Go Noodle House - 1 Utama
Go Noodle House - 1 Utama
  1. 有间面馆
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  2. 6 years ago

【米线福州鱼丸三鲜汤】RM10.50 王爸爸特别钟爱福州鱼丸。福州鱼丸原本就是裹着肉馅的鱼丸, 是王爸爸老家霹雳爱大华的福州传统美食。 有间面馆Go Noodle House 的镇店之宝浆爆丸估计就是福州鱼丸的分身吧?

Go Noodle House - 1 Utama
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  2. 7 years ago

At Go Noodle House, One Utama, we also ordered a bowl of Pan Mee Soup at MYR9.50+ (MYR10.45 nett) and add one serving of Bursting Meat Balls (3 meat balls) to it at MYR3.50+ (MYR3.85 nett). One meat ball costs about MYR1.28 nett, not that we can order just one. We ordered the "tear" noodle type where the noodle dough is rolled into a thin sheet and then tear or cut into broad pieces. Yin choy (amaranth greens), deep fried anchovies, black fungus (cloud ear fungus) cut into thin strips, one piece of fish paste (yu wat) and minced pork were included by default. We can detect wine in the broth.

Go Noodle House - 1 Utama
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  2. 8 years ago

Verdict: GO Noodle House (有間麵館) specializes in Mi Xian (thick noodles) in their special broth. You can choose from a variety of add-ons for your noodles. What’s special here at GO Noodle House is that you can purchase a bottle of their Shaoxing wine to be added in your noodles. There are two types of Shaoxing wine; three year old aged and five year old year aged Shaoxing wine. If you like lighter taste, go for the three year old aged shaoxing wine but if you like stronger taste, go for the five year old aged shaoxing wine.