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    Sarawak, Malaysia
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Payung Cafe

  • Malaysian
  • Cafe
  • Pekan Sibu


  • Chinese
  • Seafood
  • Pekan Sibu

The Cafe Ind

  • Indian
  • Indonesian
  • Asian
  • Fusion
  • Pekan Sibu

Flavours Thai Kitchen

  • Thai
  • The Orchid Hotel
  • Pekan Sibu

La'zzaty Cuisine

  • Malay
  • Pekan Sibu

Sri Pelita Islamic Cafe

  • Indian
  • Malay
  • Kampung Datu
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Kingwood Hotel

  • Hotel
  • Pekan Sibu

Premier Hotel

  • Hotel
  • Sarawak House Complex
  • Pekan Sibu

Tanahmas The Sibu Hotel

  • Hotel
  • Pekan Sibu

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  • 1 year ago

Sibu - Wikipedia

Sibu /ˈsibuː/ (simplified Chinese: 诗巫; traditional Chinese: 詩巫; pinyin: Shīwū) is an inland town at the central region of Sarawak and the capital of Sibu District in Sibu Division, Sarawak, Malaysia. The town is located on the island of Borneo. The town covers an area of 129.5 square kilometres...