago

PUTIEN Malaysia Limited Edition Eel Festival - Fresh Eel Air-Flown from Putian Daily!

Live Eel Cook in Natural Spring Water (RM 79.90) is the method how people in China enjoys the fresh eels. Using only natural spring water and sea salts, the live eels are processed in the kitchen and cooked right in front of your table. It focuses on the ultimate freshness of the eels, and the rest is pure flavour and sweetness.
This is best suitable for those eels admirers. Just exercise tiny precautions as there are small bones of the eels.
  • 6 months ago

PUTIEN, Gurney Paragon – Duotou Clams King of The Clams

Steamed DUOTOU Clam in Fermented Wine – RM76.90. An offering brimming with fresh clams, steamed with traditional Chinese wine – Huodiao to released a heady aroma.
This is my favorite among all DUOTOU clam dishes. The clams were soaked and steamed together with traditional rice wine which made the meat so juicy. In fact the meat was also packed with fragrance of rice wine.

  • 6 months ago

Taste the DOUTOU Clams (哆头蛏) Exclusively Available at Putien Malaysia Only!

Have you ever tried DuoTou Clams(哆头蛏)? Good news now as you can try this King of The Clams exclusively at Putien Gurney Paragon! Only Putien in the entire Malaysia is offering this clams that originated from Duo Tou Village in Putian city, China.
The Dou Tou clams offer are available in Putien from 1st April till 31st August 2019 only
  • 9 months ago

Chinese New Year Poon Choy and Putien Oyster Festival @ Putien (莆田), Gurney Paragon, Penang.

The Seaweed with Crispy Oysters is of the worth-mentioned ones... a combination between Seaweed with briny sea essence and sweet, plump Oysters; the flavor-combo is delicate but unique in its own way
  • 10 months ago

PUTIEN Oysters & Chinese New Year Phoon Choi @Gurney Paragon, Penang

The Drunken Cockles dish with each cockle served on an open shell is make for easy eating. Topped with garlic flakes, chilies and drizzled with a blend of garlic sauce, each cockle is bursting with sweet, savory and mildly spicy taste.

  • 1 year ago

Red Mushroom the Seasonal Dishes at Putien Malaysia

Double Boiled Chicken Soup with Red Mushroom
A hearty pot of goodness that come with rich stock that packed with chicken essence, accompanied with the aroma from the red mushroom and ginger.

Pu Tien 莆田 @ Gurney Paragon

蝦苗拌頭水紫菜 Seaweed and Mini Shrimps Dressed with Sauce RM15.90
"The first-harvested seaweed is renowned as nugget of seaweed for its premium quality. In the 12 harvests annually, only those from the first 7 days are known as first-harvested seaweed."
  • 1 year ago

Putien (莆田) @ Gurney Paragon Mall, Penang.

Almost ordered by every table, the 100-second Stewed Yellow Croacker is one of Putien's best sellers. The Chef cooks and stews the fish in 100 seconds, the short time allows the meat to be cooked but in silky smooth manner and the natural sweetness is locked within. The seasoning is minimal and with bits of Ginger and Scallions; though simple, the flavors were multi-dimensional (the seafood sweetness speaks for itself).
  • 1 year ago

PUTIEN Michelin One Star Restaurant, Malaysia's 6th Outlet @ Gurney Paragon Mall, Penang

Handcrafted products speaks of volume in the menu as a gesture to reflect Putian's uniqueness. This explains the slight crisp yet fluffy texture of the "Bian Rou" wrapper as it was made of pork meat paste pounded by hand for 3 hours by an adept chef who specializes on it solely. Besides, the noodles were made from hand-milled flour and sundried to ensure fine and silky noodles which retain an excellent firm texture despite being drenched in soup or after heat cooking
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